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Atom: Dastane Pokran (2018)

Atom: Dastane Pokran

  • Genres:
    Action | Drama | History
  • Release Date:
    25 May 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    J.A. Entertainment - Kyta Productions - Zee Studios
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 9 min
  • Summary:
    Captain Ashwat Raina's efforts to turn India into a nuclear state are at first met with criticism and then years later, with an offer from the government. With the help of Himanshu Shukla, the Prime Minister's principal secretary, he leads a team to conduct a second nuclear test series. The only major threat lurking is the American Lacrosse satellite which caught the first test preparations, further causing America to warn India about such future tests. With their patriotic hearts and unbreakable spirits, Ashwat and his team race against time to conduct the tests confidentially while the country's worsening political scenario as well as the presence of spies from US and Pakistan puts them into both mental as well as physical challenges.

Cast & Crew

John Abraham as Capt. Ashwat Rana
John Abraham
(Capt. Ashwat Rana)
Boman Irani as Himanshu Shukla
Boman Irani
(Himanshu Shukla)
Diana Penty as Capt. Ambalika
Diana Penty
(Capt. Ambalika)
Anuja Sathe as Sushma
Anuja Sathe
Vikas Kumar as Major Prem Singh
Vikas Kumar
(Major Prem Singh)
Yogendra Tiku as Dr. Naresh Sinha
Yogendra Tiku
(Dr. Naresh Sinha)
Aditya Hitkari
Aditya Hitkari
Ajay Shankar as Puru Ranganathan
Ajay Shankar
(Puru Ranganathan)
Darshan Pandya
Darshan Pandya
Mark Bennington as Daniel
Mark Bennington
Shyam Bhagat
Shyam Bhagat
Zachary Coffin as CIA Officer Stephen
Zachary Coffin
(CIA Officer Stephen)
Nishikant Dixit as Officer in PM House
Nishikant Dixit
(Officer in PM House)
Satinder Singh Gahlot as Suresh Yadav
Satinder Singh Gahlot
(Suresh Yadav)
Tan Raj Ghale
Tan Raj Ghale
Rohan Khatri as Sardaar Driver
Rohan Khatri
(Sardaar Driver)
Mohit K. Mehta as Chief Security Officer
Mohit K. Mehta
(Chief Security Officer)
Arush Nand as Prahlad
Arush Nand
Nitesh Nath
Nitesh Nath
Bhupesh Pandya as Tripathi
Bhupesh Pandya
Prahlad as Son
Abhiroy Singh
Abhiroy Singh
Bhairao Singh
Bhairao Singh

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