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Khoob Bad Jelf

Khoob Bad Jelf (2017)

Khoob Bad Jelf

  • Genres:
    Action | Comedy
  • Release Date:
    1 February 2017
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (General Audience)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 45 min
  • Summary:
    It's about a film producer that make a great director use two actors in a crime movie but they are so idiot & low level so he had to make them close to their charachters in a short time...

Cast & Crew

Pejman Jamshidi as Himself
Pejman Jamshidi
Sam Derakhshani as Himself
Sam Derakhshani
Hamid Farokhnezhad as Major Shademan
Hamid Farokhnezhad
(Major Shademan)
Vishka Asayesh as Azadeh
Vishka Asayesh
Mani Haghighi as Himself
Mani Haghighi
Azadeh Samadi as Mozhde Ghanbarzadeh
Azadeh Samadi
(Mozhde Ghanbarzadeh)
Amir Mehdi Jouleh as Hesam Bolhavas
Amir Mehdi Jouleh
(Hesam Bolhavas)
Majid Mozaffari as Himself
Majid Mozaffari
Reza Rooygari as Himself
Reza Rooygari
Nasim Adabi as Boss Lady
Nasim Adabi
(Boss Lady)
Sepand Amirsoleimani as Shahin
Sepand Amirsoleimani
Mehrab Ghasemkhani as Mahmoud Motazedi
Mehrab Ghasemkhani
(Mahmoud Motazedi)
Ali Owji as Himself
Ali Owji
Hossein Pakdel as The Colonel
Hossein Pakdel
(The Colonel)
Hamed Hosseini as Salakh
Hamed Hosseini
Bahareh Rahnama as Bad Driver
Bahareh Rahnama
(Bad Driver)
Niousha Zeighami as Actress in the Movie
Niousha Zeighami
(Actress in the Movie)
Bijan Emkanian
Bijan Emkanian
Amir Hossein Ghorbani as Kishmish
Amir Hossein Ghorbani

Thumbnails & Trailers


Raze Genayat
Raze Genayat
Man Divane Nistam
Man Divane Nistam
Marde Mahe Jooza
Marde Mahe Jooza
Kulup Hamsaran
Kulup Hamsaran