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Mard Ankabooti: Daroon Donyaye Ankabooti (2018)

Mard Ankabooti: Daroon Donyaye Ankabooti

  • Genres:
    Action | Sci-Fi | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    6 December 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) - Columbia Pictures - Marvel Entertainment
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 57 min
  • Summary:
    Miles Morales is a teenager who struggles to adjust to his new elite boarding school and live up to the expectations of his parents, nurse Rio Morales and cop Jefferson Davis, who see Spider-Man as a menace, despite Miguel, who see him as a hero. After developing a crush on his classmate Gwanda, Miles takes advantage his uncle Aaron Davis, who encourages Miles to pursue his passion for graffiti and leads him to a subway station where he can draw. Once there, Miles is bitten by a radioactive spider and develops spider-like abilities. Unable to contact Aaron, he returns to the station and finds a secret laboratory where Wilson Fisk has built a particle accelerator to access parallel universes. Spider-Man arrives to disable the accelerator fearing that the accelerator can to destroy the city and fights Green Goblin and Prowler. During the fight, Spider-Man is touched by the accelerator ray, seeing the multiverse, and he is hurt, falling down. Spider-Man gives Miles a pen-drive to disable the accelerator and reports him that the machine could destroy the city if it's turned on again. Shortly afterward, Fisk kills brutally Spider-Man as Miles escapes. Alone and without help, Miles visits Parker's tomb trying to know if he will be capable to make the job when another Peter Parker appears behind him. Running from the cop, Miles learns that this new Peter Parker he meets belongs to another dimension from where he was abducted during the experiment. Looking for make this else-Parker his trainer, they try to steal the accelerator computer to create a new pen-drive after to know that the previous was accidentally broken. But in the assault to the laboratory they realize that the scientist who lead the project is a Dr. Octopus' female-version. Escaping from the lab, else-Parker and Miles are helped by Gwanda, in true a Gwen Stacy from another dimension who turned in Spider-Gwen after she wasn't prevent the death of the Peter Parker of her dimension. Without options, the three visit aunt May, just to learn that another three alternate counterparts more await them: Spider-Man Noir, a black-and-white 30's years stylized Spider-Man who fights against Nazis in 1937; Penny Parker, a 14 years old Anime-version Japanese schoolgirl from the year 3145 with a powerful Spider-Robot; and Spider-Ham, a funny cartoon-version named Peter Porker. But things complicate for Miles when he discovers that his uncle Aaron works as Kingpin's henchman Prowler, being assassinated by the own Kingpin when Aaron couldn't kill Miles after to learn Miles as new Spider-Man. With his family broken and unable to control his Spider-powers, Miles tries assume his place in the world and the responsibility as the new Spider-Man, at the same time that Kingpin reconnects the accelerator obsessed to recover an alternate version of his wife and son, who died in a car accident when they ran from him while he fought against Spider-Man. Realizing that all his five counterparts are in danger to die disintegrated for being in an universe that it isn't their own, Miles faces his destiny to save not only all them partners, but the universe from Kingpin's ambitions.

Cast & Crew

Shameik Moore as Miles Morales
Shameik Moore
(Miles Morales)
Jake Johnson as Peter B. Parker
Jake Johnson
(Peter B. Parker)
Hailee Steinfeld as Gwen Stacy
Hailee Steinfeld
(Gwen Stacy)
Mahershala Ali as Uncle Aaron
Mahershala Ali
(Uncle Aaron)
Brian Tyree Henry as Jefferson Davis
Brian Tyree Henry
(Jefferson Davis)
Lily Tomlin as Aunt May
Lily Tomlin
(Aunt May)
Luna Lauren Velez as Rio Morales
Luna Lauren Velez
(Rio Morales)
Zoë Kravitz as Mary Jane
Zoë Kravitz
(Mary Jane)
John Mulaney as Spider-Ham
John Mulaney
Kimiko Glenn as Peni Parker
Kimiko Glenn
(Peni Parker)
Nicolas Cage as Spider-Man Noir
Nicolas Cage
(Spider-Man Noir)
Kathryn Hahn as Doc Ock
Kathryn Hahn
(Doc Ock)
Liev Schreiber as Wilson Fisk
Liev Schreiber
(Wilson Fisk)
Chris Pine as Peter Parker
Chris Pine
(Peter Parker)
Natalie Morales as Miss Calleros
Natalie Morales
(Miss Calleros)
Edwin H. Bravo as Brooklyn Visions Security Guard
Edwin H. Bravo
(Brooklyn Visions Security Guard)
Oscar Isaac as Interesting Person #1
Oscar Isaac
(Interesting Person #1)
Greta Lee as Interesting Person #2
Greta Lee
(Interesting Person #2)
Stan Lee as Stan
Stan Lee
Jorma Taccone as Green Goblin / Last Dude
Jorma Taccone
(Green Goblin / Last Dude)
Joaquín Cosio as Scorpion
Joaquín Cosio
Marvin 'Krondon' Jones III as Tombstone
Marvin 'Krondon' Jones III
Kim Yarbrough as Scientist In Cafeteria
Kim Yarbrough
(Scientist In Cafeteria)
Lake Bell as Vanessa Fisk
Lake Bell
(Vanessa Fisk)
Jessica Mikayla Adams as Brooklyn Friend
Jessica Mikayla Adams
(Brooklyn Friend)
Gredel Berrios Calladine as Brooklyn Friend
Gredel Berrios Calladine
(Brooklyn Friend)
Sarah D. Cole as Brooklyn Friend
Sarah D. Cole
(Brooklyn Friend)
Kelby Joseph as Brooklyn Friend
Kelby Joseph
(Brooklyn Friend)
Mimi Davila as Brooklyn Visions Student
Mimi Davila
(Brooklyn Visions Student)
Claudia Choi as Brooklyn Visions Teacher
Claudia Choi
(Brooklyn Visions Teacher)
Melanie Haynes as Brooklyn Visions Teacher
Melanie Haynes
(Brooklyn Visions Teacher)
Joseph Izzo as Brooklyn Visions Teacher
Joseph Izzo
(Brooklyn Visions Teacher)
Nick Jaine as Brooklyn Visions Teacher
Nick Jaine
(Brooklyn Visions Teacher)
Muneeb Rehman as Brooklyn Visions Teacher
Muneeb Rehman
(Brooklyn Visions Teacher)
Carlos Zaragoza as Brooklyn Visions Teacher
Carlos Zaragoza
(Brooklyn Visions Teacher)
Post Malone as Brooklyn Bystander
Post Malone
(Brooklyn Bystander)
David Applebee as Additional Voices
David Applebee
(Additional Voices)
Juan Carlos Arvelo as Additional Voices
Juan Carlos Arvelo
(Additional Voices)
Adam Brown as Additional Voices
Adam Brown
(Additional Voices)
Jon Bruno as Additional Voices
Jon Bruno
(Additional Voices)
Darcy Rose Byrnes as Additional Voices
Darcy Rose Byrnes
(Additional Voices)
Oscar Camacho as Additional Voices
Oscar Camacho
(Additional Voices)
June Christopher as Additional Voices
June Christopher
(Additional Voices)
Alycia Cooper as Additional Voices
Alycia Cooper
(Additional Voices)
Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez as Additional Voices
Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez
(Additional Voices)
Terrence Hardy Jr. as Additional Voices
Terrence Hardy Jr.
(Additional Voices)
Bridget Hoffman as Additional Voices
Bridget Hoffman
(Additional Voices)
Rif Hutton as Additional Voices
Rif Hutton
(Additional Voices)
Miguel Jiron as Additional Voices
Miguel Jiron
(Additional Voices)
Harrison Knight as Additional Voices
Harrison Knight
(Additional Voices)
Lex Lang as Additional Voices
Lex Lang
(Additional Voices)
Donna Lynn Leavy as Additional Voices
Donna Lynn Leavy
(Additional Voices)
Andrew Leviton as Additional Voices
Andrew Leviton
(Additional Voices)
Caitlin McKenna as Additional Voices
Caitlin McKenna
(Additional Voices)
Scott Menville as Additional Voices
Scott Menville
(Additional Voices)
Christopher Miller as Additional Voices
Christopher Miller
(Additional Voices)
Arthur Ortiz as Additional Voices
Arthur Ortiz
(Additional Voices)
Juan Pacheco as Additional Voices
Juan Pacheco
(Additional Voices)
Devika Parikh as Additional Voices
Devika Parikh
(Additional Voices)
Shakira Ja'nai Paye as Additional Voices
Shakira Ja'nai Paye
(Additional Voices)
Courtney Peldon as Additional Voices
Courtney Peldon
(Additional Voices)
Chrystee Pharris as Additional Voices
Chrystee Pharris
(Additional Voices)
Jacqueline Pinol as Additional Voices
Jacqueline Pinol
(Additional Voices)
Juan Pope as Additional Voices
Juan Pope
(Additional Voices)
Al Rodrigo as Additional Voices
Al Rodrigo
(Additional Voices)
Joseph Sanfelippo as Additional Voices
Joseph Sanfelippo
(Additional Voices)
Justin Shenkarow as Additional Voices
Justin Shenkarow
(Additional Voices)
Dennis Singletary as Additional Voices
Dennis Singletary
(Additional Voices)
Warren Sroka as Additional Voices
Warren Sroka
(Additional Voices)
Melissa Sturm as Additional Voices
Melissa Sturm
(Additional Voices)
Holly Walker as Additional Voices
Holly Walker
(Additional Voices)
Jason Linere-White as Additional Voices
Jason Linere-White
(Additional Voices)
Ruby Zalduondo as Additional Voices
Ruby Zalduondo
(Additional Voices)
Ruth Zalduondo as Additional Voices
Ruth Zalduondo
(Additional Voices)

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