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Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter's Laboratory (1996)

Dexter's Laboratory

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Sci-Fi
  • Release Date:
    31 March 1996
  • Broadcast Co:
    Cartoon Network Studios - Walt Disney Company Russia & CIS -
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (General Audience)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    23 min
  • Summary:
    While most children his age would rather be outside playing than at school, Dexter is secretly busy in his own highly advanced laboratory working on his latest scientific invention. His parents don't know what he's up to in his room all the time, but his older sister Dee Dee likes to sneak her way in and push Dexter's buttons - literally and metaphorically.

Cast & Crew

Kath Soucie as Mom
Kath Soucie
Jeff Bennett as Dad
Jeff Bennett
Christine Cavanaugh as Dexter
Christine Cavanaugh
Frank Welker as Monkey
Frank Welker
Tom Kenny as Valhallen
Tom Kenny
Kat Cressida as Dee Dee
Kat Cressida
(Dee Dee)
Allison Moore as Dee Dee
Allison Moore
(Dee Dee)
Rob Paulsen as Major Glory
Rob Paulsen
(Major Glory)
Candi Milo as Dexter
Candi Milo
Eddie Deezen as Mandark
Eddie Deezen
Mako as Main Title Narrator
(Main Title Narrator)
Dee Bradley Baker as Alien Kid
Dee Bradley Baker
(Alien Kid)
Kimberly Brooks as Mee Mee
Kimberly Brooks
(Mee Mee)
Brad Garrett as Driver
Brad Garrett
Daran Norris as Announcer
Daran Norris
Robert Ridgely as Commander
Robert Ridgely
Dom DeLuise as Koosy
Dom DeLuise
Pamela Adlon as Beau
Pamela Adlon
Maurice LaMarche as Alien
Maurice LaMarche
Randy Crenshaw as Barbershop Singer
Randy Crenshaw
(Barbershop Singer)
Michael Pataki as Coach
Michael Pataki
Gary Owens as Blue Falcon
Gary Owens
(Blue Falcon)
Roger Freeland as Barbershop Singer
Roger Freeland
(Barbershop Singer)
Jennifer Hale as Girl
Jennifer Hale
Greg Eagles as Capital 'G'
Greg Eagles
(Capital 'G')
Kevin Michael Richardson as Action Hank
Kevin Michael Richardson
(Action Hank)
Lauren Tom as Soyen
Lauren Tom
Earl Boen as Commander Chief
Earl Boen
(Commander Chief)
James Hong as Mr. Chau
James Hong
(Mr. Chau)
Jim Cummings as Orgon Grindor
Jim Cummings
(Orgon Grindor)
Randy Savage as Rasslor
Randy Savage
Jorge Galvan as Doctor Diablos
Jorge Galvan
(Doctor Diablos)
Jeff Coopwood as Announcer
Jeff Coopwood
Rachael MacFarlane as Cheerleader
Rachael MacFarlane
Agostino Castagnola as Doctor
Agostino Castagnola
Paul Williams as Professor Williams
Paul Williams
(Professor Williams)
John Kassir as Guy #2
John Kassir
(Guy #2)
Michael Connor as Magician
Michael Connor
Tyler Samuel Lee as Dexter
Tyler Samuel Lee
Dave Coulier as Coach
Dave Coulier
Michael Dorn as Robo Dexo 3000
Michael Dorn
(Robo Dexo 3000)
Grey Griffin as Waitress #1
Grey Griffin
(Waitress #1)
Mark Hamill as Magic Uncle Fergel O'Reilly
Mark Hamill
(Magic Uncle Fergel O'Reilly)
Corey Burton as Martian
Corey Burton
Mindy Cohn as Librarian
Mindy Cohn
Jess Harnell as Boy Band Germ #2
Jess Harnell
(Boy Band Germ #2)
Andy Suriano as Andy Suriano
Andy Suriano
(Andy Suriano)
Ed Gilbert as Huntor
Ed Gilbert
Gail E. Hiller Lee as Narrator's Mom
Gail E. Hiller Lee
(Narrator's Mom)
Hamilton Camp as Principal
Hamilton Camp
Melissa Disney as Cheerleader
Melissa Disney
Martin Mull as M.A.R. 10
Martin Mull
(M.A.R. 10)
Steve Lively as Barbershop Singer
Steve Lively
(Barbershop Singer)
Don Shelton as Geek Singer
Don Shelton
(Geek Singer)
Fred Willard as F.R.E.D.
Fred Willard
Jennifer Martin as Sexy Computer
Jennifer Martin
(Sexy Computer)
Paula Tiso as Honeydew
Paula Tiso
Brian Tochi as Japanese Boy #1
Brian Tochi
(Japanese Boy #1)
John Garry as Smokem the Bear
John Garry
(Smokem the Bear)
Jay Waddell as Alien Child
Jay Waddell
(Alien Child)
Jay Huguley as Hokochoo
Jay Huguley
Paul Julian as Dee Dee imitating the Road Runner
Paul Julian
(Dee Dee imitating the Road Runner)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Telesm Shodegan
Telesm Shodegan
Kargah Gadget
Kargah Gadget
The Lion Guard
The Lion Guard
Count Duckula
Count Duckula