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Ashpazkhane (2019)


  • Genres:
    Action | Crime | Drama
  • Release Date:
    8 August 2019
  • Broadcast Co:
    BRON Studios - Creative Wealth Media Finance - DC Vertigo - Michael De Luca Productions
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    R +18 (Under 18 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 42 min
  • Summary:
    The wives of New York gangsters in Hell's Kitchen in the 1970s continue to operate their husbands' rackets after they're locked up in prison.

Cast & Crew

Melissa McCarthy as Kathy Brennan
Melissa McCarthy
(Kathy Brennan)
Tiffany Haddish as Ruby O'Carroll
Tiffany Haddish
(Ruby O'Carroll)
Elisabeth Moss as Claire Walsh
Elisabeth Moss
(Claire Walsh)
Domhnall Gleeson as Gabriel O'Malley
Domhnall Gleeson
(Gabriel O'Malley)
James Badge Dale as Kevin O'Carroll
James Badge Dale
(Kevin O'Carroll)
Brian d'Arcy James as Jimmy Brennan
Brian d'Arcy James
(Jimmy Brennan)
Jeremy Bobb as Rob Walsh
Jeremy Bobb
(Rob Walsh)
Margo Martindale as Helen O'Carroll
Margo Martindale
(Helen O'Carroll)
Bill Camp as Alfonso Coretti
Bill Camp
(Alfonso Coretti)
Common as Gary Silvers
(Gary Silvers)
E.J. Bonilla as Gonzalo Martinez
E.J. Bonilla
(Gonzalo Martinez)
Myk Watford as Little Jackie Quinn
Myk Watford
(Little Jackie Quinn)
Wayne Duvall as Larry - Kathy's Father
Wayne Duvall
(Larry - Kathy's Father)
Pamela Dunlap as Mary - Kathy's Mother
Pamela Dunlap
(Mary - Kathy's Mother)
John Sharian as Duffy
John Sharian
Brian Tarantina as Burns
Brian Tarantina
Will Swenson as Michael Mariano
Will Swenson
(Michael Mariano)
Annabella Sciorra as Maria Coretti
Annabella Sciorra
(Maria Coretti)
Bernie McInerney as Paul Hogan
Bernie McInerney
(Paul Hogan)
Sharon Washington as Estelle
Sharon Washington
Matt Helm as Colin
Matt Helm
Angus O'Brien as Mark Williams
Angus O'Brien
(Mark Williams)
Ciaran O'Reilly as Owen Gibson
Ciaran O'Reilly
(Owen Gibson)
Nicholas Zoto as Peter Brennan
Nicholas Zoto
(Peter Brennan)
Maren Heary as Jennifer Brennan
Maren Heary
(Jennifer Brennan)
Stephen Singer as Herb Kanfer
Stephen Singer
(Herb Kanfer)
Tatienne Hendricks-Tellefsen as Rachel Kanfer
Tatienne Hendricks-Tellefsen
(Rachel Kanfer)
Jordan Gelber as Chaim
Jordan Gelber
Brandon Uranowitz as Shmuli Chudakoff
Brandon Uranowitz
(Shmuli Chudakoff)
Bernie Rachelle as Fyvish Wainer
Bernie Rachelle
(Fyvish Wainer)
Tina Benko as Donna - Nail Salon Owner
Tina Benko
(Donna - Nail Salon Owner)
Susan Blommaert as Mrs. Sullivan
Susan Blommaert
(Mrs. Sullivan)
George Riddle as Mr. Sullivan
George Riddle
(Mr. Sullivan)
Tom Patrick Stephens as Father Monaghan
Tom Patrick Stephens
(Father Monaghan)
Ann McDonough as Church Nun
Ann McDonough
(Church Nun)
Joseph Russo as Greek Tony
Joseph Russo
(Greek Tony)
Louis Vanaria as Enzo - Goon #1
Louis Vanaria
(Enzo - Goon #1)
James Ciccone as Joe - Goon #2
James Ciccone
(Joe - Goon #2)
Aaron Berg as Sal - Goon #3
Aaron Berg
(Sal - Goon #3)
Jonathan Eddy Duran as Raul the Pimp
Jonathan Eddy Duran
(Raul the Pimp)
Lenny Venito as Officer Ritchie MacLeod
Lenny Venito
(Officer Ritchie MacLeod)
Kevin Nagle as Officer Lancer
Kevin Nagle
(Officer Lancer)
Shaun O'Hagan as Officer Berlinski
Shaun O'Hagan
(Officer Berlinski)
Marquise Vilson as Court Officer
Marquise Vilson
(Court Officer)
Daniel O'Shea as Union Head
Daniel O'Shea
(Union Head)
Adam Mucci as Union Construction Worker
Adam Mucci
(Union Construction Worker)
Jamie Jackson as Union Construction Worker
Jamie Jackson
(Union Construction Worker)
Brendan Burke as Union Hall Bartender
Brendan Burke
(Union Hall Bartender)
Dan Daily as Union Member Scotty
Dan Daily
(Union Member Scotty)
Rob Yang as Jeffrey Kahn
Rob Yang
(Jeffrey Kahn)
Matthew Boston as FBI Boss
Matthew Boston
(FBI Boss)
Lynn Spencer as Galaxy Diner Waitress
Lynn Spencer
(Galaxy Diner Waitress)
Linda Marie Larson as Mrs. Morris
Linda Marie Larson
(Mrs. Morris)
Gabriel Rush as Claire's Landlord's Kid
Gabriel Rush
(Claire's Landlord's Kid)
Adina Verson as Prostitute
Adina Verson
Ashley Perez Flanagan as Prostitute
Ashley Perez Flanagan
Manny Ureña as Gross Guy Stranger
Manny Ureña
(Gross Guy Stranger)
Ethan Dubin as Loser Guy on 42nd Street
Ethan Dubin
(Loser Guy on 42nd Street)
Ava Eisenson as Screaming Woman
Ava Eisenson
(Screaming Woman)
Brian Charles Johnson as Giovani - The Butcher
Brian Charles Johnson
(Giovani - The Butcher)
Jack Lynch as Scrawny Kid
Jack Lynch
(Scrawny Kid)
Vaughn Lynch as Scrawny Kid
Vaughn Lynch
(Scrawny Kid)
Tommy Buck as Clothing Store Owner
Tommy Buck
(Clothing Store Owner)
Loic Mabanza as Dancing Hunk
Loic Mabanza
(Dancing Hunk)
Alexis Roberts as Dancer
Alexis Roberts
Shernita Anderson as Dancer
Shernita Anderson
Lily Davis as Dancer
Lily Davis
Joaquim de Santana as Dancer
Joaquim de Santana
Christine Sienicki as Dancer
Christine Sienicki
Jonathan Royse Windham as Dancer
Jonathan Royse Windham
Borris Anthony York as Dancer
Borris Anthony York
Marla Phelan as Dancer
Marla Phelan
Kellie Drobnick as Dancer
Kellie Drobnick
Sabrina Imamura as Dancer
Sabrina Imamura
Deva Huggins as Dancer
Deva Huggins
Brandon Rubendall as Dancer
Brandon Rubendall
Keith Kuhl as Dancer
Keith Kuhl
Robert Arensen as Teamster
Robert Arensen
Marc Alan Austen as Rabbi
Marc Alan Austen
Dj Nino Carta as Job Applicant
Dj Nino Carta
(Job Applicant)
John Cashin as Union Muscle
John Cashin
(Union Muscle)
Gino Domenico as NYPD Inspector
Gino Domenico
(NYPD Inspector)
Elli as Rabbi Elli
(Rabbi Elli)
Chuck English as Officer Shanker
Chuck English
(Officer Shanker)
Abigail Friend as Student
Abigail Friend
Ryan Funigiello as Prison Guard
Ryan Funigiello
(Prison Guard)
Robert John Gallagher as Union Muscle
Robert John Gallagher
(Union Muscle)
Steve Garfanti as Businessman
Steve Garfanti
Darryl Reuben Hall as Businessman
Darryl Reuben Hall
Mason Henry as Boy
Mason Henry
Katie Kocik as Mom Staring at Kathy
Katie Kocik
(Mom Staring at Kathy)
Ronnie Magri as Porn Shop Owner
Ronnie Magri
(Porn Shop Owner)
Doris McCarthy as Grandmother at School
Doris McCarthy
(Grandmother at School)
Robert Neary as Bruce
Robert Neary
Lenny Nelson as Teamster
Lenny Nelson
Eli Perdew as Disco Waitstaff
Eli Perdew
(Disco Waitstaff)
Shade Rupe as Irish Gangster
Shade Rupe
(Irish Gangster)
Joseph Gerard Sabatino as Italian Bay Ridge Pedestrian
Joseph Gerard Sabatino
(Italian Bay Ridge Pedestrian)
David Sheridan as Irish Union Worker
David Sheridan
(Irish Union Worker)
Frank Stabile as Disco Club Patron
Frank Stabile
(Disco Club Patron)
Jonathan Tierney as FBI Agent
Jonathan Tierney
(FBI Agent)

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