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Tarzan (2013)


  • Genres:
    Drama | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    12 December 2013
  • Broadcast Co:
    Constantin Film - Ambient Entertainment GmbH - Summit Entertainment -
  • Country:
    USA | Germany
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 34 min
  • Summary:
    Tarzan and Jane Porter face a mercenary army dispatched by the evil CEO of Greystoke Energies, a man who took over the company from Tarzan's parents, after they died in a plane crash.

Cast & Crew

Kellan Lutz as Tarzan
Kellan Lutz
Spencer Locke as Jane
Spencer Locke
Les Bubb as Jim Porter
Les Bubb
(Jim Porter)
Joe Cappelletti as Clayton
Joe Cappelletti
Brian Huskey as Mr. Smith
Brian Huskey
(Mr. Smith)
Mark Deklin as John Greystoke
Mark Deklin
(John Greystoke)
Jaime Ray Newman as Alice Greystoke
Jaime Ray Newman
(Alice Greystoke)
Robert Capron as Derek
Robert Capron
Jonathan Morgan Heit as Tarzan Kid
Jonathan Morgan Heit
(Tarzan Kid)
Anton Zetterholm as Tarzan Teenager
Anton Zetterholm
(Tarzan Teenager)
Jason Hildebrandt as Narrator
Jason Hildebrandt
Trevor St. John as Clayton
Trevor St. John
Craig Garner as Tarzan Kid
Craig Garner
(Tarzan Kid)
Aaron Kissiov as Tarzan Kid
Aaron Kissiov
(Tarzan Kid)
Michael A. Grimm as Miller
Michael A. Grimm
Martin Cambeis as Father of Derek
Martin Cambeis
(Father of Derek)
Lilly Forgach as Mother of Derek
Lilly Forgach
(Mother of Derek)
Lilly Gropper as Sister of Derek
Lilly Gropper
(Sister of Derek)
Jenny Marie Muck as Amy
Jenny Marie Muck
Maximilian Allgeier as Pilot 1
Maximilian Allgeier
(Pilot 1)
Christian Serritiello as Pilot 2
Christian Serritiello
(Pilot 2)
Johannes Langemann as Demolition Man
Johannes Langemann
(Demolition Man)
Tomas Tomas as Mercenary 1
Tomas Tomas
(Mercenary 1)
Petr Kotík as Mercenary 2
Petr Kotík
(Mercenary 2)
Norbert Simon as Mercenary 3
Norbert Simon
(Mercenary 3)
Andy Wareham as Bad Ape Tublat
Andy Wareham
(Bad Ape Tublat)
Peter Elliott as Leader of gorilla family / Tarzan's ape friends
Peter Elliott
(Leader of gorilla family / Tarzan's ape friends)
Lynn Robertson Bruce as Tarzan's 'mother' Karta
Lynn Robertson Bruce
(Tarzan's 'mother' Karta)
Phil Hill as Tarzan's ape friends
Phil Hill
(Tarzan's ape friends)
Cecily Fay as Tarzan's ape friends
Cecily Fay
(Tarzan's ape friends)
Edd Osmond as Tarzan's ape friends, young
Edd Osmond
(Tarzan's ape friends, young)
Paul Lowe as Tarzan's ape friends, young
Paul Lowe
(Tarzan's ape friends, young)
Jo Osmond as Tarzan's ape friends, young
Jo Osmond
(Tarzan's ape friends, young)
Jonathan Tweedie as Tarzan
Jonathan Tweedie
Rebecca Reaney as Jane
Rebecca Reaney
Benjamin Rollmann as Clayton / Greystoke
Benjamin Rollmann
(Clayton / Greystoke)
Brian Bloom as Miller
Brian Bloom
Chris Fries as Pilot
Chris Fries

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