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1911 (2011)


  • Genres:
    Action | Drama | Adventure | War
  • Release Date:
    23 September 2011
  • Broadcast Co:
    Beijing Alnair Culture & Media
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 1 min
  • Summary:
    A historical drama based on the founding of the Republic of China when nationalist forces led by Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Qing Dynasty.

Cast & Crew

Jackie Chan as Huang Xing
Jackie Chan
(Huang Xing)
Winston Chao as Sun Yat-sen
Winston Chao
(Sun Yat-sen)
Bingbing Li as Xu Zonghan
Bingbing Li
(Xu Zonghan)
Chun Sun as Yuan Shikai
Chun Sun
(Yuan Shikai)
Joan Chen as Empress Longyu
Joan Chen
(Empress Longyu)
Wu Jiang as Li Yuanhong
Wu Jiang
(Li Yuanhong)
Jaycee Chan as Zhang Zhenwu
Jaycee Chan
(Zhang Zhenwu)
Ge Hu as Lin Juemin
Ge Hu
(Lin Juemin)
Jing Ning as Qiu Jin
Jing Ning
(Qiu Jin)
Shaoqun Yu as Wang Jingwei
Shaoqun Yu
(Wang Jingwei)
Yu-Hang To as Xiong Bingkun
Yu-Hang To
(Xiong Bingkun)
Zhi-zhong Huang as Situ Meitang
Zhi-zhong Huang
(Situ Meitang)
Ting Mei as Chen Yiying
Ting Mei
(Chen Yiying)
Duobujie as Feng Guozhang
(Feng Guozhang)
Simon Dutton as John Newell Jordan
Simon Dutton
(John Newell Jordan)
James Lee Guy as Mr. Thompson
James Lee Guy
(Mr. Thompson)
Ming Hu as Liao Zhongkai
Ming Hu
(Liao Zhongkai)
Qing Huo as Tan Renfeng
Qing Huo
(Tan Renfeng)
Wenli Jiang as Soong Ching-ling
Wenli Jiang
(Soong Ching-ling)
Dong-xue Li as Zai Feng
Dong-xue Li
(Zai Feng)
Liang Qi as Wu Zhaolin
Liang Qi
(Wu Zhaolin)
Jingji Sun
Jingji Sun
Zeru Tao as Tang Weiyong
Zeru Tao
(Tang Weiyong)
Huan Wang as Ma Zonghan
Huan Wang
(Ma Zonghan)
Luyao Wang as Yuan's Concubine
Luyao Wang
(Yuan's Concubine)
Si-yi Wang as Chen Cui-Fen
Si-yi Wang
(Chen Cui-Fen)
Ya'nan Wang as Yuan Keding
Ya'nan Wang
(Yuan Keding)
Ziwen Wang as Tang Manrou
Ziwen Wang
(Tang Manrou)
Zongwan Wei as Yi Xin
Zongwan Wei
(Yi Xin)
Gang Xie as Tang Shaoyi
Gang Xie
(Tang Shaoyi)
Jiadong Xing as Song Jiaoren
Jiadong Xing
(Song Jiaoren)
Daying Ye as Wu Tingfang
Daying Ye
(Wu Tingfang)
Arthur Bergman as Soldier
Arthur Bergman

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