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Akhbare Donya (2020)

Akhbare Donya

  • Genres:
    Action | Western | Drama | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    25 December 2020
  • Broadcast Co:
    Perfect World Pictures - Playtone - Pretty Pictures - Universal Pictures
  • Country:
    USA | China
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 58 min
  • Summary:
    Wandering from town to town, only five years after the end of the Civil War, the grizzled former Confederate Army officer, Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, travels the dusty and dangerous roads of 1870 Texas to make a living. For the price of a dime, gentle Kyle, dressed in his impeccable suit, informs and entertains the people, reading the latest news and recounting captivating stories of exotic, far-off places from his pile of newspapers, knowing, however, that some wounds never heal. Then, on one of his travels, the irresistible storyteller comes across the gruesome scene of a murder, and encounters the abducted ten-year-old orphan, Johanna: now, the proud daughter of the Kiowa nomadic warriors, Turning Water and Three Spotted. To reunite the savage girl with her only surviving kin, patient Jefferson is willing to brave the perils of the long journey back and risk life and limb for twice-orphaned Johanna. But, amid harsh territories once divided by war, what will it take to find this orphan a home?

Cast & Crew

Tom Hanks as Captain Kidd
Tom Hanks
(Captain Kidd)
Helena Zengel as Johanna
Helena Zengel
Tom Astor as Cavalry Lieutenant
Tom Astor
(Cavalry Lieutenant)
Travis Johnson as Cavalry Rider
Travis Johnson
(Cavalry Rider)
Andy Kastelic as Union Duty Officer
Andy Kastelic
(Union Duty Officer)
Ray McKinnon as Simon Boudlin
Ray McKinnon
(Simon Boudlin)
Mare Winningham as Doris Boudlin
Mare Winningham
(Doris Boudlin)
Jeffrey Ware as Red River Heckler
Jeffrey Ware
(Red River Heckler)
Chris Bylsma as Red River Heckler
Chris Bylsma
(Red River Heckler)
Justin Tade as Red River Heckler
Justin Tade
(Red River Heckler)
Darrin Giossi as Federal Soldier
Darrin Giossi
(Federal Soldier)
Brenden Wedner as Young Progressive Speaker
Brenden Wedner
(Young Progressive Speaker)
Elizabeth Marvel as Mrs. Gannett
Elizabeth Marvel
(Mrs. Gannett)
Michael Angelo Covino as Almay
Michael Angelo Covino
Clay James as Almay's Man
Clay James
(Almay's Man)
Cash Lilley as Almay's Man
Cash Lilley
(Almay's Man)
Stafford Douglas as Dallas Federal Officer
Stafford Douglas
(Dallas Federal Officer)
Robert G. Knowlton as Dallas Federal Officer
Robert G. Knowlton
(Dallas Federal Officer)
Jared Berry as Dallas Federal Soldier
Jared Berry
(Dallas Federal Soldier)
Gabriel Ebert as Benjamin Farley
Gabriel Ebert
(Benjamin Farley)
Fred Hechinger as John Calley
Fred Hechinger
(John Calley)
Clint Obenchain as Tom Farley
Clint Obenchain
(Tom Farley)
Thomas Francis Murphy as Mr. Farley
Thomas Francis Murphy
(Mr. Farley)
Truman Hanks as German Rider
Truman Hanks
(German Rider)
Neil Sandilands as Wilhelm Leonberger
Neil Sandilands
(Wilhelm Leonberger)
Winsome Brown as Anna Leonberger
Winsome Brown
(Anna Leonberger)
Bill Camp as Mr. Branholme
Bill Camp
(Mr. Branholme)
Michael Toby Sanchez as San Antonian
Michael Toby Sanchez
(San Antonian)
Shawn Howell as Durand Fight Townsperson
Shawn Howell
(Durand Fight Townsperson)
Alexander Alayon as Outlaw, Vaquero
Alexander Alayon
(Outlaw, Vaquero)
Augusta Allen-Jones as Witchita Falls Spectator #2
Augusta Allen-Jones
(Witchita Falls Spectator #2)
Charles Ash as Witchita Falls Black Smith
Charles Ash
(Witchita Falls Black Smith)
Gabe Baca as Town Drunk
Gabe Baca
(Town Drunk)
Francheska Bardacke as Wichita Falls Spectator
Francheska Bardacke
(Wichita Falls Spectator)
Steve Boyles as Freighter
Steve Boyles
Michelle Campbell as Female Townsfolk
Michelle Campbell
(Female Townsfolk)
Cynthia Casaus as Actor
Cynthia Casaus
Wanna Choy as Wichita Lady
Wanna Choy
(Wichita Lady)
Rachel Daly as Durand Townsperson
Rachel Daly
(Durand Townsperson)
Dorothy White Horse Duluane as Indian Elder
Dorothy White Horse Duluane
(Indian Elder)
Lorena Fernández as Red River Townslady
Lorena Fernández
(Red River Townslady)
Christopher Hagen as Old Man Durand
Christopher Hagen
(Old Man Durand)
David Hight as Cowboy
David Hight
Stephanie Hill as Wichita Falls Townslady / Red River Townslady
Stephanie Hill
(Wichita Falls Townslady / Red River Townslady)
Ivan Lee Holmes as Buffalo Skinner / Farmer
Ivan Lee Holmes
(Buffalo Skinner / Farmer)
Chukwudi Iwuji as Charles Edgefield
Chukwudi Iwuji
(Charles Edgefield)
Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips as Buffalo Skinner
Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips
(Buffalo Skinner)
Bob Knowlton as Army Lieutenant Moostache
Bob Knowlton
(Army Lieutenant Moostache)
James LaPrelle as Townsperson
James LaPrelle
Tristan Manyhorses as Native Horseman
Tristan Manyhorses
(Native Horseman)
Martin Palmer as Wichita Falls Spectator #1
Martin Palmer
(Wichita Falls Spectator #1)
Francisco Peramos as Cowboy
Francisco Peramos
David Phyfer as Dallas Townsperson
David Phyfer
(Dallas Townsperson)
Randy Ritsema as Red River Rancher
Randy Ritsema
(Red River Rancher)
Aaron Rogers as Kiowa Bison Skinner
Aaron Rogers
(Kiowa Bison Skinner)
Derrek Sena as Union Supporter
Derrek Sena
(Union Supporter)
J. Nathan Simmons as Citizen of Red River
J. Nathan Simmons
(Citizen of Red River)
William Sterchi
William Sterchi
Michael E. Stogner as Citizen of Durand
Michael E. Stogner
(Citizen of Durand)
Cheo Tapia as Village Vendor
Cheo Tapia
(Village Vendor)
Mario Telles as Mexican Immigrant
Mario Telles
(Mexican Immigrant)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Marze Zemestan
Marze Zemestan
Davidan ba Sheytan
Davidan ba Sheytan
Bedoone Tarikh, Bedoone Emza
Bedoone Tarikh, Bedoone Emza