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Joker (2019)


  • Genres:
    Crime | Drama | Thriller
  • Release Date:
    31 August 2019
  • Broadcast Co:
    BRON Studios - Creative Wealth Media Finance - DC Entertainment - Joint Effort - Warner Bros.
  • Country:
    USA | Canada
  • Parental Guide:
    R +18 (Under 18 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 2 min
  • Summary:
    Arthur Fleck is a wannabe stand-up comic who suffers from many mental illnesses, including one which causes him to laugh uncontrollably when he is nervous, and often gets him into bad situations. Arthur's mental health causes almost all people in society to reject and look down upon him, even though all he wants is to be accepted by others. After being brutally beaten, having his medication cut off, Arthur's life begins to spiral downward out-of-control into delusions, violence, and anarchy until he eventually transforms into Gotham's infamous Clown-Prince of Crime.

Cast & Crew

Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck
Joaquin Phoenix
(Arthur Fleck)
Robert De Niro as Murray Franklin
Robert De Niro
(Murray Franklin)
Zazie Beetz as Sophie Dumond
Zazie Beetz
(Sophie Dumond)
Frances Conroy as Penny Fleck
Frances Conroy
(Penny Fleck)
Brett Cullen as Thomas Wayne
Brett Cullen
(Thomas Wayne)
Shea Whigham as Detective Burke
Shea Whigham
(Detective Burke)
Bill Camp as Detective Garrity
Bill Camp
(Detective Garrity)
Glenn Fleshler as Randall
Glenn Fleshler
Leigh Gill as Gary
Leigh Gill
Josh Pais as Hoyt Vaughn
Josh Pais
(Hoyt Vaughn)
Rocco Luna as GiGi Dumond
Rocco Luna
(GiGi Dumond)
Marc Maron as Gene Ufland
Marc Maron
(Gene Ufland)
Sondra James as Dr. Sally
Sondra James
(Dr. Sally)
Murphy Guyer as Barry O'Donnell
Murphy Guyer
(Barry O'Donnell)
Douglas Hodge as Alfred Pennyworth
Douglas Hodge
(Alfred Pennyworth)
Dante Pereira-Olson as Bruce Wayne
Dante Pereira-Olson
(Bruce Wayne)
Carrie Louise Putrello as Martha Wayne
Carrie Louise Putrello
(Martha Wayne)
Sharon Washington as Social Worker
Sharon Washington
(Social Worker)
Hannah Gross as Young Penny
Hannah Gross
(Young Penny)
Frank Wood as Dr. Stoner
Frank Wood
(Dr. Stoner)
Brian Tyree Henry as Carl (Arkham Clerk)
Brian Tyree Henry
(Carl (Arkham Clerk))
April Grace as Arkham Psychiatrist
April Grace
(Arkham Psychiatrist)
Mick Szal as Woman on Subway
Mick Szal
(Woman on Subway)
Carl Lundstedt as Wall Street Three
Carl Lundstedt
(Wall Street Three)
Michael Benz as Wall Street Three
Michael Benz
(Wall Street Three)
Ben Warheit as Wall Street Three
Ben Warheit
(Wall Street Three)
Gary Gulman as Comedian
Gary Gulman
Sam Morril as Open Mic Comic
Sam Morril
(Open Mic Comic)
Chris Redd as Comedy Club Emcee
Chris Redd
(Comedy Club Emcee)
Mandela Bellamy as Mother on Bus
Mandela Bellamy
(Mother on Bus)
Demetrius Dotson II as Boy on Bus
Demetrius Dotson II
(Boy on Bus)
Greer Barnes as Haha's Clown
Greer Barnes
(Haha's Clown)
Ray Iannicelli as Haha's Clown
Ray Iannicelli
(Haha's Clown)
Bryan Callen as Haha's Stripper
Bryan Callen
(Haha's Stripper)
Peter Benson as Good Morning Host
Peter Benson
(Good Morning Host)
Vito Gerbino as Street Kid
Vito Gerbino
(Street Kid)
Adam Quezada as Street Kid
Adam Quezada
(Street Kid)
Xavyer Ureña as Street Kid
Xavyer Ureña
(Street Kid)
Evan Rosado as Street Kid
Evan Rosado
(Street Kid)
Damian Emmanuel as Street Kid
Damian Emmanuel
(Street Kid)
Mike Troll as Clown Protestor
Mike Troll
(Clown Protestor)
Jane Fergus as IBN Anchorwoman
Jane Fergus
(IBN Anchorwoman)
David Gibson as WBC News Anchor
David Gibson
(WBC News Anchor)
Tony D. Head as WGC Anchorman
Tony D. Head
(WGC Anchorman)
Jeff McCarthy as NCB Anchor
Jeff McCarthy
(NCB Anchor)
Kim Brockington as NCB Co-Anchor
Kim Brockington
(NCB Co-Anchor)
Troy Roberts as NCB News Reporter
Troy Roberts
(NCB News Reporter)
Lou Young as ANC News Reporter
Lou Young
(ANC News Reporter)
Michael-Scott Druckenmiller as Paramedic
Michael-Scott Druckenmiller
Craig Austin as Paramedic
Craig Austin
John Cenatiempo as Aftermath Police Officer
John Cenatiempo
(Aftermath Police Officer)
Danny Schoch as Aftermath Police Officers
Danny Schoch
(Aftermath Police Officers)
Keith Buterbaugh as Band Leader
Keith Buterbaugh
(Band Leader)
James Ciccone as Murray Franklin Band
James Ciccone
(Murray Franklin Band)
Rich Campbell as Murray Franklin Band
Rich Campbell
(Murray Franklin Band)
Roger Squitero as Murray Franklin Band
Roger Squitero
(Murray Franklin Band)
Steven Elson as Murray Franklin Band
Steven Elson
(Murray Franklin Band)
Graham Mabry as Murray Franklin Band
Graham Mabry
(Murray Franklin Band)
John Alldred as Murray Franklin Band
John Alldred
(Murray Franklin Band)
Alonzo Wright as Murray Franklin Band
Alonzo Wright
(Murray Franklin Band)
Jack Wilkins as Murray Franklin Band
Jack Wilkins
(Murray Franklin Band)
Richard Baratta as Murray Franklin Band
Richard Baratta
(Murray Franklin Band)
David Iacono as Flirting Man On The Bus
David Iacono
(Flirting Man On The Bus)
Umar Abrams as Gang Boy #4
Umar Abrams
(Gang Boy #4)
Chris Angerman as MFS Booth PA
Chris Angerman
(MFS Booth PA)
Michael Bascle as Protester
Michael Bascle
Elizabeth Bluhm as Protester
Elizabeth Bluhm
Alissa Bourne as Anna
Alissa Bourne
Winslow Bright as Young Woman at Wayne Tower
Winslow Bright
(Young Woman at Wayne Tower)
Matt Bruzzio as Protester / Rioter
Matt Bruzzio
(Protester / Rioter)
Jamaal Burcher as Hospital Visitor / Mfs Audience
Jamaal Burcher
(Hospital Visitor / Mfs Audience)
Marko Caka as Gala Special Guest
Marko Caka
(Gala Special Guest)
Al Cardone as Theater Guest
Al Cardone
(Theater Guest)
Dj Nino Carta as Orderly
Dj Nino Carta
John Cashin as Arkham Patient
John Cashin
(Arkham Patient)
Jolie Chan as Street Worker
Jolie Chan
(Street Worker)
Jason John Cicalese as Protester / Rioter
Jason John Cicalese
(Protester / Rioter)
Jim Cleary as Gala Attendee
Jim Cleary
(Gala Attendee)
Brendan Patrick Connor as Mr. Slotnick
Brendan Patrick Connor
(Mr. Slotnick)
Blaise Corrigan as Taxi Driver
Blaise Corrigan
(Taxi Driver)
Vincent Cucuzza as Police officer
Vincent Cucuzza
(Police officer)
Gino D'Cafango as Gala Attendee
Gino D'Cafango
(Gala Attendee)
Aynsleigh Dann as Reporter
Aynsleigh Dann
Helen Darras as Protester
Helen Darras
Alfredo David as 16-Year Old Protestor
Alfredo David
(16-Year Old Protestor)
Adam DeNully as Clown Faced Rioter
Adam DeNully
(Clown Faced Rioter)
Shamia Diaz as Protester
Shamia Diaz
Brandon Essig as Protester
Brandon Essig
Isabella Ferreira as Flirting Woman On the Bus
Isabella Ferreira
(Flirting Woman On the Bus)
Phiona C Foster as Nerdy Comedy Club Patron
Phiona C Foster
(Nerdy Comedy Club Patron)
Michael James Fry as Protester
Michael James Fry
Ryan Funigiello as Wayne Enterprise Junior Executive
Ryan Funigiello
(Wayne Enterprise Junior Executive)
Dennis Jay Funny as Gotham Citizen
Dennis Jay Funny
(Gotham Citizen)
Jason Gadino as Magician
Jason Gadino
Alexandra Lopez Galan as Protester and Gotham Pedestrian
Alexandra Lopez Galan
(Protester and Gotham Pedestrian)
Matthias Sebastiun Garry as Arkham Patient
Matthias Sebastiun Garry
(Arkham Patient)
Victor Gaspar as Clown Masked Rioter
Victor Gaspar
(Clown Masked Rioter)
Brayson Goss as Gotham General Sick Kid
Brayson Goss
(Gotham General Sick Kid)
Johanna R. Griesé as Subway Rider
Johanna R. Griesé
(Subway Rider)
Robert Grondski as Protestor / Rioter
Robert Grondski
(Protestor / Rioter)
James P. Harkins as Thomas Wayne's Body Guard
James P. Harkins
(Thomas Wayne's Body Guard)
Dontae Hawkins as Rioting Clown
Dontae Hawkins
(Rioting Clown)
Joseph Hernandez as Protester / Rioter
Joseph Hernandez
(Protester / Rioter)
Ben Heyman as Protestor
Ben Heyman
Sean Kilkenny as Protester / Rioter
Sean Kilkenny
(Protester / Rioter)
Paul Kulis as MFS Audience
Paul Kulis
(MFS Audience)
Melanie Christine Leon-Soon as Gigi's Friend
Melanie Christine Leon-Soon
(Gigi's Friend)
Michael Lepre as Arkham Insane Patient
Michael Lepre
(Arkham Insane Patient)
Bob Leszczak as Commuter
Bob Leszczak
Mark Lotito as Wayne Tower Security
Mark Lotito
(Wayne Tower Security)
Adrienne Lovette as Middle Aged Woman
Adrienne Lovette
(Middle Aged Woman)
Justin Mahalsky as Murray Franklin Fan
Justin Mahalsky
(Murray Franklin Fan)
Mary Kate Malat as Murray Franklin Intern
Mary Kate Malat
(Murray Franklin Intern)
Branden Marlowe as Drunken Comedy Club Patron
Branden Marlowe
(Drunken Comedy Club Patron)
Scott Martin as Homeless Derelict
Scott Martin
(Homeless Derelict)
Lana McLellan as Protester
Lana McLellan
Alexander Mercier as Clown
Alexander Mercier
Loretta Anne Miller as Protester / Clown-Faced Rioter
Loretta Anne Miller
(Protester / Clown-Faced Rioter)
Necole Milone as Gotham Resident / Murray Franklin Guest
Necole Milone
(Gotham Resident / Murray Franklin Guest)
Nathan Nauroth as Gotham City Pedestrian / Joker Goon
Nathan Nauroth
(Gotham City Pedestrian / Joker Goon)
Mick O'Rourke as Screaming Man
Mick O'Rourke
(Screaming Man)
Joe Ochman as Business Man
Joe Ochman
(Business Man)
Joey Pedras as Pedestrian
Joey Pedras
David Valentino Penaga as Protester / Rioter
David Valentino Penaga
(Protester / Rioter)
Rich Petrillo as Comedy Club Patron
Rich Petrillo
(Comedy Club Patron)
Annie Pisapia as Pedestrian
Annie Pisapia
Celeste Pisapía as Pedestrian
Celeste Pisapía
Jon Douglas Rainey as Businessman
Jon Douglas Rainey
Jivan Xander Ramesh as Bronx School Kid
Jivan Xander Ramesh
(Bronx School Kid)
Tamiz U. Rezvi as Clown Face Protester
Tamiz U. Rezvi
(Clown Face Protester)
Emmanuel Rodriguez as Protestor
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Ray Rosario as Arkham Patient
Ray Rosario
(Arkham Patient)
Shade Rupe as Bartender
Shade Rupe
Edward Sass as Protester
Edward Sass
Keith Schneider as Gotham City Police Officer
Keith Schneider
(Gotham City Police Officer)
Jesse Schratz as Gotham City Sick Kid
Jesse Schratz
(Gotham City Sick Kid)
George Signoriello as Protester
George Signoriello
Marie Smalley as Theater Guest
Marie Smalley
(Theater Guest)
Todd Smolar as Henchman / Protester
Todd Smolar
(Henchman / Protester)
Frank Sorgenti as Gala Guest
Frank Sorgenti
(Gala Guest)
Stephen Stanton as Gotham Health Commissioner
Stephen Stanton
(Gotham Health Commissioner)
Frank Stellato as Buddy
Frank Stellato
Thomas W. Stewart as Subway Rider
Thomas W. Stewart
(Subway Rider)
Chuck Taber as Delivery Man
Chuck Taber
(Delivery Man)
Zak Takowsky as Pedestrian
Zak Takowsky
Justin Theroux as Ethan Chase
Justin Theroux
(Ethan Chase)
Vincent Tumeo as Gala Guest
Vincent Tumeo
(Gala Guest)
Frank Volpe as Gotham City Pedestrian
Frank Volpe
(Gotham City Pedestrian)
Jaidon Walls as Kid
Jaidon Walls
Julia Weldon as Protestor #1
Julia Weldon
(Protestor #1)
Alontae Myson Williams as Kid 3
Alontae Myson Williams
(Kid 3)
Alex Xenos as Gotham Elite
Alex Xenos
(Gotham Elite)
Lauren Yaffe as Pogo / MFS Attendee
Lauren Yaffe
(Pogo / MFS Attendee)
Jaine Ye as Protestor
Jaine Ye

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