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Up (2009)


  • Genres:
    Comedy | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    13 May 2009
  • Broadcast Co:
    Pixar Animation Studios - Walt Disney Pictures
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 36 min
  • Summary:
    After the death of his wife and an incident at home, an old man, Carl Fredericksen, is forced into a retirement home. However, he still wants to go on the adventure to South America he and his wife planned. Ultimately, the adventure involves a flying house, a young boy, a talking dog and a strange, large bird.

Cast & Crew

Edward Asner as Carl Fredricksen
Edward Asner
(Carl Fredricksen)
Christopher Plummer as Charles Muntz
Christopher Plummer
(Charles Muntz)
Jordan Nagai as Russell
Jordan Nagai
Bob Peterson as Dug / Alpha
Bob Peterson
(Dug / Alpha)
Delroy Lindo as Beta
Delroy Lindo
Jerome Ranft as Gamma
Jerome Ranft
John Ratzenberger as Construction Foreman Tom
John Ratzenberger
(Construction Foreman Tom)
David Kaye as Newsreel Announcer
David Kaye
(Newsreel Announcer)
Elie Docter as Young Ellie
Elie Docter
(Young Ellie)
Jeremy Leary as Young Carl
Jeremy Leary
(Young Carl)
Mickie McGowan as Police Officer Edith
Mickie McGowan
(Police Officer Edith)
Danny Mann as Construction Worker Steve
Danny Mann
(Construction Worker Steve)
Donald Fullilove as Nurse George
Donald Fullilove
(Nurse George)
Jess Harnell as Nurse AJ
Jess Harnell
(Nurse AJ)
Josh Cooley as Omega
Josh Cooley
Pete Docter as Campmaster Strauch
Pete Docter
(Campmaster Strauch)
Mark Andrews as Additional Voices
Mark Andrews
(Additional Voices)
Bob Bergen as Additional Voices
Bob Bergen
(Additional Voices)
Brenda Chapman as Additional Voices
Brenda Chapman
(Additional Voices)
Emma Coats as Additional Voices
Emma Coats
(Additional Voices)
John Cygan as Additional Voices
John Cygan
(Additional Voices)
Paul Eiding as Additional Voices
Paul Eiding
(Additional Voices)
Tony Fucile as Additional Voices
Tony Fucile
(Additional Voices)
Teresa Ganzel as Additional Voices
Teresa Ganzel
(Additional Voices)
Sherry Lynn as Additional Voices
Sherry Lynn
(Additional Voices)
Laraine Newman
Laraine Newman
Teddy Newton as Additional Voices
Teddy Newton
(Additional Voices)
Jeff Pidgeon as Additional Voices
Jeff Pidgeon
(Additional Voices)
Valerie LaPointe as Additional Voices
Valerie LaPointe
(Additional Voices)
Jan Rabson as Additional Voices
Jan Rabson
(Additional Voices)
Bob Scott as Additional Voices
Bob Scott
(Additional Voices)
Kerem Atabeyoglu as Beta
Kerem Atabeyoglu
Ali Ekber Diribas as Alpha
Ali Ekber Diribas
Erol Günaydin as Carl Fredricksen
Erol Günaydin
(Carl Fredricksen)
Riza Karaagaçli as Huzurevi Görevlisi George
Riza Karaagaçli
(Huzurevi Görevlisi George)
Zamire Kasapoglu as Bayan Polis Memuru
Zamire Kasapoglu
(Bayan Polis Memuru)
Murat Sen as Haber Spikeri
Murat Sen
(Haber Spikeri)
Murat Senol as Huzurevi Görevlisi AJ
Murat Senol
(Huzurevi Görevlisi AJ)
Bora Severcan as Insaat Isçisi Steve
Bora Severcan
(Insaat Isçisi Steve)
Melis Severcan as Genç Ellie
Melis Severcan
(Genç Ellie)
Volkan Severcan as Doga Kasifleri Baskani
Volkan Severcan
(Doga Kasifleri Baskani)
Bogaçhan Sözmen as Dug
Bogaçhan Sözmen
Ugur Tasdemir as Gamma
Ugur Tasdemir
Tibet Tore as Genç Carl
Tibet Tore
(Genç Carl)
Sebastian Warholm as Russell
Sebastian Warholm
Ender Yigit as Charles Muntz
Ender Yigit
(Charles Muntz)

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