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King Kong (2005)

King Kong

  • Genres:
    Action | Drama | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    5 December 2005
  • Broadcast Co:
    Universal Pictures - WingNut Films
  • Country:
    USA | Germany
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    3 h 7 min
  • Summary:
    In 1933 New York, an overly ambitious movie producer coerces his cast and hired ship crew to travel to the mysterious Skull Island, where they encounter Kong, a giant ape who is immediately smitten with leading lady Ann Darrow.

Cast & Crew

Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow
Naomi Watts
(Ann Darrow)
Jack Black as Carl Denham
Jack Black
(Carl Denham)
Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll
Adrien Brody
(Jack Driscoll)
Thomas Kretschmann as Captain Englehorn
Thomas Kretschmann
(Captain Englehorn)
Colin Hanks as Preston
Colin Hanks
Andy Serkis as Kong / Lumpy
Andy Serkis
(Kong / Lumpy)
Evan Parke as Hayes
Evan Parke
Jamie Bell as Jimmy
Jamie Bell
Lobo Chan as Choy
Lobo Chan
John Sumner as Herb
John Sumner
Craig Hall as Mike
Craig Hall
Kyle Chandler as Bruce Baxter
Kyle Chandler
(Bruce Baxter)
William Johnson as Manny
William Johnson
Mark Hadlow as Harry
Mark Hadlow
Geraldine Brophy as Maude
Geraldine Brophy
David Dennis as Taps
David Dennis
David Pittu as Weston
David Pittu
Pip Mushin as Zelman
Pip Mushin
Jim Knobeloch as Thuggish Executive
Jim Knobeloch
(Thuggish Executive)
Ric Herbert as Sleazy Executive
Ric Herbert
(Sleazy Executive)
Lee Donahue as Studio Guy's Assistant
Lee Donahue
(Studio Guy's Assistant)
Tom Hobbs as Young Assistant
Tom Hobbs
(Young Assistant)
Tiriel Mora as Fruit Vendor
Tiriel Mora
(Fruit Vendor)
Jed Brophy as Venture Crew
Jed Brophy
(Venture Crew)
Frank Edwards as Venture Crew
Frank Edwards
(Venture Crew)
Michael Lawrence as Venture Crew
Michael Lawrence
(Venture Crew)
Crawford Thomson as Venture Crew
Crawford Thomson
(Venture Crew)
Richard Kavanagh as Venture Crew
Richard Kavanagh
(Venture Crew)
Stephen Hall as Venture Crew
Stephen Hall
(Venture Crew)
Will Wallace as Venture Crew
Will Wallace
(Venture Crew)
Joe Folau as Venture Crew
Joe Folau
(Venture Crew)
Tim Wong as Venture Crew
Tim Wong
(Venture Crew)
Steve Reinsfield as Venture Crew
Steve Reinsfield
(Venture Crew)
John Wraight as Venture Crew
John Wraight
(Venture Crew)
Matthew Chamberlain as Venture Crew
Matthew Chamberlain
(Venture Crew)
Lee Hartley as Venture Crew - Radio Operator
Lee Hartley
(Venture Crew - Radio Operator)
Troy O'Kane as Venture Crew
Troy O'Kane
(Venture Crew)
Louis Sutherland as Venture Crew
Louis Sutherland
(Venture Crew)
Jason Whyte as Venture Crew
Jason Whyte
(Venture Crew)
Toa Waaka as Venture Crew
Toa Waaka
(Venture Crew)
John Clarke as Venture Crew
John Clarke
(Venture Crew)
Ray Woolf as Venture Crew - Helmsman
Ray Woolf
(Venture Crew - Helmsman)
David Dengelo as Venture Crew
David Dengelo
(Venture Crew)
Greg Smith as Venture Crew
Greg Smith
(Venture Crew)
Chris Bailey as Venture Crew
Chris Bailey
(Venture Crew)
Peter McKenzie as Venture Crew
Peter McKenzie
(Venture Crew)
Peter Ford as Venture Crew
Peter Ford
(Venture Crew)
Tamihana Nuku as Venture Crew
Tamihana Nuku
(Venture Crew)
Roussel Dubois as Venture Crew
Roussel Dubois
(Venture Crew)
Todd Rippon as Venture Crew
Todd Rippon
(Venture Crew)
Eddie Campbell as Venture Crew - Crewman
Eddie Campbell
(Venture Crew - Crewman)
Phil Grieve as Laughing Man
Phil Grieve
(Laughing Man)
Vicky Haughton as Sharwoman
Vicky Haughton
Jacinta Wawatai as Feral Child
Jacinta Wawatai
(Feral Child)
Terence Griffiths as Skull Islander
Terence Griffiths
(Skull Islander)
Stephen A. Buckley as Cab Driver
Stephen A. Buckley
(Cab Driver)
Chic Littlewood as Old Security Guard
Chic Littlewood
(Old Security Guard)
Rick Baker as Pilot
Rick Baker
Jim Dietz as Pilot
Jim Dietz
Gene de Marco as Pilot
Gene de Marco
John Dybvig as Policeman
John Dybvig
Tim Gordon as Hotel Clerk
Tim Gordon
(Hotel Clerk)
Lee McDonald as Chorus Line Tap Dancer
Lee McDonald
(Chorus Line Tap Dancer)
Stig Eldred as Army Commander
Stig Eldred
(Army Commander)
Billy Jackson as NY Child
Billy Jackson
(NY Child)
Katie Jackson as NY Child
Katie Jackson
(NY Child)
Tania Rodger as Hooverville Mother
Tania Rodger
(Hooverville Mother)
Samuel Taylor as Hooverville Child
Samuel Taylor
(Hooverville Child)
Bob Burns as NY Stander
Bob Burns
(NY Stander)
Kathy Burns as NY Stander
Kathy Burns
(NY Stander)
Joe Gertler as NY Stander
Joe Gertler
(NY Stander)
Jennifer Gertler as NY Stander
Jennifer Gertler
(NY Stander)
Geoff Timblick as Pressman
Geoff Timblick
Geoff Allen as Pressman
Geoff Allen
Belindalee Hope as Burlesque Dancer
Belindalee Hope
(Burlesque Dancer)
Crushanin Dixor-McIvor as Burlesque Dancer
Crushanin Dixor-McIvor
(Burlesque Dancer)
Jodie Taylor as Burlesque Dancer
Jodie Taylor
(Burlesque Dancer)
Hilton Denis as Vaudeville Act
Hilton Denis
(Vaudeville Act)
Geoff Dunstan as Vaudeville Act
Geoff Dunstan
(Vaudeville Act)
Daniel Tusia as Vaudeville Act
Daniel Tusia
(Vaudeville Act)
Paul Wilson as Vaudeville Act
Paul Wilson
(Vaudeville Act)
Shannon Wilson as Vaudeville Act
Shannon Wilson
(Vaudeville Act)
Jesse Rasmussen as Vaudeville Act
Jesse Rasmussen
(Vaudeville Act)
Sosina Wogayehu as Vaudeville Act
Sosina Wogayehu
(Vaudeville Act)
Peter Corrigan as Vaudeville Act
Peter Corrigan
(Vaudeville Act)
Colin Bogaars as Vaudeville Act
Colin Bogaars
(Vaudeville Act)
Susan Eastwood as Vaudeville Act
Susan Eastwood
(Vaudeville Act)
Caron Dallas as Vaudeville Act
Caron Dallas
(Vaudeville Act)
Matthew Dravitzki as Trampled Theatre-Goer
Matthew Dravitzki
(Trampled Theatre-Goer)
Darryl John as Vaudeville Act
Darryl John
(Vaudeville Act)
Felicia O'Brien as Vaudeville Act
Felicia O'Brien
(Vaudeville Act)
Peter Jackson as Gunner
Peter Jackson
Rick Porras as Gunner
Rick Porras
Frank Darabont as Gunner
Frank Darabont
Hamish Bruce as Gunner
Hamish Bruce
Latham Gaines as Photographer
Latham Gaines
Julia Walshaw as Theatre Actor
Julia Walshaw
(Theatre Actor)
Randall William Cook as Pilot
Randall William Cook
Luanne Gordon as Theatre Actor
Luanne Gordon
(Theatre Actor)
Lorraine Ashbourne as Theatre Actor
Lorraine Ashbourne
(Theatre Actor)
Edwin Wright as Theatre Actor
Edwin Wright
(Theatre Actor)
Glen Drake as Theatre Actor
Glen Drake
(Theatre Actor)
Lawrence Jarden as NY Police Chief
Lawrence Jarden
(NY Police Chief)
Ross Duncan as Audience Member
Ross Duncan
(Audience Member)
Jim McLarty as Photographer
Jim McLarty
Matt Wilson as Photographer
Matt Wilson
Elie Assaf as New Yorker
Elie Assaf
(New Yorker)
Aaron Beard as New Yorker
Aaron Beard
(New Yorker)
Jarl Benzon as New Yorker
Jarl Benzon
(New Yorker)
Ken Blackburn as Stage Manager
Ken Blackburn
(Stage Manager)
Charlie Bleakley as New Yorker
Charlie Bleakley
(New Yorker)
Dorothy Anne Bonner as New Yorker
Dorothy Anne Bonner
(New Yorker)
Luke Burnyeat as New Yorker
Luke Burnyeat
(New Yorker)
Richard Carrol as New Yorker
Richard Carrol
(New Yorker)
Hong Chin as New York Street Pedestrian
Hong Chin
(New York Street Pedestrian)
Colleen Cleary as New Yorker
Colleen Cleary
(New Yorker)
Steve Cooke as Theater Escort
Steve Cooke
(Theater Escort)
Bill Crisp as NY Cameraman
Bill Crisp
(NY Cameraman)
James Crompton as Alhambra Theatre Patron
James Crompton
(Alhambra Theatre Patron)
Joan Dawe as Up Town / Down Town Woman
Joan Dawe
(Up Town / Down Town Woman)
Peter Doile as Cafe Guy
Peter Doile
(Cafe Guy)
Lee Donoghue as Investment Assistant
Lee Donoghue
(Investment Assistant)
Anthony Dreaver as New Yorker
Anthony Dreaver
(New Yorker)
Carol Drysden as Martha
Carol Drysden
Coen Falke as Crowd Member
Coen Falke
(Crowd Member)
Larry Fistano as Man Running
Larry Fistano
(Man Running)
Matt Gillanders as Usher
Matt Gillanders
Jan Gopperth as New York Theatre Goer
Jan Gopperth
(New York Theatre Goer)
Eve Gordon as Hat Check Girl
Eve Gordon
(Hat Check Girl)
Ran Grumolis as New York Theatre Goer
Ran Grumolis
(New York Theatre Goer)
Jamie Harrison as New Yorker
Jamie Harrison
(New Yorker)
Michael Harrison as NY Street Photographer
Michael Harrison
(NY Street Photographer)
Marlon Hart as Theater Patron
Marlon Hart
(Theater Patron)
Julie Holmes as Vaudeville Patron
Julie Holmes
(Vaudeville Patron)
Richard Hopkins as Soldier in Truck
Richard Hopkins
(Soldier in Truck)
Nichola Jones as New York Theatre Goer
Nichola Jones
(New York Theatre Goer)
Tim Kano as New Yorker
Tim Kano
(New Yorker)
Camille Keenan as New York Citizen
Camille Keenan
(New York Citizen)
Kelly Kilgour as New Yorker
Kelly Kilgour
(New Yorker)
Eric Leighton as Soldier in Truck
Eric Leighton
(Soldier in Truck)
Bernie Lord as NY Street Pedestrian / Vaudeville Backstage Worker
Bernie Lord
(NY Street Pedestrian / Vaudeville Backstage Worker)
Isaac Lucas as New Yorker
Isaac Lucas
(New Yorker)
Jack Machiela as Soldier
Jack Machiela
Asofa Manase as Tribesman
Asofa Manase
Sam Manzanza as Skull Island Native
Sam Manzanza
(Skull Island Native)
Carlton McRae as New Yorker / Vaudeville Patron
Carlton McRae
(New Yorker / Vaudeville Patron)
Iain Middleton as New York Street Pedestrian / New York Theatre Goer
Iain Middleton
(New York Street Pedestrian / New York Theatre Goer)
Michaela Morgan as Girl Grabbed by Kong Outside Theater
Michaela Morgan
(Girl Grabbed by Kong Outside Theater)
Todd Morgan as Usher
Todd Morgan
Jimmy James Nielsen as Dock Worker
Jimmy James Nielsen
(Dock Worker)
Thomas Rimmer as Hoovervillian
Thomas Rimmer
Christian Rivers as Soldier in Truck
Christian Rivers
(Soldier in Truck)
Thomas Robins as New York Theatre Goer
Thomas Robins
(New York Theatre Goer)
Howard Shore as Orchestra Pit Conductor
Howard Shore
(Orchestra Pit Conductor)
Samuel E. Shore as New Yorker
Samuel E. Shore
(New Yorker)
Dianne Smith as Vaudeville Patron
Dianne Smith
(Vaudeville Patron)
Laura Surrich as New York Theatre Goer
Laura Surrich
(New York Theatre Goer)
Eric Vespe as Passenger in Rail Car
Eric Vespe
(Passenger in Rail Car)
Maria Walker as Tribe Member
Maria Walker
(Tribe Member)
Rosie Weddell as Frightened New York Stockbroker
Rosie Weddell
(Frightened New York Stockbroker)

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