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Fil Shah

Fil Shah (2017)

Fil Shah

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Adventure | Fantasy
  • Release Date:
    1 May 2017
  • Broadcast Co:
    Meem Cultural Productions - Honarpooya Group
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 33 min
  • Summary:
    On one of the islands of Eritrea, "Under" the head of the savage wildlife hunters is seeking to enter the land of Ivory "the elephant home" and hunt the huge animals for sale to the king. Elephants were celebrating the birth of the king's son, Shadphant, whose birth was a disappointment. Because his obesity was a source of many problems. However, the attack on the island would make him closer to everyone's heart.

Cast & Crew

Saeed Sheikhzadeh as Reporter
Saeed Sheikhzadeh
Hossein Erfani as Asfal
Hossein Erfani
Nasser Tahmasb as Abdolmotaleb
Nasser Tahmasb
Zohreh Shokoufandeh as Mafil
Zohreh Shokoufandeh
Bahram Zand as Pafil
Bahram Zand
George Petrosi as Abdolah
George Petrosi
Akbar Mannani as Bernaba
Akbar Mannani
Showkat Hojjat as Maryam
Showkat Hojjat
Hamed Azizi as Shadfil
Hamed Azizi
Ardeshir Monazam as Faramoosh
Ardeshir Monazam
Shayan Shambayati as King of saba
Shayan Shambayati
(King of saba)
Bahman Hashemi as Sar
Bahman Hashemi
Mirtaher Mazloumi as Ghafil
Mirtaher Mazloumi
Tooraj Nasr as Vardast
Tooraj Nasr
Javad Pezeshkian as Chef
Javad Pezeshkian
Amir Hakimi as Tiger
Amir Hakimi
Hasan Kakhi as Hunter
Hasan Kakhi
Alireza Dibaj as Hunter
Alireza Dibaj
Pooya Fahimi as Hunter
Pooya Fahimi
Georges Khabbaz as Farfoor
Georges Khabbaz
Rody Klayany as Shadfil
Rody Klayany
Khaled El Sayed as Asfal
Khaled El Sayed
Nisreen Masoud as Maryam
Nisreen Masoud
Imad Feghaly as Abraha
Imad Feghaly
Mohammad Chamas as Ghafil
Mohammad Chamas
Omar Mikati as Baba-Taklahima
Omar Mikati
Noureddeen Mirzadah as Bafil
Noureddeen Mirzadah
Joumana Zonji as Mafil
Joumana Zonji
Ahmad Naser as Abdollah
Ahmad Naser
Mohamad Neser as Soroub
Mohamad Neser
Ali Saad as Abdol-Motaleb
Ali Saad

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