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Esbat (2005)


  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    5 September 2005
  • Broadcast Co:
    Miramax - Endgame Entertainment - Hart Sharp Entertainment
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 40 min
  • Summary:
    In Chicago, on the day of her twenty-seventh birthday, Catherine (Gwyneth Paltrow) receives her sister Claire (Hope Davis) from New York City for the funeral of their father Robert (Sir Anthony Hopkins), who passed away a couple of days before. Robert was a brilliant mathematician that became bughouse. Catherine had lived with him for the last five years, quitting her studies on the faculty. She is concerned about having inherited his insanity. A mathematician at the University of Chicago, Hal (Jake Gyllenhaal) is researching Robert's notebooks, trying to find any brilliant proof that Robert might have produced in a moment of lucidity. When Hal has a one night stand with Catherine, she gives a notebook to him containing the development of a unique mathematics theory that Catherine claims she developed. Hal and Claire do not believe her, until the truth is disclosed.

Cast & Crew

Gwyneth Paltrow as Catherine
Gwyneth Paltrow
Anthony Hopkins as Robert
Anthony Hopkins
Jake Gyllenhaal as Harold Dobbs - Hal
Jake Gyllenhaal
(Harold Dobbs - Hal)
Danny McCarthy as Cop
Danny McCarthy
Hope Davis as Claire
Hope Davis
Tobiasz Daszkiewicz as Limo Driver
Tobiasz Daszkiewicz
(Limo Driver)
Gary Houston as Professor Barrow
Gary Houston
(Professor Barrow)
Anne Wittman as Friend at Party
Anne Wittman
(Friend at Party)
Leigh Zimmerman as Friend at Party
Leigh Zimmerman
(Friend at Party)
Colin Stinton as Theoretical Physicist
Colin Stinton
(Theoretical Physicist)
Leland Burnett as Band Vocalist
Leland Burnett
(Band Vocalist)
John Keefe as University Friend
John Keefe
(University Friend)
Chipo Chung as University Friend
Chipo Chung
(University Friend)
C. Gerod Harris as University Friend
C. Gerod Harris
(University Friend)
Roshan Seth as Professor Bhandari
Roshan Seth
(Professor Bhandari)
Lolly Susi as Airport Check-In Lady
Lolly Susi
(Airport Check-In Lady)
Rhys Bond as Wake Guest
Rhys Bond
(Wake Guest)
Benjamin S. Carroll as Memorial Attendee
Benjamin S. Carroll
(Memorial Attendee)
Daniel Hatkoff as Student
Daniel Hatkoff
Selena Mars as Student
Selena Mars
Christian Rose as Airport Patron
Christian Rose
(Airport Patron)
Haroula Rose as Student
Haroula Rose
John Thurner as Church Memorial Attendee
John Thurner
(Church Memorial Attendee)
Brigitte Wulf as Student
Brigitte Wulf

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