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Billionaire Boys Club (2018)

Billionaire Boys Club

  • Genres:
    Biography | Drama
  • Release Date:
    17 July 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Armory Films - Oriah Entertainment
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 48 min
  • Summary:
    A group of wealthy boys in Los Angeles during the early 1980s establish a 'get-rich-quick' scam that turns deadly.

Cast & Crew

Ansel Elgort as Joe Hunt
Ansel Elgort
(Joe Hunt)
Kevin Spacey as Ron Levin
Kevin Spacey
(Ron Levin)
Taron Egerton as Dean Karny
Taron Egerton
(Dean Karny)
Emma Roberts as Sydney Evans
Emma Roberts
(Sydney Evans)
Ryan Rottman as Scott Biltmore
Ryan Rottman
(Scott Biltmore)
Jeremy Irvine as Kyle Biltmore
Jeremy Irvine
(Kyle Biltmore)
Thomas Cocquerel as Charlie Bottoms
Thomas Cocquerel
(Charlie Bottoms)
Bokeem Woodbine as Tim Pitt
Bokeem Woodbine
(Tim Pitt)
Barney Harris as Izzy Samedi
Barney Harris
(Izzy Samedi)
Waleed Zuaiter as The Persian / Izzy's Dad
Waleed Zuaiter
(The Persian / Izzy's Dad)
Suki Waterhouse as Quintana 'Q' Bisset
Suki Waterhouse
(Quintana 'Q' Bisset)
Billie Lourd as Rosanna Ricci
Billie Lourd
(Rosanna Ricci)
Judd Nelson as Ryan (Joe Hunt's Dad)
Judd Nelson
(Ryan (Joe Hunt's Dad))
Tony Taplin as Artsy Friend
Tony Taplin
(Artsy Friend)
Fuschia Sumner as Sales Girl
Fuschia Sumner
(Sales Girl)
Wayne Pére as Baxter
Wayne Pére
Verna Cornelius as Real Estate Agent
Verna Cornelius
(Real Estate Agent)
Jered Blanchard as Waiter
Jered Blanchard
Amber Townsend as Spago Waitress
Amber Townsend
(Spago Waitress)
Al Mitchell as Ron's Butler
Al Mitchell
(Ron's Butler)
Maurice Johnson as Detective
Maurice Johnson
Steven Sean Garland as Partner
Steven Sean Garland
Billy Slaughter as Loan Officer
Billy Slaughter
(Loan Officer)
Jayson Warner Smith as Investor
Jayson Warner Smith
Thomas Nowicki as Dad Evans (Martin)
Thomas Nowicki
(Dad Evans (Martin))
Nicolas Bijan as Sales Clerk
Nicolas Bijan
(Sales Clerk)
Bryan Batt as Ludo
Bryan Batt
Katie Corwin as Receptionist
Katie Corwin
Anthony Marble as Banker
Anthony Marble
Tony Bentley as Another Shareholder
Tony Bentley
(Another Shareholder)
Maureen Mountcastle as Shareholder
Maureen Mountcastle
Rosanna Arquette as Mom Evans (Debbie)
Rosanna Arquette
(Mom Evans (Debbie))
Cary Elwes as Andy Warhol
Cary Elwes
(Andy Warhol)
Frank Corcoran as Investor
Frank Corcoran
Richard Kohnke as Blaine
Richard Kohnke
Kenji Fitzgerald as Will
Kenji Fitzgerald
Jimmy Buffett as Police Captain
Jimmy Buffett
(Police Captain)
Britton Sanderford as Investor #1
Britton Sanderford
(Investor #1)
Najeeb Thomas as Investor #2
Najeeb Thomas
(Investor #2)
Greg DiLeo as Investor #3
Greg DiLeo
(Investor #3)
Alicia Sanz as Jayne
Alicia Sanz
Brittani Zonker as Natalie
Brittani Zonker
Matthew Brag as BBC Boy #1
Matthew Brag
(BBC Boy #1)
Dalton Alfortish as BBC Boy #2
Dalton Alfortish
(BBC Boy #2)
Richard Lasko as Richard DuPont
Richard Lasko
(Richard DuPont)
Robert Lasko as Robert DuPont
Robert Lasko
(Robert DuPont)
Justin Arnold as Carter
Justin Arnold
Marc Mani as Dr. Marc Mani Jr.
Marc Mani
(Dr. Marc Mani Jr.)
Dimitri Dimitrov as Maitre'D
Dimitri Dimitrov
Arabella Oz as Pink Lady #1
Arabella Oz
(Pink Lady #1)
Violetta Komyshan as Pink Lady #2
Violetta Komyshan
(Pink Lady #2)
Rachel Olsen as Sales Girl
Rachel Olsen
(Sales Girl)
Sheila Thiele as Jackie the Server
Sheila Thiele
(Jackie the Server)
Rob Gough as Frank
Rob Gough
Susan Gallagher as Mrs. Biltmore
Susan Gallagher
(Mrs. Biltmore)
Deneen Tyler as Mrs. Sullivan
Deneen Tyler
(Mrs. Sullivan)
Michael 'Mick' Harrity as Michael
Michael 'Mick' Harrity
Patrick Kearns as Fred Davis
Patrick Kearns
(Fred Davis)
Kirk H. Andersen as Shareholder
Kirk H. Andersen
Chris Angerdina as Maintenance Man
Chris Angerdina
(Maintenance Man)
John L. Armijo as Board Member
John L. Armijo
(Board Member)
Jon Arthur as Angry Investor
Jon Arthur
(Angry Investor)
Mark Baynard Baggs as Shareholder
Mark Baynard Baggs
Tony Beard as BBC Client
Tony Beard
(BBC Client)
Daniel Bradley as Shareholder
Daniel Bradley
James Breaux as Shareholder
James Breaux
Kenneth Kynt Bryan as Art Patron
Kenneth Kynt Bryan
(Art Patron)
Brian Burton as BBC Friend
Brian Burton
(BBC Friend)
Michelle L. Clarke as Stockholder
Michelle L. Clarke
Timothy Cornelius as Core BBC Friend
Timothy Cornelius
(Core BBC Friend)
Tyler Dietrich as Core BBC Friend
Tyler Dietrich
(Core BBC Friend)
Travis Dunn as Shareholder
Travis Dunn
Greg Fallon as Sergeant Fillman
Greg Fallon
(Sergeant Fillman)
Tiffany Ferguson as Club Member
Tiffany Ferguson
(Club Member)
Frank Ferruccio as SGT Rollins
Frank Ferruccio
(SGT Rollins)
Jason Fortuna as Billionaire
Jason Fortuna
Alexander Galvez as Waiter
Alexander Galvez
Dave Ellis Grim as BBC Client
Dave Ellis Grim
(BBC Client)
Christopher Gulas as Spago's Waiter
Christopher Gulas
(Spago's Waiter)
Bryan Michael Hall as BBC Employee
Bryan Michael Hall
(BBC Employee)
William E. Harris as EF Hutton Investor
William E. Harris
(EF Hutton Investor)
Michael Robert Hendrick as Art Gallery Scenester
Michael Robert Hendrick
(Art Gallery Scenester)
Carmen Illán as Persian's Wife
Carmen Illán
(Persian's Wife)
Kristina Jimenez as Flamingo Girl
Kristina Jimenez
(Flamingo Girl)
Alicia Davis Johnson as Art Gallery Patron
Alicia Davis Johnson
(Art Gallery Patron)
Annabelle Jones as Shareholder
Annabelle Jones
Frederick Keeve as S&L Client / Limo Driver
Frederick Keeve
(S&L Client / Limo Driver)
Emily LaGroue as Spago Patron
Emily LaGroue
(Spago Patron)
Chelsea Laren as BBC Friend
Chelsea Laren
(BBC Friend)
Elton LeBlanc as Board of Directors COO
Elton LeBlanc
(Board of Directors COO)
Lamar Lott as Shareholder
Lamar Lott
George Todd McLachlan as David
George Todd McLachlan
James Miller as News Reporter
James Miller
(News Reporter)
Aaron Mitchell as Father of Grad / Golfer
Aaron Mitchell
(Father of Grad / Golfer)
Mike R. Moreau as Shareholder
Mike R. Moreau
Allison Pittman as Shareholder
Allison Pittman
Brittany Price as Party Goer
Brittany Price
(Party Goer)
Vitta Quinn as Artist
Vitta Quinn
Molly May Rockwell as Spago Patron
Molly May Rockwell
(Spago Patron)
Alberto Santiago as Man on the Phone
Alberto Santiago
(Man on the Phone)
Jack Teague as Investor
Jack Teague
Ronald Joe Vasquez as Shareholder
Ronald Joe Vasquez
Bob Walker as Board Member
Bob Walker
(Board Member)
Sean Maurice Williams as Art Gallery Patron
Sean Maurice Williams
(Art Gallery Patron)
Linden Wolbert as Mermaid
Linden Wolbert
Brian Woodhouse as Stockholder
Brian Woodhouse

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