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The Lion Guard (2016)

The Lion Guard

  • Genres:
    Action | Comedy | Musical | Adventure | Fantasy
  • Release Date:
    15 January 2016
  • Broadcast Co:
    Disney Television Animation - Lioness Productions
  • Country:
    USA | Canada
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
    On Air
  • Runtime:
    30 min
  • Summary:
    Kion, the son of Simba, leads his friends known as the Lion Guard to protect the Pride Lands.

Cast & Crew

Max Charles as Kion
Max Charles
Joshua Rush as Bunga
Joshua Rush
Diamond White as Fuli
Diamond White
Atticus Shaffer as Ono
Atticus Shaffer
Dusan Brown as Beshte
Dusan Brown
Kevin Schon as Chungu
Kevin Schon
Andrew Kishino as Janja
Andrew Kishino
Vargus Mason as Cheezi
Vargus Mason
Dee Bradley Baker as Additional Voices
Dee Bradley Baker
(Additional Voices)
Khary Payton as Rafiki
Khary Payton
Rob Lowe as Simba
Rob Lowe
Phil LaMarr as Goigoi
Phil LaMarr
David Oyelowo as Scar
David Oyelowo
Gabrielle Union as Nala
Gabrielle Union
Christian Slater as Ushari
Christian Slater
Kari Wahlgren as Additional Voices
Kari Wahlgren
(Additional Voices)
Meghan Strange as Shupavu
Meghan Strange
Alex Cartañá as Twiga
Alex Cartañá
Lynette DuPree as Ma Tembo
Lynette DuPree
(Ma Tembo)
Gary Anthony Williams as Mufasa
Gary Anthony Williams
Cam Clarke as Mwoga
Cam Clarke
Ford Riley as Njano
Ford Riley
Ana Gasteyer as Reirei
Ana Gasteyer
Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa
Ernie Sabella
Blair Underwood as Makuu
Blair Underwood
Eden Riegel as Kiara
Eden Riegel
Landry Bender as Makini
Landry Bender
Justin Felbinger as Mtoto
Justin Felbinger
Russi Taylor as Additional Voices
Russi Taylor
(Additional Voices)
Greg Ellis as Mzingo
Greg Ellis
Emma Bunton as Muhimu
Emma Bunton
Common as Kibari
Jeff Bennett as Zazu
Jeff Bennett
Ace Gibson as Additional Voices
Ace Gibson
(Additional Voices)
Nolan North as Tamka
Nolan North
Michael Dorn as Bupu
Michael Dorn
Sarah Hyland as Tiifu
Sarah Hyland
Madison Pettis as Zuri
Madison Pettis
Howy Parkins as Mbeya
Howy Parkins
Nick Watt as Zito
Nick Watt
Maia Mitchell as Jasiri
Maia Mitchell
Jacob Guenther as Dogo
Jacob Guenther
Virginia Watson as Vuruga Buruga
Virginia Watson
(Vuruga Buruga)
Steve Blum as Makucha
Steve Blum
Jorge Diaz as Nduli
Jorge Diaz
Maurice LaMarche as Kifaru
Maurice LaMarche
Tunisia Hardison as Swala
Tunisia Hardison
Kevin Michael Richardson as Basi
Kevin Michael Richardson
Maisie Klompus as Madoa
Maisie Klompus
Erica Luttrell as Additional Voices
Erica Luttrell
(Additional Voices)
Lyons Mathias as Hamu
Lyons Mathias
Beau Black as Nne
Beau Black
Gerald C. Rivers as Pua
Gerald C. Rivers
Jonny Rees as Mzingo
Jonny Rees
Sinbad as Uroho
C.J. Byrnes as Tamaa
C.J. Byrnes
Marieve Herington as Additional Voices
Marieve Herington
(Additional Voices)
Jessica DiCicco as Additional Voices
Jessica DiCicco
(Additional Voices)
Crimson Hart as Tunu
Crimson Hart
Fiona Hart as Wema
Fiona Hart
Mckenna Grace as Kambuni
Mckenna Grace
Larry Bender as Makini
Larry Bender
Bailey Gambertoglio as Tiifu
Bailey Gambertoglio
Dana Davis
Dana Davis
Jason Marsden as Kovu
Jason Marsden
Jack McBrayer as Badili
Jack McBrayer
Chris Jackson as Shujaa
Chris Jackson
Andy Dick as Nuka
Andy Dick
Carla Hall as Mpishi
Carla Hall
Kristofer Hivju as Kenge
Kristofer Hivju
Renée Elise Goldsberry as Dhahabu
Renée Elise Goldsberry
Justin Hires as Hodari
Justin Hires
Lacey Chabert as Vitani
Lacey Chabert
Ron Funches as Ajabu
Ron Funches
Daniel Howell as Majinuni
Daniel Howell
Elise Allen as Kulinda
Elise Allen
Rhys Darby as Mwenzi
Rhys Darby
John O'Hurley as Hadithi
John O'Hurley
A.J. McLean as Kuchimba
A.J. McLean
Raini Rodriguez as Starehe
Raini Rodriguez
Nika Futterman as Zira
Nika Futterman
Phil Lester as Hafifu
Phil Lester
CCH Pounder as Kongwe
CCH Pounder
Rico Rodriguez as Raha
Rico Rodriguez
Ogie Banks as Haya
Ogie Banks
John Rhys-Davies as King Sokwe
John Rhys-Davies
(King Sokwe)
Jacob Bertrand as Chama
Jacob Bertrand
Amber Hood as Kijana
Amber Hood
Charlie Adler as Mjomba
Charlie Adler
Cade Sutton as Mzaha
Cade Sutton
Natalie Coughlin
Natalie Coughlin
Ivy Bishop as Juhudi
Ivy Bishop
Mekai Curtis as Fuhara
Mekai Curtis
Jacquez Swanigan as Gumba
Jacquez Swanigan
Matthew Yang King
Matthew Yang King
ViviAnn Yee as Additional Voices
ViviAnn Yee
(Additional Voices)
Avery Kadish
Avery Kadish
Sam Lavagnino as Additional Voices
Sam Lavagnino
(Additional Voices)
Josh B. Thompson
Josh B. Thompson
Gabe Eggerling as Zuka
Gabe Eggerling
Grey Griffin as Kulala's Mom
Grey Griffin
(Kulala's Mom)
Joe Grubbs
Joe Grubbs
Kath Soucie as Fujo's Mom
Kath Soucie
(Fujo's Mom)
Jeremy Ray Valdez as Cek
Jeremy Ray Valdez
G.K. Bowes as Gazelle
G.K. Bowes

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