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Around the World with Willy Fog

Around the World with Willy Fog (1984)

Around the World with Willy Fog

  • Genres:
    Adventure | Fantasy
  • Release Date:
    4 January 1984
  • Broadcast Co:
    BRB Internacional S.A. - Nippon Animation Co. -
  • Country:
    Spain | Japan
  • Parental Guide:
    G (General Audience)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    24 min
  • Summary:
    In 1872 London in a world of humanoid animals, Willy Fog is the quintessential British gentleman of rigid sedentary habits, much to his new servants', Rigodon and Tico, pleasure. Suddenly, Fog is forced to take an extraordinary wager on behalf of a friend that he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days. Now, with little but a satchel carrying the necessary funds, Fog and his staff start their journey. Unknown to Fog, he is doggedly pursued by Scotland Yard detectives Dix and Bully on suspicion of a bank robbery. More seriously, however, Fog's movements are also being shadowed by Transfer, a villainous master of disguise who is commissioned by his enemies to interfere in the journey in any way he can. Regardless, Fog is determined to see the challenge through, finding dangers and friends, of which the gracious Princess Romy is the most welcome of new companions, on a journey unlike any other of their time.

Cast & Crew

Banjô Ginga as Fog
Banjô Ginga
Ichirô Nagai as Dix
Ichirô Nagai
Ken'ichi Ogata as Bully
Ken'ichi Ogata
Gregory Snegoff as Inspector Dix
Gregory Snegoff
(Inspector Dix)
Kei Tomiyama as Rigadon
Kei Tomiyama
Tom Wyner as Armstrong
Tom Wyner
Theodore Lehmann as Narrator
Theodore Lehmann
Claudio Rodríguez as Fog
Claudio Rodríguez
Gloria Cámara as Romy
Gloria Cámara
Manuel Peiró as Rigodón
Manuel Peiró
José Moratalla as Tico
José Moratalla
Rafael de Penagos as Dix
Rafael de Penagos
Luis Marín as Bully
Luis Marín
Antolín García as Transfer
Antolín García
Eduardo Jover as Ralph
Eduardo Jover
Félix Acaso as Sullivan
Félix Acaso
Alfonso Santigosa as Guinness
Alfonso Santigosa
Rebecca Forstadt as Romy
Rebecca Forstadt
Tesshô Genda as Saliban unknown episodes
Tesshô Genda
(Saliban unknown episodes)
Masako Nozawa as Tico unknown episodes
Masako Nozawa
(Tico unknown episodes)
Miki Takahashi as Romy unknown episodes
Miki Takahashi
(Romy unknown episodes)
Cam Clarke as Japanese Man
Cam Clarke
(Japanese Man)
Jerry Hauck as Corn
Jerry Hauck

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