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Majarahaye Kapitan Zirshalvari (Underpants) (2018)

Majarahaye Kapitan Zirshalvari (Underpants)

  • Genres:
    Action | Comedy
  • Release Date:
    13 July 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    DreamWorks Animation Television - Scholastic Productions
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    24 min
  • Summary:
    Best friends George and Harold scheme together a number of pranks at school involving their principal, whose alter ego is a superhero they created called Captain Underpants.

Cast & Crew

Nat Faxon as Captain Underpants
Nat Faxon
(Captain Underpants)
Jay Gragnani as Harold
Jay Gragnani
Ramone Hamilton as George
Ramone Hamilton
Sean Astin as Narrator
Sean Astin
Peter Hastings as Comic Narrator
Peter Hastings
(Comic Narrator)
Jorge Diaz as Melvin
Jorge Diaz
Erica Luttrell as Erica
Erica Luttrell
Dayci Brookshire as Jessica
Dayci Brookshire
Evan Kishiyama as Steve 'Gooch' Yamaguchi
Evan Kishiyama
(Steve 'Gooch' Yamaguchi)
David Koechner as Mr. Meaner
David Koechner
(Mr. Meaner)
Patty Mattson as Miss Anthrope
Patty Mattson
(Miss Anthrope)
Laraine Newman as Ms. Ribble
Laraine Newman
(Ms. Ribble)
Brennan Murray as Bo
Brennan Murray
Trevor Devall as Smartsy Fartsy
Trevor Devall
(Smartsy Fartsy)
Eric Bauza as Rap Talkwell
Eric Bauza
(Rap Talkwell)
Clancy Brown as Mr. Ree
Clancy Brown
(Mr. Ree)
Maggie Wheeler as Lunch Lady
Maggie Wheeler
(Lunch Lady)
Mindy Sterling as Melvin's Mom
Mindy Sterling
(Melvin's Mom)
Tress MacNeille as Ms. Hurd
Tress MacNeille
(Ms. Hurd)
Kevin Michael Richardson as Diddly Saurus
Kevin Michael Richardson
(Diddly Saurus)
Fred Tatasciore as Chief Hairococha
Fred Tatasciore
(Chief Hairococha)
John DiMaggio as Smelly Socktopus
John DiMaggio
(Smelly Socktopus)
Jim Rash as Señor 'Jerry' Citizen
Jim Rash
(Señor 'Jerry' Citizen)
Max Koch as Hank
Max Koch
Stephen Root as Avacadwoe
Stephen Root
Toby Huss as Caesar
Toby Huss
Nolan North as Flash Flood
Nolan North
(Flash Flood)
Rob Riggle as Theodore 'Ted' Murdsly
Rob Riggle
(Theodore 'Ted' Murdsly)
Tudi Roche as Bernice Krupp
Tudi Roche
(Bernice Krupp)
Maurice LaMarche as Tubbadump
Maurice LaMarche
Steve-O as Lane Junkston
(Lane Junkston)
Kari Wahlgren as Mayor Hoppy McChapper
Kari Wahlgren
(Mayor Hoppy McChapper)

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