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Asbe Baldaar

Asbe Baldaar (2019)

Asbe Baldaar

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Sport
  • Release Date:
    5 February 2019
  • Broadcast Co:
    Alibaba Pictures - Bona Film Group - CMC Pictures - Dadi Century - Guomai Culture & Media - Shanghai PMF Pictures - Shanghai Tencent Pictures Culture Media
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 38 min
  • Summary:
    Five years ago, veteran driver Zhang Chi was suspended for illegal racing. When he returned to the game, he found himself starting all over again. After some difficulties, he and his car appeared again on the Bayinbrooke circuit. However, because of an accident, his life ended on the track.

Cast & Crew

Teng Shen as Zhang Chi
Teng Shen
(Zhang Chi)
Johnny Huang as Lin Zhendong
Johnny Huang
(Lin Zhendong)
Zheng Yin as Sun Yuqiang
Zheng Yin
(Sun Yuqiang)
Benyu Zhang as Ji Xing
Benyu Zhang
(Ji Xing)
Fang Yin as Hong Kuo
Fang Yin
(Hong Kuo)
Yu Tian as Driving school coach
Yu Tian
(Driving school coach)
Xiang Wei as Ye (Racing team manager)
Xiang Wei
(Ye (Racing team manager))
Shaofeng Feng as Drift master
Shaofeng Feng
(Drift master)
Winston Chao as Wan Heping
Winston Chao
(Wan Heping)
Tengger as KTV Boss
(KTV Boss)
Pierre Bourdaud as Commentator
Pierre Bourdaud
Gaoxiang Fan as Shen Wei
Gaoxiang Fan
(Shen Wei)
Huayang Gao as Gao Ren (Swimming pool)
Huayang Gao
(Gao Ren (Swimming pool))
Sui He as Sun's wife
Sui He
(Sun's wife)
Bing Li as Interview host
Bing Li
(Interview host)
Chun'ai Li as Hostess of the studio
Chun'ai Li
(Hostess of the studio)
Joshua Li
Joshua Li
Leo Li
Leo Li
Lingyu Li as Zhu Chunjuan
Lingyu Li
(Zhu Chunjuan)
Qingyu Li as Zhang Fei
Qingyu Li
(Zhang Fei)
Wei Li as Driver of racing car No. 0
Wei Li
(Driver of racing car No. 0)
Shuailiang Liu as Policeman
Shuailiang Liu
Xiaoting Pan as Zhang's Ex-girlfriend
Xiaoting Pan
(Zhang's Ex-girlfriend)
Nan Shen as Host of the studio
Nan Shen
(Host of the studio)
Yuan Tian as Zhang's Ex-girlfriend
Yuan Tian
(Zhang's Ex-girlfriend)
Rui Wang as Zhu Yu Xia
Rui Wang
(Zhu Yu Xia)
Cai-gen Xu as Garage janitor
Cai-gen Xu
(Garage janitor)
Xiaoxing Yi as Gao Huayang
Xiaoxing Yi
(Gao Huayang)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Khodahafez Dokhtar Shirazi
Khodahafez Dokhtar Shirazi
Goore Talaei
Goore Talaei
Khub Bad Jelf
Khub Bad Jelf
Amadeyi ya Na
Amadeyi ya Na
X Larg
X Larg
Kelid Shans
Kelid Shans
Ketabe Sabz
Ketabe Sabz