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Amade Mobareze (2017)

Amade Mobareze

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Drama
  • Release Date:
    8 October 2017
  • Broadcast Co:
    MoliFilms Entertainment -
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 38 min
  • Summary:
    This is the story of Doug, a fantastic fighter but not so fantastic businessman, who must save his beloved gym by training a gentle giant for a bare-knuckle fight.

Cast & Crew

Brad Moore as Doug
Brad Moore
Greg Orvis as Nosher
Greg Orvis
Ricky Tomlinson as Mick
Ricky Tomlinson
Paul Barber as Albert
Paul Barber
Denise Van Outen as Vera
Denise Van Outen
Laurie Kynaston as Donny
Laurie Kynaston
Alexei Sayle as Algy
Alexei Sayle
Matt Barber as Giles
Matt Barber
Gary Cargill as Davros
Gary Cargill
Kab Silva as Riz
Kab Silva
Sally Dexter as Bridget
Sally Dexter
Michael Sarne as Taffy
Michael Sarne
Tom Craine as Rupert
Tom Craine
Joe Egan as Patrick
Joe Egan
Sydney Wade as Melissa
Sydney Wade
Jonathan Ryland as Bloodstone Banker
Jonathan Ryland
(Bloodstone Banker)
Chris Aylmer as Irish Joe
Chris Aylmer
(Irish Joe)
Adam Fogerty as Big Bill Brady
Adam Fogerty
(Big Bill Brady)
Alan Ford as Burt
Alan Ford
Elliot Aralar as Convoy Driver
Elliot Aralar
(Convoy Driver)
Callum Barrott as Gypsy 1
Callum Barrott
(Gypsy 1)
Andy Calderwood as Norman Woolley
Andy Calderwood
(Norman Woolley)
Lee Charles as big Bills Trainer
Lee Charles
(big Bills Trainer)
John Dewsbury as Boxing Ring Spectator
John Dewsbury
(Boxing Ring Spectator)
Tony Fillingham as Caravan park owner
Tony Fillingham
(Caravan park owner)
Ian Jenkins as Romany Man
Ian Jenkins
(Romany Man)
Sarah MacKenzie as Probation Officer
Sarah MacKenzie
(Probation Officer)
Jay Varsani as Ash
Jay Varsani
Martin Webbe as Romany boxing crowd
Martin Webbe
(Romany boxing crowd)

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