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Chinatown (1974)


  • Genres:
    Crime | Drama | Emotional
  • Release Date:
    20 June 1974
  • Broadcast Co:
    Paramount Pictures - Penthouse Video
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 10 min
  • Summary:
    In 1937 Los Angeles, private detective J.J. Gittes is hired by a woman to investigate whether her husband is having an affair. The husband, Hollis Mulwray, is the chief water engineer for the city of Los Angeles. Soon after Gittes delivers the photos that seem to confirm her suspicions, he meets the man's real wife and, intrigued, investigates further. Then Hollis Mulwray turns up dead.

Cast & Crew

Jack Nicholson as J.J. Gittes
Jack Nicholson
(J.J. Gittes)
Faye Dunaway as Evelyn Mulwray
Faye Dunaway
(Evelyn Mulwray)
John Huston as Noah Cross
John Huston
(Noah Cross)
Perry Lopez as Escobar
Perry Lopez
John Hillerman as Yelburton
John Hillerman
Darrell Zwerling as Hollis Mulwray
Darrell Zwerling
(Hollis Mulwray)
Diane Ladd as Ida Sessions
Diane Ladd
(Ida Sessions)
Roy Jenson as Mulvihill
Roy Jenson
Roman Polanski as Man with Knife
Roman Polanski
(Man with Knife)
Richard Bakalyan as Loach
Richard Bakalyan
Joe Mantell as Walsh
Joe Mantell
Bruce Glover as Duffy
Bruce Glover
Nandu Hinds as Sophie
Nandu Hinds
James O'Rear as Lawyer
James O'Rear
James Hong as Evelyn's Butler
James Hong
(Evelyn's Butler)
Beulah Quo as Maid
Beulah Quo
Jerry Fujikawa as Gardener
Jerry Fujikawa
Belinda Palmer as Katherine
Belinda Palmer
Roy Roberts as Mayor Bagby
Roy Roberts
(Mayor Bagby)
Noble Willingham as Councilman
Noble Willingham
Elliott Montgomery as Councilman
Elliott Montgomery
Rance Howard as Irate Farmer
Rance Howard
(Irate Farmer)
George Justin as Barber
George Justin
C.O. Erickson as Customer
C.O. Erickson
Fritzi Burr as Mulwray's Secretary
Fritzi Burr
(Mulwray's Secretary)
Charles Knapp as Mortician
Charles Knapp
Claudio Martínez as Boy on Horseback
Claudio Martínez
(Boy on Horseback)
Federico Roberto as Cross' Butler
Federico Roberto
(Cross' Butler)
Allan Warnick as Clerk
Allan Warnick
John Holland as Farmer in the Valley
John Holland
(Farmer in the Valley)
Jesse Vint as Farmer in the Valley
Jesse Vint
(Farmer in the Valley)
Jim Burk as Farmer in the Valley
Jim Burk
(Farmer in the Valley)
Denny Arnold as Farmer in the Valley
Denny Arnold
(Farmer in the Valley)
Burt Young as Curly
Burt Young
Elizabeth Harding as Curly's Wife
Elizabeth Harding
(Curly's Wife)
John Rogers as Mr. Palmer
John Rogers
(Mr. Palmer)
Cecil Elliott as Emma Dill
Cecil Elliott
(Emma Dill)
Paul Jenkins as Policeman
Paul Jenkins
Lee de Broux as Policeman
Lee de Broux
Bob Golden as Policeman
Bob Golden
Bob Harks as Policeman
Bob Harks
John Marlin as Waiter
John Marlin
Richard Warren as Driver
Richard Warren

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