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Anna Karenina (2012)

Anna Karenina

  • Genres:
    Romance | Drama
  • Release Date:
    7 September 2012
  • Broadcast Co:
    Universal Pictures - Focus Features - Working Title Films
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 9 min
  • Summary:
    In 1874 Russian Empire, Prince Stephan "Stiva" Oblonsky's wife, Princess Darya "Dolly," banishes her husband from their home due to his infidelity. Stiva's sister, Anna Karenina, a well-off and well-liked socialite living in St. Petersburg with her older husband, Count Alexei Karenin, and their son, Sergei "Seryozha" Alexeyich Karenin, travels to Moscow to persuade Dolly to forgive Stiva. Stiva meets his old friend Konstantin Levin, a wealthy land owner and aristocrat who is looked down upon by Moscow's elite for preferring country life to city life. Levin professes his love for Stiva's sister-in-law, Princess Ekaterina "Kitty" Alexandrovna, and Stiva encourages him to propose. However, Kitty declines as she hopes to marry Count Alexei Vronsky, a wealthy cavalry officer. Levin meets with his elder brother, Nikolai, who has given up his inheritance and taken a prostitute named Masha as his wife. Nikolai suggests that Levin marry one of the peasants on his estate. On the train to Moscow, Anna meets Vronsky's mother, Countess Vronskaya, facing scandal for her own infidelity. Once there, Anna meets Vronsky himself and they have mutual attraction. After a railway worker is killed in an accident at the station, Anna asks if anything can be done for his family. Vronsky is seen giving a large sum of money to other railroad workers for the deceased's family. Anna convinces Dolly to take Stiva back. At a ball that night, Kitty attempts to dance with Vronsky, but he dances with Anna, leaving Kitty heartbroken. Vronsky later tells Anna that he must be wherever she goes.

Cast & Crew

Matthew Macfadyen as Oblonsky
Matthew Macfadyen
Eric MacLennan as Matvey
Eric MacLennan
Kelly Macdonald as Dolly
Kelly Macdonald
Theo Morrissey as Grisha Oblonsky
Theo Morrissey
(Grisha Oblonsky)
Cecily Morrissey as Lili Oblonsky
Cecily Morrissey
(Lili Oblonsky)
Freya Galpin as Masha Oblonsky
Freya Galpin
(Masha Oblonsky)
Octavia Morrissey as Tanya Oblonsky
Octavia Morrissey
(Tanya Oblonsky)
Beatrice Morrissey as Vasya Oblonsky
Beatrice Morrissey
(Vasya Oblonsky)
Marine Battier as Mlle. Roland
Marine Battier
(Mlle. Roland)
Keira Knightley as Anna Karenina
Keira Knightley
(Anna Karenina)
Guro Nagelhus Schia as Annushka
Guro Nagelhus Schia
Aruhan Galieva as Aruhan
Aruhan Galieva
Jude Law as Karenin
Jude Law
Carl Grose as Korney
Carl Grose
Bryan Hands as Mikhail Slyudin
Bryan Hands
(Mikhail Slyudin)
Oskar McNamara as Serhoza
Oskar McNamara
Luke Newberry as Vasily Lukich
Luke Newberry
(Vasily Lukich)
Olivia Williams as Countess Vronsky
Olivia Williams
(Countess Vronsky)
Michael Shaeffer as Doorkeeper
Michael Shaeffer
Domhnall Gleeson as Levin
Domhnall Gleeson
Steven Beard as Elderly Waiter
Steven Beard
(Elderly Waiter)
Alicia Vikander as Kitty
Alicia Vikander
Pip Torrens as Prince Shcherbatsky
Pip Torrens
(Prince Shcherbatsky)
Susanne Lothar as Princess Shcherbatsky
Susanne Lothar
(Princess Shcherbatsky)
Alexandra Roach as Countess Nordston
Alexandra Roach
(Countess Nordston)
Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Burisov
Henry Lloyd-Hughes
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Vronsky
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
David Wilmot as Nikolai
David Wilmot
Tannishtha Chatterjee as Masha
Tannishtha Chatterjee
Joseph Macnab as Guards Officer
Joseph Macnab
(Guards Officer)
Nick Holder as Stationmaster
Nick Holder
Claire Greenway as Austrian Princess
Claire Greenway
(Austrian Princess)
Mike Shepherd as Wheel Tapper
Mike Shepherd
(Wheel Tapper)
Arthur Nightingale as Oblonsky's Servant
Arthur Nightingale
(Oblonsky's Servant)
Buffy Davis as Agafia
Buffy Davis
Gala Wesson as Kitchen Maid
Gala Wesson
(Kitchen Maid)
Eros Vlahos as Boris
Eros Vlahos
Kyle Soller as Korsunsky
Kyle Soller
Sam Cox as Kapitonich
Sam Cox
Max Bennett as Petritsky
Max Bennett
Holliday Grainger as Baroness
Holliday Grainger
Ruth Wilson as Princess Betsy Tverskoy
Ruth Wilson
(Princess Betsy Tverskoy)
Jude Monk McGowan as Tuskevitch
Jude Monk McGowan
Antony Byrne as Colonel Demin
Antony Byrne
(Colonel Demin)
Emily Watson as Countess Lydia Ivanova
Emily Watson
(Countess Lydia Ivanova)
Michelle Dockery as Princess Myagkaya
Michelle Dockery
(Princess Myagkaya)
Emerald Fennell as Princess Merkalova
Emerald Fennell
(Princess Merkalova)
Sarine Sofair as Anna's Friend
Sarine Sofair
(Anna's Friend)
Thomas Howes as Yashvin
Thomas Howes
Raphaël Personnaz as Alexander Vronsky
Raphaël Personnaz
(Alexander Vronsky)
Bill Skarsgård as Makhotin
Bill Skarsgård
Cara Delevingne as Princess Sorokina
Cara Delevingne
(Princess Sorokina)
Bodil Blain as Princess Sorokina Senior
Bodil Blain
(Princess Sorokina Senior)
Hera Hilmar as Varya
Hera Hilmar
Kenneth Collard as Prince Tverskoy
Kenneth Collard
(Prince Tverskoy)
Steve Evets as Theodore
Steve Evets
Conor McCarry as Young Peasant
Conor McCarry
(Young Peasant)
Giles King as Stremov
Giles King
Martin Wimbush as Anna's Doctor
Martin Wimbush
(Anna's Doctor)
James Northcote as Princess Betsy's Footman
James Northcote
(Princess Betsy's Footman)
Duncan Wisbey as Shopkeeper
Duncan Wisbey
Jamie Beamish as Opera House Husband
Jamie Beamish
(Opera House Husband)
Shirley Henderson as Opera House Wife
Shirley Henderson
(Opera House Wife)
Simon Muller as Opera House Manager
Simon Muller
(Opera House Manager)
Nikolai Lester as Piano Prodigy
Nikolai Lester
(Piano Prodigy)
Tillie-Bett Grant as Baby Anya
Tillie-Bett Grant
(Baby Anya)
Navala 'Niko' Chaudhari as Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer
Navala 'Niko' Chaudhari
(Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer)
Amber Doyle as Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer
Amber Doyle
(Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer)
Damien Fournier as Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer
Damien Fournier
(Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer)
Laura Neyskens as Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer
Laura Neyskens
(Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer)
Daniel Proietto as Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer
Daniel Proietto
(Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer)
Verjorn Sundby as Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer
Verjorn Sundby
(Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer)
Jennifer White as Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer
Jennifer White
(Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer)
Paul Zivkovich as Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer
Paul Zivkovich
(Ball Dancer & French Theatre Dancer)
Michael Barnes as Ball Dancer
Michael Barnes
(Ball Dancer)
Anna Bjerre Larsen as Ball Dancer
Anna Bjerre Larsen
(Ball Dancer)
James Cousins as Ball Dancer
James Cousins
(Ball Dancer)
Eva Dewaele as Ball Dancer
Eva Dewaele
(Ball Dancer)
Pia Driver as Ball Dancer
Pia Driver
(Ball Dancer)
Stephanie Elstob as Ball Dancer
Stephanie Elstob
(Ball Dancer)
Thomas Herron as Ball Dancer
Thomas Herron
(Ball Dancer)
Jennifer Essex as Ball Dancer
Jennifer Essex
(Ball Dancer)
Edward Lewis French as Ball Dancer
Edward Lewis French
(Ball Dancer)
Courtney Garratt as Ball Dancer
Courtney Garratt
(Ball Dancer)
Omar Gordon as Ball Dancer
Omar Gordon
(Ball Dancer)
Fania Grigoriou as Ball Dancer
Fania Grigoriou
(Ball Dancer)
Thomasin Gulgec as Ball Dancer
Thomasin Gulgec
(Ball Dancer)
Louise-Michel Jackson as Ball Dancer
Louise-Michel Jackson
(Ball Dancer)
Bless Klepcharek as Ball Dancer
Bless Klepcharek
(Ball Dancer)
Jesse Kovarsky as Ball Dancer
Jesse Kovarsky
(Ball Dancer)
Marie Marinez as Ball Dancer
Marie Marinez
(Ball Dancer)
Cameron McWilliam as Ball Dancer
Cameron McWilliam
(Ball Dancer)
Michela Meazza as Ball Dancer
Michela Meazza
(Ball Dancer)
Oliver Metzler as Ball Dancer
Oliver Metzler
(Ball Dancer)
Andrew Monaghan as Ball Dancer
Andrew Monaghan
(Ball Dancer)
Ashley James Orwin as Ball Dancer
Ashley James Orwin
(Ball Dancer)
Shintaro Oue as Ball Dancer
Shintaro Oue
(Ball Dancer)
Sonja Perreten as Ball Dancer
Sonja Perreten
(Ball Dancer)
Claire Piquemal as Ball Dancer
Claire Piquemal
(Ball Dancer)
Natascha Pire as Ball Dancer
Natascha Pire
(Ball Dancer)
Linda Remahl as Ball Dancer
Linda Remahl
(Ball Dancer)
Daria Reznikova as Ball Dancer
Daria Reznikova
(Ball Dancer)
Vala Runarsdottir as Ball Dancer
Vala Runarsdottir
(Ball Dancer)
Helder Seabra as Ball Dancer
Helder Seabra
(Ball Dancer)
Aaron Sillis as Ball Dancer
Aaron Sillis
(Ball Dancer)
Rebecca Sutherland as Ball Dancer
Rebecca Sutherland
(Ball Dancer)
Ulrika Kinn Svensson as Ball Dancer
Ulrika Kinn Svensson
(Ball Dancer)
Teerachai Thobumrung as Ball Dancer
Teerachai Thobumrung
(Ball Dancer)
Aubert Vanderlinden as Ball Dancer
Aubert Vanderlinden
(Ball Dancer)
Benjamin Warbis as Ball Dancer
Benjamin Warbis
(Ball Dancer)
Lisa Welman as Ball Dancer
Lisa Welman
(Ball Dancer)
Joanna Ruth Wenger as Ball Dancer
Joanna Ruth Wenger
(Ball Dancer)
Tegen Whyte as Ball Dancer
Tegen Whyte
(Ball Dancer)
Jorys Zwgarac as Ball Dancer
Jorys Zwgarac
(Ball Dancer)
Telman Guzhevsky as Opera Singer
Telman Guzhevsky
(Opera Singer)
Allegra Giagu as Opera Singer
Allegra Giagu
(Opera Singer)
Philip Firsov as Singing Russian Soldier
Philip Firsov
(Singing Russian Soldier)
Chris Foster as Singing Russian Soldier
Chris Foster
(Singing Russian Soldier)
Jaroslav Gavrilov as Singing Russian Soldier
Jaroslav Gavrilov
(Singing Russian Soldier)
Lukasz Hajduczenia as Singing Russian Soldier
Lukasz Hajduczenia
(Singing Russian Soldier)
Greg Bennett as Theatre Goer
Greg Bennett
(Theatre Goer)
Nicholas Blatt as Major Domo
Nicholas Blatt
(Major Domo)
John Bradley as Austrian Prince
John Bradley
(Austrian Prince)
Greg Brummel as Office Clerk
Greg Brummel
(Office Clerk)
Penelope Dimond as Tart
Penelope Dimond
James Fiddy as Countess Lydia's Guest
James Fiddy
(Countess Lydia's Guest)
Jensen Freeman as Regimental Soldier
Jensen Freeman
(Regimental Soldier)
Paul Ham as Michael
Paul Ham
Liv Hansen as Ballroom Guest
Liv Hansen
(Ballroom Guest)
Marina Hayter as Foreign Worker
Marina Hayter
(Foreign Worker)
Vera Horton as Countess
Vera Horton
Kostas Katsikis as Opera Fan
Kostas Katsikis
(Opera Fan)
Denis Khoroshko as Ballroom Guest
Denis Khoroshko
(Ballroom Guest)
Inga Leps as Gallery Guest
Inga Leps
(Gallery Guest)
Victoria Ley as Opera Fan
Victoria Ley
(Opera Fan)
Michael Mansbridge as Musician
Michael Mansbridge
Vicky McClure as Girl Harvesting
Vicky McClure
(Girl Harvesting)
Brian Niblett as Politician
Brian Niblett
Martin Poole as Opera Guest
Martin Poole
(Opera Guest)

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