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Herfeye Italiaei

Herfeye Italiaei (1969)

Herfeye Italiaei

  • Genres:
    Action | Comedy
  • Release Date:
    5 June 1969
  • Broadcast Co:
    Oakhurst Productions
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 39 min
  • Summary:
    Charlie has just left prison, and now wants to do a "big job". The job is to steal four million dollars worth of gold arriving in Italy from China. Charlie's job needs financing, so he goes to Mr. Bridger (a Mafia-type boss) who is in prison (Charlie has to break in). In Italy, a clever plan is used to distract the authorities, while the raiders make their get-away in three Minis. This leads to a car chase sequence through Italian streets, buildings, rivers, sewers, highways, and rooftops, which lasts for several minutes.

Cast & Crew

Michael Caine as Charlie Croker
Michael Caine
(Charlie Croker)
Noël Coward as Mr. Bridger
Noël Coward
(Mr. Bridger)
Benny Hill as Professor Simon Peach
Benny Hill
(Professor Simon Peach)
Raf Vallone as Altabani
Raf Vallone
Tony Beckley as Freddie
Tony Beckley
Rossano Brazzi as Beckerman
Rossano Brazzi
Margaret Blye as Lorna
Margaret Blye
Irene Handl as Miss Peach
Irene Handl
(Miss Peach)
John Le Mesurier as Governor
John Le Mesurier
Fred Emney as Birkinshaw
Fred Emney
John Clive as Garage Manager
John Clive
(Garage Manager)
Graham Payn as Keats
Graham Payn
Michael Standing as Arthur
Michael Standing
Stanley Caine as Coco
Stanley Caine
Barry Cox as Chris
Barry Cox
Harry Baird as Big William
Harry Baird
(Big William)
George Innes as Bill Bailey
George Innes
(Bill Bailey)
John Forgeham as Frank
John Forgeham
Robert Powell as Yellow
Robert Powell
Derek Ware as Rozzer
Derek Ware
Frank Jarvis as Roger
Frank Jarvis
David Salamone as Dominic
David Salamone
Richard Essome as Tony
Richard Essome
Mario Valgoi as Manzo
Mario Valgoi
Renato Romano as Cosca
Renato Romano
Franco Novelli as Altabani's Driver
Franco Novelli
(Altabani's Driver)
Robert Rietty as Police Chief
Robert Rietty
(Police Chief)
Timothy Bateson as Dentist
Timothy Bateson
David Kelly as Vicar
David Kelly
Arnold Diamond as Senior Computer Room Official
Arnold Diamond
(Senior Computer Room Official)
Simon Dee as Shirtmaker
Simon Dee
Alastair Hunter as Warder (Cinema)
Alastair Hunter
(Warder (Cinema))
Lana Gatto as Mrs. Cosca
Lana Gatto
(Mrs. Cosca)
John Morris as Standin
John Morris
John Louis Mansi as Computer Room Official
John Louis Mansi
(Computer Room Official)
Les Clark as Thug
Les Clark
Lelia Goldoni as Mrs. Beckerman
Lelia Goldoni
(Mrs. Beckerman)
Walter Henry as Projectionist
Walter Henry
Frank Kelly as Prison Officer
Frank Kelly
(Prison Officer)
Valerie Leon as Receptionist, Royal Lancaster
Valerie Leon
(Receptionist, Royal Lancaster)
Henry McGee as Tailor
Henry McGee
Lisa Shane as Blonde scrubber at Diner party
Lisa Shane
(Blonde scrubber at Diner party)

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Se Shamshirzan
Se Shamshirzan
Kulup Hamsaran
Kulup Hamsaran