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Jang Geum's Dream

Jang Geum's Dream (2005)

Jang Geum's Dream

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Drama | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    29 October 2005
  • Broadcast Co:
    Heewon Entertainment - Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)
  • Country:
    South Korea
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    30 min
  • Summary:
    A spin-off of the well-known Korean drama Dae Jang Geum, the young teenager Janggeum must persevere to achieve her dreams of becoming a court lady. With her friends by her side, she leaves a mark of her own throughout Korea.

Cast & Crew

Chweh Han as Jungjong
Chweh Han
Yoon Seong Hye as Chweh Sang Goong
Yoon Seong Hye
(Chweh Sang Goong)
Rhee Seon Joo as Rhee Chang Ih, Kang Dong Ih
Rhee Seon Joo
(Rhee Chang Ih, Kang Dong Ih)
Yeong-seon Kim as Jang Soo Ro
Yeong-seon Kim
(Jang Soo Ro)
Rieu Seung Kon as Min Jeong Ho
Rieu Seung Kon
(Min Jeong Ho)
Chweh Seok Pil as Kang Deok Goo, Beori Jagaek
Chweh Seok Pil
(Kang Deok Goo, Beori Jagaek)
Bahk So Ra as Rhee Yeon Saeng
Bahk So Ra
(Rhee Yeon Saeng)
Song Joon Seok as Eori Jagaek
Song Joon Seok
(Eori Jagaek)
Jeong Mi Sook as Seo Jang Geum
Jeong Mi Sook
(Seo Jang Geum)
Bahk Seon Yeong as Chweh Geum Yeong, Han Sang Goong
Bahk Seon Yeong
(Chweh Geum Yeong, Han Sang Goong)
Kim Seo Yeong as Yoon Yeong Ro, Deok Goo Cheo
Kim Seo Yeong
(Yoon Yeong Ro, Deok Goo Cheo)


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