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Entekhabe Ghalat (2018)

Entekhabe Ghalat

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Crime | Drama
  • Release Date:
    18 January 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Foley Walkers Studio - Snoot Entertainment
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 35 min
  • Summary:
    West Oakland. Collin Hopkins, a black man who works for the Commander Moving Company as a mover, is a convicted felon on the last three days of his one year parole. Among the many restrictions contained within his parole are living in a halfway house which has its own additional rules, having curfew, not being allowed outside of Alameda County, and no possession of firearms, contravention of any of these items which could extend the length of his parole or worse send him back to prison. Collin, whose felony was largely a matter of unexpected circumstance, wants to do the right thing and lead a straight life. And despite having made it through the first three hundred sixty-two days of his parole, it isn't a guarantee that he will make it to the end clear, let alone make to the end at all due to the environment in which he lives, which includes people like him of a lower socioeconomic standing having to adjust to the gentrification happening within the community. One of the larger threats is his association with Miles Jones, his married best friend since they were kids and his moving partner. Miles, a Caucasian, feels like he has something to prove being white and living in West Oakland, something that Collin inherently doesn't have to prove being black. But what could be the biggest threat to Collin is being haunted in witnessing a white police officer shoot a fleeing black man to death in the back late in the evening of the third to last day of his parole, being shot for no reason by the police something that black people like Collin face every day. Through it all, Collin tries to negotiate his relationship with Val, his girlfriend before his incarceration and the dispatcher at Commander, she who is taking more outward steps to improve her life to match that gentrification which may not include associating personally with someone like Collin, especially in light of having seen the aftermath of what sent him to prison.

Cast & Crew

Daveed Diggs as Collin
Daveed Diggs
Rafael Casal as Miles
Rafael Casal
Janina Gavankar as Val
Janina Gavankar
Jasmine Cephas Jones as Ashley
Jasmine Cephas Jones
Ethan Embry as Officer Molina
Ethan Embry
(Officer Molina)
Tisha Campbell-Martin as Mama Liz
Tisha Campbell-Martin
(Mama Liz)
Utkarsh Ambudkar as Rin
Utkarsh Ambudkar
Kevin Carroll as James
Kevin Carroll
Nyambi Nyambi as Yorkie
Nyambi Nyambi
Jon Chaffin as Dezz
Jon Chaffin
Wayne Knight as Patrick
Wayne Knight
Margo Hall as Nancy
Margo Hall
Ziggy Baitinger as Sean 'Ziggy' Jones
Ziggy Baitinger
(Sean 'Ziggy' Jones)
Leland Orser as Judge
Leland Orser
Travis Parker as Randall Marshall
Travis Parker
(Randall Marshall)
Lance Holloway as Curtis 'Cuttie' Cutworth
Lance Holloway
(Curtis 'Cuttie' Cutworth)
Justin Chu Cary as Tin
Justin Chu Cary
Casey Adams as Chet
Casey Adams
Michael Rhys Kan as Marty
Michael Rhys Kan
Justin Liu as Jimmy
Justin Liu
Aviel Ayoung as Terry
Aviel Ayoung
Rolanda D. Bell as Nak
Rolanda D. Bell
John K. Moeslein as Sid
John K. Moeslein
Sarah Kay as Angela
Sarah Kay
George Watsky as Tanner
George Watsky
Kendra Andrews as Rachel Molina
Kendra Andrews
(Rachel Molina)
E. Ambriz DeColosio as Tel
E. Ambriz DeColosio
Zack Duhame as Officer Farmer
Zack Duhame
(Officer Farmer)
Amanda Encelan as Tina
Amanda Encelan
Rahul Gupta as Clerk
Rahul Gupta
Matt McAbee as Eddie
Matt McAbee
Cameron Foxly as Tall Biker
Cameron Foxly
(Tall Biker)
Luis Carlos Muñoz as Officer in Car
Luis Carlos Muñoz
(Officer in Car)
Chris Harding as Bunny Skylar
Chris Harding
(Bunny Skylar)
Rayna Angélique as Hair Salon Customer
Rayna Angélique
(Hair Salon Customer)
Rashida Clendening as Beauty Shop Patron
Rashida Clendening
(Beauty Shop Patron)
Terry Dorsey as Ghost
Terry Dorsey
Yin Dumela as Diner Patron
Yin Dumela
(Diner Patron)
Peter Fitzsimmons as Another Addict
Peter Fitzsimmons
(Another Addict)
Tina Gilton as Woman with ID
Tina Gilton
(Woman with ID)
Rahul Gupta as Clerk
Rahul Gupta
Cassie Hendry as Bar Patron
Cassie Hendry
(Bar Patron)
Camryn Howard as Kes
Camryn Howard
Dawayne Jordan as Cemetery Man
Dawayne Jordan
(Cemetery Man)
Brandon E. Lee as Party Guest
Brandon E. Lee
(Party Guest)
John Lobato as Diner Patron
John Lobato
(Diner Patron)
Yoli Mapp as Diner Patron
Yoli Mapp
(Diner Patron)
Kelli McCrann as Couch Girl
Kelli McCrann
(Couch Girl)
Sean Michael McGrory as Diner Patron
Sean Michael McGrory
(Diner Patron)
Brandon H. Morgan as Bartender
Brandon H. Morgan
Vaughn Myovich as Bar Patron
Vaughn Myovich
(Bar Patron)
Geoffrey Quan as Herbert G.
Geoffrey Quan
(Herbert G.)
Brian Sampson as Oakland Police Officer
Brian Sampson
(Oakland Police Officer)
Molly Shaiken as Bar Patron
Molly Shaiken
(Bar Patron)
Steven Wiig as Uptight Guy
Steven Wiig
(Uptight Guy)
Tywain Willis as Ghost
Tywain Willis

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Marde Haadese Afarin
Marde Haadese Afarin
Khodahafez Dokhtar Shirazi
Khodahafez Dokhtar Shirazi
Hammal Tala
Hammal Tala
Karagahe Shabah
Karagahe Shabah