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The Boss Baby: Back in Business (2018)

The Boss Baby: Back in Business

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Fantasy
  • Release Date:
    6 April 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    DreamWorks Animation Television -
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    25 min
  • Summary:
    With a little help from his brother and accomplice, Tim, Boss Baby tries to balance family life with his job at Baby Corp headquarters.

Cast & Crew

David W. Collins as Dad
David W. Collins
JP Karliak as Boss Baby (2018)
JP Karliak
(Boss Baby (2018))
Pierce Gagnon as Tim (2018)
Pierce Gagnon
(Tim (2018))
Kevin Michael Richardson as Jimbo (2018)
Kevin Michael Richardson
(Jimbo (2018))
Alex Cazares as Staci (2018)
Alex Cazares
(Staci (2018))
Hope Levy as Mom (2018)
Hope Levy
(Mom (2018))
Eric Bell Jr. as Triplets (2018)
Eric Bell Jr.
(Triplets (2018))
Flula Borg as Mega Fat CEO Baby (2018)
Flula Borg
(Mega Fat CEO Baby (2018))
Nora Dunn as Gigi
Nora Dunn
Jake Green as Bootsy Calico (2018)
Jake Green
(Bootsy Calico (2018))
Victor Raider-Wexler as Frederic Estes
Victor Raider-Wexler
(Frederic Estes)
Kari Wahlgren as Marsha Krinkle, Baby Simmons, Mrs. Buskie
Kari Wahlgren
(Marsha Krinkle, Baby Simmons, Mrs. Buskie)
Justin Felbinger as Danny Petrosky
Justin Felbinger
(Danny Petrosky)
Brandon Scott as Hendershot
Brandon Scott
Jonathan Kite as Police Officer
Jonathan Kite
(Police Officer)
Sainty Nelsen as Ms. Summer
Sainty Nelsen
(Ms. Summer)
David Lodge as Magnus
David Lodge
Wendie Malick as Wendy McCracken
Wendie Malick
(Wendy McCracken)
Sarah-Nicole Robles as Marisol
Sarah-Nicole Robles
Secunda Wood as Blankie Mom
Secunda Wood
(Blankie Mom)

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