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Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Live Free or Die Hard

  • Genres:
    Action | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    12 June 2007
  • Broadcast Co:
    Twentieth Century Fox
  • Country:
    USA | UK
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 8 min
  • Summary:
    John McClane and a young hacker join forces to take down master cyber-terrorist Thomas Gabriel in Washington D.C

Cast & Crew

Bruce Willis as John McClane
Bruce Willis
(John McClane)
Timothy Olyphant as Thomas Gabriel
Timothy Olyphant
(Thomas Gabriel)
Justin Long as Matthew 'Matt' Farrell
Justin Long
(Matthew 'Matt' Farrell)
Maggie Q as Mai Linh
Maggie Q
(Mai Linh)
Cliff Curtis as FBI Deputy Director Miguel Bowman
Cliff Curtis
(FBI Deputy Director Miguel Bowman)
Jonathan Sadowski as Trey
Jonathan Sadowski
Andrew Friedman as Casper
Andrew Friedman
Kevin Smith as Frederick 'Warlock' Kaludis
Kevin Smith
(Frederick 'Warlock' Kaludis)
Yorgo Constantine as Russo
Yorgo Constantine
Cyril Raffaelli as Rand
Cyril Raffaelli
Chris Palermo as Del
Chris Palermo
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lucy Gennaro McClane
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
(Lucy Gennaro McClane)
Sung Kang as Raj
Sung Kang
Zeljko Ivanek as Agent Molina
Zeljko Ivanek
(Agent Molina)
Christina Chang as Taylor
Christina Chang
Jake McDorman as Jim
Jake McDorman
Rosemary Knower as Mrs. Kaludis
Rosemary Knower
(Mrs. Kaludis)
Gerald Downey as Hoover Agent
Gerald Downey
(Hoover Agent)
Allen Maldonado as Goatee
Allen Maldonado
Jim Cantafio as Deli Owner
Jim Cantafio
(Deli Owner)
Chris Ellis as Scalvino
Chris Ellis
Regina McKee Redwing as Nearby Agent
Regina McKee Redwing
(Nearby Agent)
Tony Colitti as Chief Hazmat Agent
Tony Colitti
(Chief Hazmat Agent)
Tim DeZarn as Police Sergeant
Tim DeZarn
(Police Sergeant)
Kurt David Anderson as Miller
Kurt David Anderson
Matt O'Leary as Clay
Matt O'Leary
Nadine Ellis as Teller
Nadine Ellis
Ethan Flower as Trader
Ethan Flower
Nick Jaine as Phone Guy
Nick Jaine
(Phone Guy)
Tim Russ as Chuck Summer
Tim Russ
(Chuck Summer)
Joe Gerety as Jack Parry
Joe Gerety
(Jack Parry)
Edward James Gage as On Duty PP Operator
Edward James Gage
(On Duty PP Operator)
David Walrod as Deli Customer
David Walrod
(Deli Customer)
Edoardo Costa as Emerson
Edoardo Costa
John Reha as Slacker Kid
John Reha
(Slacker Kid)
Yancey Arias as Agent Johnson
Yancey Arias
(Agent Johnson)
Rick Cramer as MP Rodriguez
Rick Cramer
(MP Rodriguez)
Vito Pietanza as D.C. Cop
Vito Pietanza
(D.C. Cop)
Dennis Depew as D.C. Cop
Dennis Depew
(D.C. Cop)
Howard Tyrone Ferguson as D.C. Cop
Howard Tyrone Ferguson
(D.C. Cop)
John Lacy as EMT
John Lacy
Diana Gettinger as FBI Dispatcher
Diana Gettinger
(FBI Dispatcher)
Melissa Knowles as Freeway Reporter
Melissa Knowles
(Freeway Reporter)
Giancarlo Abriola as Student
Giancarlo Abriola
Matthew R. Anderson as Security Guard
Matthew R. Anderson
(Security Guard)
David Black as FBI Agent
David Black
(FBI Agent)
Matthew Bowen as Angry Civilian
Matthew Bowen
(Angry Civilian)
Joe Bucaro III as Driver
Joe Bucaro III
George W. Bush as Himself
George W. Bush
Jimmy Carter as Himself
Jimmy Carter
Elena Caruso as Newscaster
Elena Caruso
Tamieka Chavis as Concerned Citizen
Tamieka Chavis
(Concerned Citizen)
Bill Clinton as Himself
Bill Clinton
Clay Cullen as Assassin
Clay Cullen
Michael Dane as Pursuit Cop
Michael Dane
(Pursuit Cop)
Bruce Allen Dawson as Angry Civilian
Bruce Allen Dawson
(Angry Civilian)
John Doty as Angry Civilian
John Doty
(Angry Civilian)
Page Dreher as Pedestrian
Page Dreher
Timothy 'TJ' James Driscoll as SWAT Member with Walkie
Timothy 'TJ' James Driscoll
(SWAT Member with Walkie)
Andy Dylan as Terrorist Blown Up by Fire Extinguisher
Andy Dylan
(Terrorist Blown Up by Fire Extinguisher)
Dwight D. Eisenhower as Himself
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Peter Epstein as Terrorist Truck Driver
Peter Epstein
(Terrorist Truck Driver)
Liam Ferguson as Government Worker
Liam Ferguson
(Government Worker)
Daniel Ferro as Civillian
Daniel Ferro
Gerald Ford as Himself
Gerald Ford
Charles Grisham as Gabriel's main terrorist
Charles Grisham
(Gabriel's main terrorist)
David Haverty as Police Officer
David Haverty
(Police Officer)
Katherine Hoskins Mackey as FBI Agent
Katherine Hoskins Mackey
(FBI Agent)
Sydney Jay as Junior FBI Agent
Sydney Jay
(Junior FBI Agent)
Carshenah Jefferson as FBI Tech Analyst
Carshenah Jefferson
(FBI Tech Analyst)
Lyndon Johnson as Himself
Lyndon Johnson
Bobby Joyner as Junior Suit
Bobby Joyner
(Junior Suit)
Alexander Kanellakos as FBI Special Agent
Alexander Kanellakos
(FBI Special Agent)
John F. Kennedy as Himself
John F. Kennedy
Susan Kiskis as Concerned Citizen
Susan Kiskis
(Concerned Citizen)
Errol Krass as Pedestrian
Errol Krass
Aaron Michael Lacey as Civilian
Aaron Michael Lacey
Jonathan Lane as FBI Agent
Jonathan Lane
(FBI Agent)
Brock Little as Terrorist
Brock Little
Matt McColm as Terrorist
Matt McColm
Neal McNeil as D.C. Police Officer
Neal McNeil
(D.C. Police Officer)
Michael Molthen as F.B.I. Tech
Michael Molthen
(F.B.I. Tech)
Drew Nelson as Cyber hacker
Drew Nelson
(Cyber hacker)
Richard Nixon as Himself
Richard Nixon
Nicole Nogrady as FBI Tech-Analyst
Nicole Nogrady
(FBI Tech-Analyst)
Chris O'Brocki as Angry Civilian
Chris O'Brocki
(Angry Civilian)
Manny Oliverez as Civilian
Manny Oliverez
Norman Outlaw as Office Worker
Norman Outlaw
(Office Worker)
Michael Papajohn as Gabriel's Henchman
Michael Papajohn
(Gabriel's Henchman)
Christopher Phillips as Street Pedestrian
Christopher Phillips
(Street Pedestrian)
Ronald Reagan as Himself
Ronald Reagan
Lil Rhee as DC Resident
Lil Rhee
(DC Resident)
Alex Richard as Don Albert
Alex Richard
(Don Albert)
Franklin D. Roosevelt as Himself
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Sean Ross as Cafe Customer
Sean Ross
(Cafe Customer)
Brian Smyj as Cop
Brian Smyj
Maciek Sokalski as FBI Agent
Maciek Sokalski
(FBI Agent)
Chad Stahelski as Terrorist
Chad Stahelski
Patrick Michael Strange as Protestor
Patrick Michael Strange
Tom Townsend as Angry Civillian
Tom Townsend
(Angry Civillian)
Tim W. Walker as D.C. Firefighter
Tim W. Walker
(D.C. Firefighter)
Bryon Weiss as Robinson
Bryon Weiss
Skip Wright as EMT
Skip Wright
Stephen Zaleski as Businessman
Stephen Zaleski

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