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Batman: The Animated Series (1992)

Batman: The Animated Series

  • Genres:
    Action | Sci-Fi | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    5 September 1992
  • Broadcast Co:
    Warner Bros. Animation - Warner Bros. Television -
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
    On Air
  • Runtime:
    23 min
  • Summary:
    Heir to the Wayne family fortune, Bruce Wayne lives by day as a seemingly lavish playboy millionaire socialite, but by night assumes the role of his crime-fighting alter-ego: the caped crusader known as Batman. Throughout the Animated Series, Batman receives help from sidekicks Robin and Batgirl, as well as Police Commissioner Gordon, in protecting the streets of Gotham City from a large rogue's gallery of criminals, lunatics and nemeses.

Cast & Crew

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Kevin Conroy
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred Pennyworth
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
(Alfred Pennyworth)
Bob Hastings as Commissioner James Gordon
Bob Hastings
(Commissioner James Gordon)
Loren Lester as Robin
Loren Lester
Robert Costanzo as Detective Harvey Bullock
Robert Costanzo
(Detective Harvey Bullock)
Mari Devon as Summer Gleeson
Mari Devon
(Summer Gleeson)
Mark Hamill as The Joker
Mark Hamill
(The Joker)
Richard Moll as Harvey Dent
Richard Moll
(Harvey Dent)
Lloyd Bochner as Mayor Hamilton Hill
Lloyd Bochner
(Mayor Hamilton Hill)
Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn
Arleen Sorkin
(Harley Quinn)
John Vernon as Rupert Thorne
John Vernon
(Rupert Thorne)
Adrienne Barbeau as Selina Kyle
Adrienne Barbeau
(Selina Kyle)
Brock Peters as Lucius Fox
Brock Peters
(Lucius Fox)
Diane Pershing as Poison Ivy
Diane Pershing
(Poison Ivy)
Paul Williams as The Penguin
Paul Williams
(The Penguin)
Ingrid Oliu as Renee Montoya
Ingrid Oliu
(Renee Montoya)
Neil Ross as Auctioneer
Neil Ross
Aron Kincaid as Killer Croc
Aron Kincaid
(Killer Croc)
George Dzundza as Scarface
George Dzundza
Melissa Gilbert as Barbara Gordon
Melissa Gilbert
(Barbara Gordon)
Frank Welker as Isis
Frank Welker
Jeff Bennett as HARDAC
Jeff Bennett
Edward Asner as Roland Daggett
Edward Asner
(Roland Daggett)
David Warner as Ra's al Ghul
David Warner
(Ra's al Ghul)
Henry Polic II as Dr. Jonathan Crane
Henry Polic II
(Dr. Jonathan Crane)
Diana Muldaur as Dr. Leslie Thompkins
Diana Muldaur
(Dr. Leslie Thompkins)
Marilu Henner as Veronica Vreeland
Marilu Henner
(Veronica Vreeland)
Liane Schirmer as Lt. Renée Montoya
Liane Schirmer
(Lt. Renée Montoya)
Helen Slater as Talia
Helen Slater
William Sanderson as Dr. Karl Rossum
William Sanderson
(Dr. Karl Rossum)
Ron Perlman as Clayface
Ron Perlman
Roddy McDowall as The Mad Hatter
Roddy McDowall
(The Mad Hatter)
Linda Gary as Dr. Nora Crest
Linda Gary
(Dr. Nora Crest)
Roger Rose as Additional Voices
Roger Rose
(Additional Voices)
Jim Cummings as Real Jekko
Jim Cummings
(Real Jekko)
Clive Revill as Alfred Pennyworth
Clive Revill
(Alfred Pennyworth)
Kate Mulgrew as Red Claw
Kate Mulgrew
(Red Claw)
John Glover as Edward Nygma
John Glover
(Edward Nygma)
Ed Begley Jr. as Germs
Ed Begley Jr.
Marc Singer as Dr. Kirk Langstrom
Marc Singer
(Dr. Kirk Langstrom)
Mary McDonald-Lewis as Maven
Mary McDonald-Lewis
Pat Fraley as Bat-Mite
Pat Fraley
Matt Landers as Frankie
Matt Landers
Diane Michelle as Candace
Diane Michelle
Pat Musick as Dr. Stella Bates
Pat Musick
(Dr. Stella Bates)
Hal Rayle as Broker
Hal Rayle
Carmen Zapata as Judge Maria Vargas
Carmen Zapata
(Judge Maria Vargas)
Michael Ansara as Dr. Victor Fries
Michael Ansara
(Dr. Victor Fries)
Julie Brown as Lily
Julie Brown
Murphy Cross as Grace Lamont
Murphy Cross
(Grace Lamont)
Robert Ito as Kyodai Ken
Robert Ito
(Kyodai Ken)
Earl Boen as Rhino
Earl Boen
Greg Burson as Mad Dog
Greg Burson
(Mad Dog)
Robert DoQui as Doctor
Robert DoQui
Herb Edelman as Stern
Herb Edelman
Harry Hamlin as Anthony 'Tony' Romulus
Harry Hamlin
(Anthony 'Tony' Romulus)
George DiCenzo as Ubu
George DiCenzo
John de Lancie as Eagleton
John de Lancie
Kenneth Mars as M2
Kenneth Mars
Michael Bell as Additional Voices
Michael Bell
(Additional Voices)
Peter Scolari as Gunther Hardwicke
Peter Scolari
(Gunther Hardwicke)
Alan Rachins as Temple Fugate
Alan Rachins
(Temple Fugate)
Bruce Timm as Red
Bruce Timm
Charles Howerton as Captor
Charles Howerton
Richard Dysart as Dr. Bartholomew
Richard Dysart
(Dr. Bartholomew)
Leslie Easterbrook as Randa
Leslie Easterbrook
Dick Gautier as Cop
Dick Gautier
Barry Gordon as Sheldrake
Barry Gordon
Vernee Watson as Dana Blessing
Vernee Watson
(Dana Blessing)
Scott Valentine as Raymond Bell
Scott Valentine
(Raymond Bell)
Rene Auberjonois as Dr. March
Rene Auberjonois
(Dr. March)
Walter Olkewicz as Carmine Falcone
Walter Olkewicz
(Carmine Falcone)
Joey Simmrin as Dick Grayson - Age 10
Joey Simmrin
(Dick Grayson - Age 10)
Meredith MacRae as Dr. Francine March-Langstrom
Meredith MacRae
(Dr. Francine March-Langstrom)
Dick Miller as Boxcars 'Boxy' Bennett
Dick Miller
(Boxcars 'Boxy' Bennett)
Lauri Johnson as Nurse
Lauri Johnson
Eugene Roche as Arnold Stromwell
Eugene Roche
(Arnold Stromwell)
Michael York as Dr. Montague Kane
Michael York
(Dr. Montague Kane)
Treat Williams as Dr. Achilles Milo
Treat Williams
(Dr. Achilles Milo)
Brion James as Additional Voices
Brion James
(Additional Voices)
Marcelo Tubert as Carlos
Marcelo Tubert
Tim Matheson as Gil Mason
Tim Matheson
(Gil Mason)
Thomas F. Wilson as Anthony 'Tony' Zucco
Thomas F. Wilson
(Anthony 'Tony' Zucco)
Tim Curry as Leon's Henchman
Tim Curry
(Leon's Henchman)
Tomoya Kawai as Ubu
Tomoya Kawai
Matthew Brooks as Sherman Grant
Matthew Brooks
(Sherman Grant)
Richard Erdman as Elliot
Richard Erdman
Steve Bulen as Police Dispatcher
Steve Bulen
(Police Dispatcher)
Adam Carl as Nick
Adam Carl
Victoria Carroll as Matron
Victoria Carroll
Bud Cort as Josiah Wormwood
Bud Cort
(Josiah Wormwood)
Lorin Dreyfuss as Salvo Smith
Lorin Dreyfuss
(Salvo Smith)
William Windom as Ethan Clark
William Windom
(Ethan Clark)
Rodger Bumpass as Hoffman
Rodger Bumpass
Steve Franken as Rundle
Steve Franken
Danny Goldman as Sam Giddell
Danny Goldman
(Sam Giddell)
Steve Susskind as Maxwell 'Maxie' Zeus
Steve Susskind
(Maxwell 'Maxie' Zeus)
Patrick Leahy as Territorial Governor
Patrick Leahy
(Territorial Governor)
Bill Mumy as The Fox
Bill Mumy
(The Fox)
Bever-Leigh Banfield as Clerk
Bever-Leigh Banfield
Robby Benson as Wilkes
Robby Benson
Ray Buktenica as Dr. Hugo Strange
Ray Buktenica
(Dr. Hugo Strange)
Townsend Coleman as Chick
Townsend Coleman
Lindsay Crouse as Mrs. Grant
Lindsay Crouse
(Mrs. Grant)
Takayo Fischer as Dr. Wu
Takayo Fischer
(Dr. Wu)
Dorian Harewood as Dan Riley
Dorian Harewood
(Dan Riley)
David Haskell as Billy
David Haskell
Heather Locklear as Lisa Clark
Heather Locklear
(Lisa Clark)
Joseph Maher as Dr. Emile Dorian
Joseph Maher
(Dr. Emile Dorian)
Michael Pataki as Sewer King
Michael Pataki
(Sewer King)
John Rhys-Davies as 'Baron' Waclaw Jozek
John Rhys-Davies
('Baron' Waclaw Jozek)
Bess Armstrong as Clio
Bess Armstrong
Joseph Campanella as Dr. Matthew Thorne
Joseph Campanella
(Dr. Matthew Thorne)
Rebecca Gilchrist as Chi-Chi
Rebecca Gilchrist
Michael Gross as Lloyd Ventrix
Michael Gross
(Lloyd Ventrix)
Zale Kessler as Fauncewater
Zale Kessler
Goh Misawa as Sensei Yoru
Goh Misawa
(Sensei Yoru)
Brad Garrett as Goliath
Brad Garrett
Dan O'Herlihy as Grant Walker
Dan O'Herlihy
(Grant Walker)
Henry Silva as Bane
Henry Silva
David Jolliffe as Armand 'Army' Lydecker
David Jolliffe
(Armand 'Army' Lydecker)
Malcolm McDowell as Arcady Duvall
Malcolm McDowell
(Arcady Duvall)
Virginia Capers as Judge
Virginia Capers
John Considine as Hackle
John Considine
Barry Dennen as Shadow Agent
Barry Dennen
(Shadow Agent)
Michael Des Barres as Carl Fowler
Michael Des Barres
(Carl Fowler)
Paul Dooley as Father Michael
Paul Dooley
(Father Michael)
Paddi Edwards as Maggie Page
Paddi Edwards
(Maggie Page)
Richard Gilliland as Frank
Richard Gilliland
Angel Harper as Reporter
Angel Harper
Gaille Heideman as Matron
Gaille Heideman
Brian Stokes Mitchell as Brian Rogers
Brian Stokes Mitchell
(Brian Rogers)
George Murdock as Boss Biggis
George Murdock
(Boss Biggis)
Linda Dangcil as Woman
Linda Dangcil
Paul Eiding as Ferris Dolan
Paul Eiding
(Ferris Dolan)
Ken Howard as Hartness
Ken Howard
Julia Kato as Kairi Tanaga
Julia Kato
(Kairi Tanaga)
Sam McMurray as Pierce
Sam McMurray
Nick Savalas as Stavros
Nick Savalas
Vincent Schiavelli as John Zatara
Vincent Schiavelli
(John Zatara)
Manu Tupou as Ubu
Manu Tupou
Whit Hertford as Billy the Seal Boy
Whit Hertford
(Billy the Seal Boy)
Adam Ant as Bert
Adam Ant
Denny Dillon as Jessy
Denny Dillon
Micky Dolenz as Max
Micky Dolenz
Jeff Doucette as Gabe
Jeff Doucette
Gary Frank as Daniel Mockridge
Gary Frank
(Daniel Mockridge)
Ernie Hudson as Security Guard
Ernie Hudson
(Security Guard)
David L. Lander as Nitro
David L. Lander
Joe Leahy as Gray Ghost Narrator
Joe Leahy
(Gray Ghost Narrator)
Denise Marco as Roberta
Denise Marco
Kevin McCarthy as Dr. Long
Kevin McCarthy
(Dr. Long)
Chuck Moshontz as Boseman
Chuck Moshontz
Kimmy Robertson as Alice Pleasance
Kimmy Robertson
(Alice Pleasance)
Mark L. Taylor as Courier McWhirter
Mark L. Taylor
(Courier McWhirter)
Ian Patrick Williams as Ivan
Ian Patrick Williams
Candy Ann Brown as Marva Cooper
Candy Ann Brown
(Marva Cooper)
Robert Clotworthy as Billy
Robert Clotworthy
Matt Frewer as Sid the Squid
Matt Frewer
(Sid the Squid)
Elisabeth Moss as Kimmy Ventrix
Elisabeth Moss
(Kimmy Ventrix)
Joe Piscopo as Manager
Joe Piscopo
Roscoe Lee Browne as Dr. Wataki
Roscoe Lee Browne
(Dr. Wataki)
Scott McAfee as Chris Carlyle
Scott McAfee
(Chris Carlyle)
Peter Mark Richman as Charles Baxter
Peter Mark Richman
(Charles Baxter)
JoBeth Williams as June
JoBeth Williams
Roy Dotrice as Frederick
Roy Dotrice
Khrystyne Haje as Rebecca Fallbrook
Khrystyne Haje
(Rebecca Fallbrook)
Jeffrey Jones as Nivens
Jeffrey Jones
John Rubinow as Museum Guard
John Rubinow
(Museum Guard)
Chao Li Chi as Sensei Yoru
Chao Li Chi
(Sensei Yoru)
Brian Cummings as Reporter
Brian Cummings
Robert David Hall as Additional Voices
Robert David Hall
(Additional Voices)
Rob Paulsen as Jay
Rob Paulsen
Justin Shenkarow as Jordan Hill
Justin Shenkarow
(Jordan Hill)
Lynne Marie Stewart as Violet
Lynne Marie Stewart
Loretta Swit as Marcia Cates
Loretta Swit
(Marcia Cates)
Ron Taylor as Orderly
Ron Taylor
Adam West as Simon Trent
Adam West
(Simon Trent)
LeVar Burton as Hatter Hentchman
LeVar Burton
(Hatter Hentchman)
Gary Kroeger as Beechum
Gary Kroeger
Haunani Minn as Dr. Lee
Haunani Minn
(Dr. Lee)
Chuck Olsen as Security Guard
Chuck Olsen
(Security Guard)
Marcia Wallace as 'Dark Interlude' Actress
Marcia Wallace
('Dark Interlude' Actress)
Danny Wells as Guard
Danny Wells
Richard Jeni as Host
Richard Jeni
William Katt as Zowie
William Katt
Alison La Placa as Baby-Doll
Alison La Placa
Megan Mullally as Cindy
Megan Mullally
Nichelle Nichols as Thoth Khepera
Nichelle Nichols
(Thoth Khepera)
Alan Oppenheimer as Auctioneer
Alan Oppenheimer
Suzanne Stone as Dr. Joan Leland
Suzanne Stone
(Dr. Joan Leland)
Gregg Berger as Rosie
Gregg Berger
William Bryant as Sheriff
William Bryant
Richard Doyle as Ernie
Richard Doyle
Hector Elizondo as Sheldon Fallbrook
Hector Elizondo
(Sheldon Fallbrook)
Katherine Helmond as Connie Stromwell
Katherine Helmond
(Connie Stromwell)
Buster Jones as Night Manager
Buster Jones
(Night Manager)
Danny Mann as Radio D.J.
Danny Mann
(Radio D.J.)
John Mariano as Additional Voices
John Mariano
(Additional Voices)
Janet May as Andrea
Janet May
Steve McGowan
Steve McGowan
Peter Renaday as 2nd Longshoreman
Peter Renaday
(2nd Longshoreman)
Robert Ridgely as Madman
Robert Ridgely
Jay Thomas as Guard 1
Jay Thomas
(Guard 1)
Chick Vennera as Twitch
Chick Vennera
Robert Picardo as Eddie G.
Robert Picardo
(Eddie G.)
Patricia Alice Albrecht as Brenda
Patricia Alice Albrecht
Franklin Cover as General Vreeland
Franklin Cover
(General Vreeland)
Nicholas Guest as Thug
Nicholas Guest
Joe Lala as Dicky the Thug
Joe Lala
(Dicky the Thug)
Tress MacNeille as Woman
Tress MacNeille
Jason Marsden as 'Spunky' Spencer
Jason Marsden
('Spunky' Spencer)
Andrea Martin as Lisa Lorraine
Andrea Martin
(Lisa Lorraine)
Paul Nakauchi as Doctor
Paul Nakauchi
Bill McKinney as Jonah Hex
Bill McKinney
(Jonah Hex)
Peter Jason as Mason
Peter Jason
Melissa Manchester as Model
Melissa Manchester
Alexander Simmons as Girl
Alexander Simmons
Maurice LaMarche as Murphy
Maurice LaMarche
Jean Smart as Helen Ventrix
Jean Smart
(Helen Ventrix)
Lionel Mark Smith as Bus Driver
Lionel Mark Smith
(Bus Driver)
Paul Winfield as Earl Cooper
Paul Winfield
(Earl Cooper)
Stuart Pankin as Buddy Standler
Stuart Pankin
(Buddy Standler)
Robert Pastorelli as Manny
Robert Pastorelli
Robbie Rist as Brian Daily
Robbie Rist
(Brian Daily)
Elizabeth Montgomery as Barmaid
Elizabeth Montgomery
Seth Green as Wizard
Seth Green
Alan Roberts as Young Arnie
Alan Roberts
(Young Arnie)
Jeffrey Tambor as Crocker
Jeffrey Tambor
Tom Williams as Leon the Bookie
Tom Williams
(Leon the Bookie)
Ed Gilbert as Jack Haley
Ed Gilbert
(Jack Haley)
Lynette Mettey as Janet Van Dorn
Lynette Mettey
(Janet Van Dorn)
Christopher Pickering as Kelly Carlyle
Christopher Pickering
(Kelly Carlyle)
Grant Shaud as Harry Loomis
Grant Shaud
(Harry Loomis)
Judy Strangis as Tammy Vance
Judy Strangis
(Tammy Vance)
Stephanie Zimbalist as Janet Van Dorn
Stephanie Zimbalist
(Janet Van Dorn)
B.J. Ward as M3
B.J. Ward
Brian George as Jazzman
Brian George
Peter Strauss as Dr. Steven Carlyle
Peter Strauss
(Dr. Steven Carlyle)
Tasia Valenza as Mariam
Tasia Valenza
Bruce Weitz as Lock-Up
Bruce Weitz
Sal Viscuso as Monk
Sal Viscuso
Alan Young as Tod Baker
Alan Young
(Tod Baker)
Josh Keaton as Young Michael
Josh Keaton
(Young Michael)

Thumbnails & Trailers


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Carmen Sandiego
Tokhme morghhaye Sabz va Jambon
Tokhme morghhaye Sabz va Jambon
Majarahaye Kapitan Zirshalvari (Underpants)
Majarahaye Kapitan Zirshalvari (Underpants)
Bimble's Bucket
Bimble's Bucket
Blake & Mortimer (1946)
Blake & Mortimer (1946)