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Man of a Thousand Faces

Man of a Thousand Faces (1957)

Man of a Thousand Faces

  • Genres:
    Biography | Drama | Classic
  • Release Date:
    13 August 1957
  • Broadcast Co:
    Universal International Pictures (UI)
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (General Audience)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 2 min
  • Summary:
    Lon Chaney is a talented mime in the Teens working in vaudeville. He is married to the neurotic and unreliable Cleva Creighton, a singer whose erratic behavior costs both of them their jobs. When they go back to visit Chaney's family, Cleva is shocked to discover that his parents are deaf mutes. The paranoid, pregnant Cleva then irrationally presumes that her son by Lon may be born afflicted too. Even after their son is born healthy, she loses interest in being a wife and mother and tries to pursue a show business career alone. When Lon insists she return to mother young Creighton, she abandons them. When a judge decides Lon's stage career makes him an unfit parent, the actor moves to Hollywood in order to get regular, reliable employment, so he can regain custody.

Cast & Crew

James Cagney as Lon Chaney
James Cagney
(Lon Chaney)
Dorothy Malone as Cleva Creighton Chaney
Dorothy Malone
(Cleva Creighton Chaney)
Jane Greer as Hazel Bennet Chaney
Jane Greer
(Hazel Bennet Chaney)
Marjorie Rambeau as Gert
Marjorie Rambeau
Jim Backus as Clarence Locan
Jim Backus
(Clarence Locan)
Robert Evans as Irving Thalberg
Robert Evans
(Irving Thalberg)
Celia Lovsky as Mrs. Chaney
Celia Lovsky
(Mrs. Chaney)
Jeanne Cagney as Carrie Chaney
Jeanne Cagney
(Carrie Chaney)
Jack Albertson as Dr. J. Wilson Shields
Jack Albertson
(Dr. J. Wilson Shields)
Roger Smith as Creighton Chaney at 21
Roger Smith
(Creighton Chaney at 21)
Robert Lyden as Creighton Chaney at 13
Robert Lyden
(Creighton Chaney at 13)
Rickie Sorensen as Creighton Chaney at 8
Rickie Sorensen
(Creighton Chaney at 8)
Dennis Rush as Creighton Chaney at 4
Dennis Rush
(Creighton Chaney at 4)
Nolan Leary as Pa Chaney
Nolan Leary
(Pa Chaney)
Simon Scott as Carl Hastings
Simon Scott
(Carl Hastings)
Clarence Kolb as Clarence Kolb
Clarence Kolb
(Clarence Kolb)
Danny Beck as Max Dill
Danny Beck
(Max Dill)
Philip Van Zandt as George Loane Tucker
Philip Van Zandt
(George Loane Tucker)
Hank Mann as Comedy Waiter
Hank Mann
(Comedy Waiter)
'Snub' Pollard as Comedy Waiter
'Snub' Pollard
(Comedy Waiter)
John Halloran as Saloon Proprietor
John Halloran
(Saloon Proprietor)
Natalie Masters as Nurse
Natalie Masters
Harry Antrim as Cleva's Birth Doctor
Harry Antrim
(Cleva's Birth Doctor)
Emile Avery as Stagehand
Emile Avery
Al Bain as Actor in Bullpen
Al Bain
(Actor in Bullpen)
Bobby Barber as Miracle Man Extra
Bobby Barber
(Miracle Man Extra)
Russ Bender as Divorce Judge
Russ Bender
(Divorce Judge)
Marjorie Bennett as Vera, Housekeeper
Marjorie Bennett
(Vera, Housekeeper)
June Blair as Chorine
June Blair
Nicky Blair as Cameraman of 'Unholy Three'
Nicky Blair
(Cameraman of 'Unholy Three')
Larry J. Blake as David T. Stone
Larry J. Blake
(David T. Stone)
Harold Bostwick as Piano Player
Harold Bostwick
(Piano Player)
Rudy Bowman as Actor in Bullpen
Rudy Bowman
(Actor in Bullpen)
Chet Brandenburg as Stagehand
Chet Brandenburg
Helen Brown as Mrs. Heinley
Helen Brown
(Mrs. Heinley)
Robert Brubaker as Jack Conway, Director of 'Unholy Three'
Robert Brubaker
(Jack Conway, Director of 'Unholy Three')
John Bryant as William R. Darrow Jr.
John Bryant
(William R. Darrow Jr.)
George Calliga as Ceremony Guest
George Calliga
(Ceremony Guest)
Charles Cane as Studio Guard
Charles Cane
(Studio Guard)
Anna Lee Carroll as Chorine
Anna Lee Carroll
James J. Casino as Stagehand
James J. Casino
Spencer Chan as Chinese Extra in Bullpen
Spencer Chan
(Chinese Extra in Bullpen)
Bill Chatham as Shadow Dancer
Bill Chatham
(Shadow Dancer)
Jack Chefe as Extra in Bullpen
Jack Chefe
(Extra in Bullpen)
Dick Cherney as Crew Member
Dick Cherney
(Crew Member)
Heinie Conklin as Audience Extra
Heinie Conklin
(Audience Extra)
Billy Curtis as Harry Earles - Midget Actor in 'The Unholy Three'
Billy Curtis
(Harry Earles - Midget Actor in 'The Unholy Three')
Michael Dale as Reporter at Chaney's House
Michael Dale
(Reporter at Chaney's House)
Troy Donahue as Assistant Director in Bullpen
Troy Donahue
(Assistant Director in Bullpen)
Helene Drake as Script Supervisor, 'Laugh Clown Laugh'
Helene Drake
(Script Supervisor, 'Laugh Clown Laugh')
Steve Drexel as Messenger Boy
Steve Drexel
(Messenger Boy)
Richard Emory as Assistant Director in Bullpen
Richard Emory
(Assistant Director in Bullpen)
William Flaherty as Assistant Director of 'Hunchback'
William Flaherty
(Assistant Director of 'Hunchback')
Elizabeth Flournoy as Thalberg's Secretary
Elizabeth Flournoy
(Thalberg's Secretary)
Evelyn Ford as Chorine
Evelyn Ford
Clem Fuller as Cowboy Extra in Bullpen
Clem Fuller
(Cowboy Extra in Bullpen)
John George as Extra in Bullpen
John George
(Extra in Bullpen)
Kenneth Gibson as Ceremony Guest
Kenneth Gibson
(Ceremony Guest)
Bhupesh Guha as Ceremony Guest
Bhupesh Guha
(Ceremony Guest)
Robert Haines as Ceremony Guest
Robert Haines
(Ceremony Guest)
Jerry Hartleben as Lon Chaney at 8
Jerry Hartleben
(Lon Chaney at 8)
Charles Horvath as Ivan Linow, Actor playing Hercules in 'Unholy Three'
Charles Horvath
(Ivan Linow, Actor playing Hercules in 'Unholy Three')
Bob Hoy as Assistant Director in Bullpen
Bob Hoy
(Assistant Director in Bullpen)
William Hudson as David Anderson, Reporter
William Hudson
(David Anderson, Reporter)
Dave Kashner as Flogger of 'Hunchback'
Dave Kashner
(Flogger of 'Hunchback')
Tom Kennedy as Audience at Eulogy
Tom Kennedy
(Audience at Eulogy)
Jack Kenny as Actor in Bullpen
Jack Kenny
(Actor in Bullpen)
Donald Kerr as Don, a Stagehand
Donald Kerr
(Don, a Stagehand)
Nancy Kilgas as Mary Philbin in 'Phantom'
Nancy Kilgas
(Mary Philbin in 'Phantom')
Jess Kirkpatrick as Police Lieutenant in Hospital
Jess Kirkpatrick
(Police Lieutenant in Hospital)
Mike Lally as Lighting Man of 'Unholy Three'
Mike Lally
(Lighting Man of 'Unholy Three')
Louise Lane as Chorine
Louise Lane
Hugh Lawrence as George Chaney
Hugh Lawrence
(George Chaney)
Walter Lawrence as Stagehand
Walter Lawrence
Robert Locke Lorraine as Theatre Patron
Robert Locke Lorraine
(Theatre Patron)
Herbert Lytton as Emergency Room Doctor
Herbert Lytton
(Emergency Room Doctor)
Della Malzahn as Chorine
Della Malzahn
George E. Mather as Assistant Director in Bullpen
George E. Mather
(Assistant Director in Bullpen)
William Meader as Ceremony Guest
William Meader
(Ceremony Guest)
Joe Merritt as Assistant Director in Bullpen
Joe Merritt
(Assistant Director in Bullpen)
Ralph Montgomery as Director in Bullpen
Ralph Montgomery
(Director in Bullpen)
Carol Morris as Chorine
Carol Morris
Sol Murgi as Townsman in Miracle Man
Sol Murgi
(Townsman in Miracle Man)
Forbes Murray as Restaurant Patron
Forbes Murray
(Restaurant Patron)
Leo Needham as John Chaney
Leo Needham
(John Chaney)
Eddie Parker as Studio Guard
Eddie Parker
(Studio Guard)
Hank Patterson as Scotty, Stage Door Man
Hank Patterson
(Scotty, Stage Door Man)
George Pembroke as Mr. Tait
George Pembroke
(Mr. Tait)
George Peters as Director of 'Hunchback'
George Peters
(Director of 'Hunchback')
Foster H. Phinney as Director of 'Phantom'
Foster H. Phinney
(Director of 'Phantom')
Allen Pinson as Reporter at Chaney's House
Allen Pinson
(Reporter at Chaney's House)
Mike Portanova as Assistant Director of 'Unholy Three'
Mike Portanova
(Assistant Director of 'Unholy Three')
Paul Power as Studio Executive
Paul Power
(Studio Executive)
George Ramsey as Assistant Director
George Ramsey
(Assistant Director)
Ford Raymond as Actor in Bullpen
Ford Raymond
(Actor in Bullpen)
James Seay as Casting Director
James Seay
(Casting Director)
Charles Soldani as Actor in Bullpen
Charles Soldani
(Actor in Bullpen)
Cap Somers as Extra in Bullpen
Cap Somers
(Extra in Bullpen)
Owen Song as Actor in Bullpen
Owen Song
(Actor in Bullpen)
Lelani Sorenson as Carrie Chaney at 6
Lelani Sorenson
(Carrie Chaney at 6)
George Sowards as Actor in Bullpen
George Sowards
(Actor in Bullpen)
Ray Spiker as Ceremony Guest
Ray Spiker
(Ceremony Guest)
Norman Stevans as Restaurant Patron
Norman Stevans
(Restaurant Patron)
Robert Stevenson as Policeman, 'Unholy Three' Set
Robert Stevenson
(Policeman, 'Unholy Three' Set)
Jane Strangis as Chorine
Jane Strangis
Hal Taggart as Chaney's Divorce Lawyer
Hal Taggart
(Chaney's Divorce Lawyer)
Forrest Taylor as Miracle Man
Forrest Taylor
(Miracle Man)
Ken Terrell as Reporter at Chaney's House
Ken Terrell
(Reporter at Chaney's House)
Jack Tesler as Orchestra Leader
Jack Tesler
(Orchestra Leader)
Sammee Tong as Chinese Extra
Sammee Tong
(Chinese Extra)
Jack Tornek as Townsman in Miracle Man
Jack Tornek
(Townsman in Miracle Man)
Frances E. Williams as Louisa, Cleva's Maid
Frances E. Williams
(Louisa, Cleva's Maid)
Harry Wilson as Extra in Bullpen
Harry Wilson
(Extra in Bullpen)
Annie Yip as Chinese Extra in Bullpen
Annie Yip
(Chinese Extra in Bullpen)

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Ketabe Sabz
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Sedahaye Khamoosh
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Poshte Divare Sokoot
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Anna Karenina