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Ghabl az inke bekhab beravam (2014)

Ghabl az inke bekhab beravam

  • Genres:
    Horror | Drama | Mystery
  • Release Date:
    4 September 2014
  • Broadcast Co:
    Scott Free Productions - Millennium Films - StudioCanal
  • Country:
    USA | UK | Sweden | France
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 32 min
  • Summary:
    Each night, after falling asleep, Christine, the forty-year-old car-crash survivor who now suffers from anterograde amnesia, loses all her memories back to her twenties. And each day, Christine finds herself waking up next to Ben; the perfect stranger who claims that he is her husband. To compensate for her utter inability to form new recollections, Christine faithfully keeps a meticulous and illuminating video diary after her psychologist Dr Nasch's directions, hoping to piece together her fragmented existence. Little by little, sudden and uncomfortable flashbacks start to unravel the thick mystery of Christine's deep trauma; but, in the process, whom should she trust?

Cast & Crew

Nicole Kidman as Christine
Nicole Kidman
Colin Firth as Ben
Colin Firth
Mark Strong as Dr. Nasch
Mark Strong
(Dr. Nasch)
Ben Crompton as Warehouse Caretaker
Ben Crompton
(Warehouse Caretaker)
Anne-Marie Duff as Claire
Anne-Marie Duff
Adam Levy as Ben
Adam Levy
Gabriel Strong as Boy on Bike
Gabriel Strong
(Boy on Bike)
Flynn MacArthur as Boy in Dream
Flynn MacArthur
(Boy in Dream)
Dean-Charles Chapman as Adam
Dean-Charles Chapman
Hannah Blamires as Mother in Park
Hannah Blamires
(Mother in Park)
Bern Collaço as Doctor
Bern Collaço
Chris Cowlin as Police Officer
Chris Cowlin
(Police Officer)
Gary Darling-Parkes as Paramedic
Gary Darling-Parkes
Laraine Dix as Hospital patient
Laraine Dix
(Hospital patient)
Llewella Gideon as Psychiatric Nurse
Llewella Gideon
(Psychiatric Nurse)
Kevin Hudson as Man on Bike
Kevin Hudson
(Man on Bike)
Jing Lusi as Nurse Kate
Jing Lusi
(Nurse Kate)
Rosie MacPherson as Emily
Rosie MacPherson
Steve Munroe as Warehouseman
Steve Munroe
Nick Turner as Claire's Friend
Nick Turner
(Claire's Friend)

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