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Blake & Mortimer (1946)

Blake & Mortimer (1946) (1997)

Blake & Mortimer (1946)

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Sci-Fi | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    19 April 1997
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
    Canada | France
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    52 min
  • Summary:
    In this story, an Icelandic physicist has developed a geothermal energy process. She invites famed professionals to inspect her claims, including Blake, Mortimer and a disguised Olrik, who attempts to steal the new discovery.

Cast & Crew

Yves Barsacq as Colonel Dorian Cartwright
Yves Barsacq
(Colonel Dorian Cartwright)
Pierre Baton as Abdel Razek
Pierre Baton
(Abdel Razek)
Patrice Baudrier as Art Cobblespiner
Patrice Baudrier
(Art Cobblespiner)
Hervé Bellon as Doctor Septimus
Hervé Bellon
(Doctor Septimus)
Brigitte Bergès as Agnès
Brigitte Bergès
Patrick Borg as Ishma
Patrick Borg
Martin Brieuc as Church
Martin Brieuc
Mathieu Buscatto as Vernay
Mathieu Buscatto
Frédéric Cerdal as Doctor Fuentes
Frédéric Cerdal
(Doctor Fuentes)
Bruno Dubernat as Focas
Bruno Dubernat
Kelvine Dumour as Doctor Ragnarsdottir
Kelvine Dumour
(Doctor Ragnarsdottir)
Jacques Frantz as Narrator
Jacques Frantz
Anneliese Fromont as Virginia Campbell
Anneliese Fromont
(Virginia Campbell)
Robert Guilmard as Blake
Robert Guilmard
Claire Guyot as Margaret
Claire Guyot
Pierre Hatet as Basileus
Pierre Hatet
Danielle Hazan as Catherine
Danielle Hazan
Henri Labussière as Wilbur James
Henri Labussière
(Wilbur James)
Daniel Lafourcade as Abdul
Daniel Lafourcade
Eric Legrand as Vincent
Eric Legrand
Jean-Pierre Leroux as Professor Labrousse
Jean-Pierre Leroux
(Professor Labrousse)
Gilbert Lévy as Ahmed Rassim Bey
Gilbert Lévy
(Ahmed Rassim Bey)
Patrick Messe as Macomber
Patrick Messe
Maïté Monceau as Katherina
Maïté Monceau
Jean Négroni as Doctor Longneck
Jean Négroni
(Doctor Longneck)
Guillaume Orsat as Morata
Guillaume Orsat
Achille Orsoni as Doctor Lee
Achille Orsoni
(Doctor Lee)
Michel Papineschi as Mortimer
Michel Papineschi
Christian Peythieu as Commissaire Kamal
Christian Peythieu
(Commissaire Kamal)
Olivier Proust as Nicolas Flamel
Olivier Proust
(Nicolas Flamel)
William Sabatier as Inspector Kendall
William Sabatier
(Inspector Kendall)
Jean-Claude Sachot as Duranton
Jean-Claude Sachot
Mario Santini as Colonel Olrik
Mario Santini
(Colonel Olrik)
Régine Teyssot as Mrs. Webster
Régine Teyssot
(Mrs. Webster)
Roland Timsit as Un scientifique
Roland Timsit
(Un scientifique)
Michel Tugot-Doris as Sir Williamson
Michel Tugot-Doris
(Sir Williamson)

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