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Ice Princess Lily

Ice Princess Lily (2018)

Ice Princess Lily

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Musical | Drama | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    25 November 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Awesometown Entertainment - Deutsche Columbia Pictures - Tempest Film - Trixter
  • Country:
    Canada | Germany
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 30 min
  • Summary:
    Long time ago, there was two frontier magical kingdoms named Greenland, whose inhabitants live in an eternal summer, and Iceland, whose inhabitants live in an eternal winter. Protected by dragons, both kingdoms lived quiet and happy until the day that an evil wizard named Arktos killed all dragons but two, Tyrion and Mythia, that fled to arrive at the border of Greenland for saving the egg of their unborn baby Tabaluga before Arktos finally kill them. But before to die, Mythia meets the old crow Kolk, who promises Mythia to care the dragon and protect from Iceland and Arktos. A few years later, Tabaluga is a young dragon unable to fly and spit fire, for mock of the rest of the Greenland's animals. Always with his friend the male ladybug Bully at his side, one day Tabaluga and Bully find in a rock a message of his mother but the dragon misunderstands it due that it's partially covered. Entering in Iceland to find his fire, Tabaluga meets beauty ice princess Lilli and her friend the lighthearted polar bear Limbo. Not knowing the happened years before, Lilli takes Tabaluga to meet Arktos, now turned in Iceland's king. Pretending to be friendly, Arktos takes Tabaluga to a secret room in the belief that there he will find his fire, but when Arktos (a living snowman to wants to conquer Greeland to summit everything in an eternal winter) tries to finish the work and kill Tabaluga, Lilli, Bully and Limbo join forces to save him, having to find the way to save too Greenland before Arktos freezes it.

Cast & Crew

Cameron Ansell as Tabaluga
Cameron Ansell
Kristin Fairlie as Lilli
Kristin Fairlie
Benedict Campbell as Arktos / Little Arktos
Benedict Campbell
(Arktos / Little Arktos)
Dan Petronijevic as Limbo
Dan Petronijevic
Elizabeth Hanna as Nessaja / Swift
Elizabeth Hanna
(Nessaja / Swift)
Ellen-Ray Hennessy as Mythia / Beaver / Ice Lady Bug
Ellen-Ray Hennessy
(Mythia / Beaver / Ice Lady Bug)
Kevin Dennis as Bully / Snow Kid Rabbit / Male Rabbit
Kevin Dennis
(Bully / Snow Kid Rabbit / Male Rabbit)
Richard Waugh as Kolk / Polar Bear / Snowkid Rabbit / Male Rabbit
Richard Waugh
(Kolk / Polar Bear / Snowkid Rabbit / Male Rabbit)
Rick Miller as Mirmel / Tyrion / Narrator
Rick Miller
(Mirmel / Tyrion / Narrator)
Zach Bennett as Emra / Frog
Zach Bennett
(Emra / Frog)
Yvonne Catterfeld as Eisprinzessin Lilli
Yvonne Catterfeld
(Eisprinzessin Lilli)
Michael Herbig as Glückskäfer Bully
Michael Herbig
(Glückskäfer Bully)
Heinz Hoenig as Arktos
Heinz Hoenig
Rick Kavanian as Eisbär Limbo
Rick Kavanian
(Eisbär Limbo)
Peter Maffay as Nessaja
Peter Maffay
Wincent Weiss as Tabaluga
Wincent Weiss
Mackenzie Ziegler as Lily
Mackenzie Ziegler

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