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Ketabe Sabz (2018)

Ketabe Sabz

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Musical | Biography | Drama
  • Release Date:
    11 September 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Participant Media - DreamWorks - Innisfree Pictures - Cinetic Media
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 10 min
  • Summary:
    October, 1962. Italian-American Bronx native Tony Vallelonga - long called Tony Lip by those that know him for being able to BS his way out of anything - largely uses that ability to BS, his street smarts and his fists to do his job in "customer relations" (i.e. a glorified bouncer) at the Copa, where he has to deal with well dressed toughs and thugs, albeit with a smile and often without they knowing that he is screwing them. Like most of his Italian-American friends and family, he is a working class bigot, as demonstrated by his actions concerning some black laborers who did work in his and his wife Dolores' apartment. With the Copa closed for renovations until the new year, Tony has to find another job in the interim, he, without telling Dolores, pawning some of his valuables in the meantime to put food on their and their two adolescent sons' table. When he is given the inside scoop on a job working for Dr. Don Shirley, he only did not know before meeting Dr. Shirley that the Dr. refers to his multiple Ph.D.s, and that he is a classically trained pianist (the head of the popular music playing Don Shirley Trio) instead of a physician, but arguably most importantly that he is a well educated, wealthy and refined black man. The job is not only as chauffeur as Tony initially thought, but to be his all-expenses and well paid general foot soldier, especially in the area of security, for the eight week tour he has arranged for the trio with his record label, much of that tour in the Deep South (the last scheduled date being December 23rd in Birmingham, Alabama) hence the need for especially that security in he being black. Renegotiating the terms, learning that Dr. Shirley actually recruited him based on his reputation for being able to get the job done, and getting the okay from Dolores in the stipulation that he make it home for Christmas or else, Tony accepts the job. Beyond the obvious hazards of the race relations aspect of the job once they get to the Deep South, they will not only have to get over their own differences as humans in their moral and ethical values to survive with each other for eight weeks, but deal with the general role reversal of the uneducated white man being subservient to the well-educated black man. In that aspect, Dr. Shirley may have other issues in the Deep South as not fitting into either the white or black populations in general.

Cast & Crew

Viggo Mortensen as Tony Lip
Viggo Mortensen
(Tony Lip)
Mahershala Ali as Dr. Donald Shirley
Mahershala Ali
(Dr. Donald Shirley)
Linda Cardellini as Dolores
Linda Cardellini
Sebastian Maniscalco as Johnny Venere
Sebastian Maniscalco
(Johnny Venere)
Dimiter D. Marinov as Oleg
Dimiter D. Marinov
Mike Hatton as George
Mike Hatton
P.J. Byrne as Record Exec
P.J. Byrne
(Record Exec)
Joe Cortese as Gio Loscudo
Joe Cortese
(Gio Loscudo)
Maggie Nixon as Copa Coat Check Girl
Maggie Nixon
(Copa Coat Check Girl)
Von Lewis as Bobby Rydell
Von Lewis
(Bobby Rydell)
Jon Sortland as Rydell Band Leader
Jon Sortland
(Rydell Band Leader)
Don Stark as Jules Podell
Don Stark
(Jules Podell)
Anthony Mangano as Copa Bouncer Danny
Anthony Mangano
(Copa Bouncer Danny)
Paul Sloan as Copa Maître D' Carmine
Paul Sloan
(Copa Maître D' Carmine)
Quinn Duffy as Mikey Cerrone
Quinn Duffy
(Mikey Cerrone)
Seth Hurwitz as Johnny Randazzo
Seth Hurwitz
(Johnny Randazzo)
Hudson Galloway as Nick Vallelonga
Hudson Galloway
(Nick Vallelonga)
Gavin Lyle Foley as Frankie Vallelonga
Gavin Lyle Foley
(Frankie Vallelonga)
Rodolfo Vallelonga as Grandpa Nicola Vallelonga
Rodolfo Vallelonga
(Grandpa Nicola Vallelonga)
Louis Venere as Grandpa Anthony Venere
Louis Venere
(Grandpa Anthony Venere)
Frank Vallelonga as Rudy Vallelonga
Frank Vallelonga
(Rudy Vallelonga)
Don DiPetta as Louie Venere
Don DiPetta
(Louie Venere)
Jenna Laurenzo as Fran Venere
Jenna Laurenzo
(Fran Venere)
Suehyla El-Attar as Lynn Venere
Suehyla El-Attar
(Lynn Venere)
Kenneth Israel as Bronx Floor Repairman #1
Kenneth Israel
(Bronx Floor Repairman #1)
Derrick Spears as Bronx Floor Repairman #2
Derrick Spears
(Bronx Floor Repairman #2)
Johnny Williams as Fat Paulie
Johnny Williams
(Fat Paulie)
Randal Gonzalez as Gorman
Randal Gonzalez
Iqbal Theba as Amit
Iqbal Theba
Sharon Landry as Carnegie Hall Manager
Sharon Landry
(Carnegie Hall Manager)
Nick Vallelonga as Augie
Nick Vallelonga
David An as Bobby
David An
Mike Cerrone as Joe and Joe's Customer
Mike Cerrone
(Joe and Joe's Customer)
Peter Gabb as Charlie the Pawn Guy
Peter Gabb
(Charlie the Pawn Guy)
Gertrud Sigle as Marie
Gertrud Sigle
Geraldine Singer as Pittsburgh MC
Geraldine Singer
(Pittsburgh MC)
Ron Flagge as Pittsburgh Chauffeur
Ron Flagge
(Pittsburgh Chauffeur)
Martin Bats Bradford as Pittsburgh Busboy
Martin Bats Bradford
(Pittsburgh Busboy)
Ted Huckabee as Indiana Stage Manager
Ted Huckabee
(Indiana Stage Manager)
Gralen Bryant Banks as Horseshoe Man #1
Gralen Bryant Banks
(Horseshoe Man #1)
Sam Malone as Horseshoe Man #2
Sam Malone
(Horseshoe Man #2)
Floyd Miles as Floyd
Floyd Miles
David Kallaway as Redneck #1
David Kallaway
(Redneck #1)
James W. Evermore as Redneck #2
James W. Evermore
(Redneck #2)
Harrison Stone as Redneck #3
Harrison Stone
(Redneck #3)
Ricky Muse as Barkeep
Ricky Muse
Tom Virtue as Morgan Anderson
Tom Virtue
(Morgan Anderson)
Christina Simpkins as Margaret Anderson
Christina Simpkins
(Margaret Anderson)
Kermit Burns III as Pimento Cheese Waiter
Kermit Burns III
(Pimento Cheese Waiter)
Lindsay Brice as Frances Selden
Lindsay Brice
(Frances Selden)
Shane Partlow as Tailor
Shane Partlow
Daniel Greene as Macon Cop #1
Daniel Greene
(Macon Cop #1)
Brian Distance as Macon Cop #2
Brian Distance
(Macon Cop #2)
Craig DiFrancia as Dominic
Craig DiFrancia
Dennis W. Hall as Mags
Dennis W. Hall
Leslie Castay as Well-Dressed Woman
Leslie Castay
(Well-Dressed Woman)
David Simpson as Louisiana Host
David Simpson
(Louisiana Host)
Jim Klock as Patrolman #1
Jim Klock
(Patrolman #1)
Billy Breed as Patrolman #2
Billy Breed
(Patrolman #2)
Dane Rhodes as Police Chief
Dane Rhodes
(Police Chief)
Brian Stepanek as Graham Kindell
Brian Stepanek
(Graham Kindell)
Jon Michael Davis as Birmingham Hotel Maître D'
Jon Michael Davis
(Birmingham Hotel Maître D')
Montrel Miller as Birmingham Hotel Waiter
Montrel Miller
(Birmingham Hotel Waiter)
Ninja N. Devoe as Orange Bird Bartender
Ninja N. Devoe
(Orange Bird Bartender)
Brian Hayes Currie as Maryland State Trooper
Brian Hayes Currie
(Maryland State Trooper)
Ethan Airhart as Concert Attendee
Ethan Airhart
(Concert Attendee)
Lexi Elizabeth Audler as Bronx Kid
Lexi Elizabeth Audler
(Bronx Kid)
Lindsay Small Barrios as Copacabana Girl
Lindsay Small Barrios
(Copacabana Girl)
Brett Beoubay as Mansion Guest
Brett Beoubay
(Mansion Guest)
Corey Booth as Plantation Guest
Corey Booth
(Plantation Guest)
Rusty Bourg as YMCA Manager
Rusty Bourg
(YMCA Manager)
Tracy Brotherton as Copacabana Socialite
Tracy Brotherton
(Copacabana Socialite)
Rebecca Chulew as Concert Goer / Hotel Guest / Pedestrian
Rebecca Chulew
(Concert Goer / Hotel Guest / Pedestrian)
Jay Conlin as Concert Attendee / Bronx Irish Immigrant
Jay Conlin
(Concert Attendee / Bronx Irish Immigrant)
John Currie as Copacabana Waiter
John Currie
(Copacabana Waiter)
Karen Dalferes as Concert Goer / Waitress / Hotel Guest
Karen Dalferes
(Concert Goer / Waitress / Hotel Guest)
Douglas DeLisle as Butler Interviewee
Douglas DeLisle
(Butler Interviewee)
Jared Drennan as Driver
Jared Drennan
John Frederick as Copacabana Waiter
John Frederick
(Copacabana Waiter)
William E. Harris as Chauffeur
William E. Harris
Shawn Bradly Hoefer as Driver
Shawn Bradly Hoefer
Jessica Underwood James as Copacabana Patron
Jessica Underwood James
(Copacabana Patron)
Andreanna L Jenson as Country Club Patron
Andreanna L Jenson
(Country Club Patron)
Karn Kalra as Tuxedo Man #1
Karn Kalra
(Tuxedo Man #1)
Steve Kish as Copacabana Patron
Steve Kish
(Copacabana Patron)
Jeffrey Klemmer as Store Patron
Jeffrey Klemmer
(Store Patron)
Ken Knight as Plantation Guest
Ken Knight
(Plantation Guest)
Kate Kuen as Copa Woman
Kate Kuen
(Copa Woman)
Emily LaGroue as Pittsburg Lady
Emily LaGroue
(Pittsburg Lady)
Cynthia LeBlanc as Multiple States Concert attendee
Cynthia LeBlanc
(Multiple States Concert attendee)
Elton LeBlanc as Multiple States Concert attendee
Elton LeBlanc
(Multiple States Concert attendee)
Bruce Vincent Logan as Dinner Guest
Bruce Vincent Logan
(Dinner Guest)
Tonya Maldonado as Bar Patron
Tonya Maldonado
(Bar Patron)
Phil Meyer as Copacabana Doorman
Phil Meyer
(Copacabana Doorman)
Lauretta Morrison as Upscale Hotel Patron
Lauretta Morrison
(Upscale Hotel Patron)
Erin Murphy as Joe & Joe's Bar Patron
Erin Murphy
(Joe & Joe's Bar Patron)
Shane Pagano as Gangster
Shane Pagano
Marine Pascetta as Copacabana Patron
Marine Pascetta
(Copacabana Patron)
Ron M Patterson as Taxi Driver
Ron M Patterson
(Taxi Driver)
Michael Raymond III as Tailor Shop Businessman
Michael Raymond III
(Tailor Shop Businessman)
Jeffrey Riseden as Concert Guest
Jeffrey Riseden
(Concert Guest)
Toney Chapman Steele as Field Worker
Toney Chapman Steele
(Field Worker)
Shane Waldron as Orpheum Theater Patron
Shane Waldron
(Orpheum Theater Patron)
Shane David Waldron as Theater Patron
Shane David Waldron
(Theater Patron)
Mike Young as Waiter / Driver
Mike Young
(Waiter / Driver)

Thumbnails & Trailers


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