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Manchester Kenare Darya (2016)

Manchester Kenare Darya

  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    23 January 2016
  • Broadcast Co:
    Amazon Studios - K Period Media - Pearl Street Films - The Media Farm
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 17 min
  • Summary:
    The story takes place in the present, while including flashbacks to relevant events. The protagonist is Lee Chandler, a janitor and handyman, who lives a solitary life in a basement apartment in Quincy, Massachusetts. The movie opens with scenes of him performing tasks for tenants of the apartment complex where he works. His interaction with them is minimal. After being reprimanded by his boss for swearing at an irritated tenant, he gets into a drunken bar fight with two businessmen believing they were staring at him. Lee receives word that his brother Joe has suffered a cardiac arrest, but he dies before Lee can get to the hospital. Lee insists on being the one to tell Joe's teenage son, Patrick, about his father's death. While making funeral arrangements, they learn that Joe's body cannot be buried until spring when the ground thaws. Lee opts to remain in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts until the delayed burial..


Cast & Crew

Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler
Casey Affleck
(Lee Chandler)
Ben O'Brien as Young Patrick
Ben O'Brien
(Young Patrick)
Kyle Chandler as Joe Chandler
Kyle Chandler
(Joe Chandler)
Richard Donelly as Mr. Martinez (1st Tenant)
Richard Donelly
(Mr. Martinez (1st Tenant))
Virginia Loring Cooke as Mrs. Groom (2nd tenant)
Virginia Loring Cooke
(Mrs. Groom (2nd tenant))
Quincy Tyler Bernstine as Marianne (3rd Tenant)
Quincy Tyler Bernstine
(Marianne (3rd Tenant))
Missy Yager as Mrs. Olsen (4th Tenant)
Missy Yager
(Mrs. Olsen (4th Tenant))
Stephen McKinley Henderson as Mr. Emery
Stephen McKinley Henderson
(Mr. Emery)
Ben Hanson as Lenny - the bartender
Ben Hanson
(Lenny - the bartender)
Mary Mallen as Sharon
Mary Mallen
Lewis D. Wheeler as 1st Businessman at Bar
Lewis D. Wheeler
(1st Businessman at Bar)
Anthony Estrella as 2nd Businessman at Bar
Anthony Estrella
(2nd Businessman at Bar)
C.J. Wilson as George
C.J. Wilson
Susan Pourfar as Nurse Irene
Susan Pourfar
(Nurse Irene)
Robert Sella as Dr. Muller
Robert Sella
(Dr. Muller)
Ruibo Qian as Dr. Bethany
Ruibo Qian
(Dr. Bethany)
Gretchen Mol as Elise Chandler
Gretchen Mol
(Elise Chandler)
Tom Kemp as Stan Chandler
Tom Kemp
(Stan Chandler)
Chloe Dixon as Suzy Chandler
Chloe Dixon
(Suzy Chandler)
Michelle Williams as Randi Chandler
Michelle Williams
(Randi Chandler)
Ellie Teeves as Karen Chandler
Ellie Teeves
(Karen Chandler)
Paul Meredith as Paul (Assistant Principal)
Paul Meredith
(Paul (Assistant Principal))
Carolyn Pickman as Paul's Assistant
Carolyn Pickman
(Paul's Assistant)
Lucas Hedges as Patrick
Lucas Hedges
Tate Donovan as Hockey Coach
Tate Donovan
(Hockey Coach)
Christian Mallen as CJ
Christian Mallen
Oscar Wahlberg as Joel
Oscar Wahlberg
Kara Hayward as Silvie Mc Cann
Kara Hayward
(Silvie Mc Cann)
Josh Hamilton as Wes (Joe's Lawyer)
Josh Hamilton
(Wes (Joe's Lawyer))
Wendy Overly as Wes's Assistant
Wendy Overly
(Wes's Assistant)
Shawn Fitzgibbon as Tom Doherty (Ping-Pong Player)
Shawn Fitzgibbon
(Tom Doherty (Ping-Pong Player))
Glenn McKiel as Manchester Police Chief
Glenn McKiel
(Manchester Police Chief)
Joe Stapleton as Fire Marshall
Joe Stapleton
(Fire Marshall)
Brian Chamberlain as Investigating Detective
Brian Chamberlain
(Investigating Detective)
Kenneth Lonergan as Manchester Pedestrian
Kenneth Lonergan
(Manchester Pedestrian)
Anna Baryshnikov as Sandy
Anna Baryshnikov
Jackson Damon as Otto
Jackson Damon
Heather Burns as Jill
Heather Burns
Jami Tennille as Janine
Jami Tennille
Liam McNeill as Josh (Randi's Husband)
Liam McNeill
(Josh (Randi's Husband))
Allyn Burrows as Father Martin
Allyn Burrows
(Father Martin)
Nellie Lonergan as 1st Girl at School ('Godspell')
Nellie Lonergan
(1st Girl at School ('Godspell'))
Brian A. White as Jerry (Guy in Boat Yard Office)
Brian A. White
(Jerry (Guy in Boat Yard Office))
Erica McDermott as Sue (Angry Boss in Boat Yard Office)
Erica McDermott
(Sue (Angry Boss in Boat Yard Office))
Matthew Broderick as Jeffrey
Matthew Broderick
Danae Nason as Rachel (Randi's Friend)
Danae Nason
(Rachel (Randi's Friend))
Frank Garvin as Homeowner
Frank Garvin
Kt Baldassaro as Bar Patron
Kt Baldassaro
(Bar Patron)
Amanda Blattner as Mourner
Amanda Blattner
William Bornkessel as George's Son
William Bornkessel
(George's Son)
Jim Boyd as Hospital Administrator
Jim Boyd
(Hospital Administrator)
John J. Burke as Bar Patron
John J. Burke
(Bar Patron)
Mark Burzenski as Driver
Mark Burzenski
Christina Calvao as Doctor
Christina Calvao
Jeffrey Corazzini as Dad at School
Jeffrey Corazzini
(Dad at School)
Elizabeth Dickson as Student
Elizabeth Dickson
Frank Durant as Bar Patron
Frank Durant
(Bar Patron)
K.C. Faldasz as Fisherman #2
K.C. Faldasz
(Fisherman #2)
Charlie Flannery as Village Man
Charlie Flannery
(Village Man)
Elaine Victoria Grey as Village Woman
Elaine Victoria Grey
(Village Woman)
Kevin Grondin as Funeral director
Kevin Grondin
(Funeral director)
London Hall as Aunt at Funeral
London Hall
(Aunt at Funeral)
Frankie Imbergamo as Hospital Visitor
Frankie Imbergamo
(Hospital Visitor)
Mike Koutrobis as Fisherman #1
Mike Koutrobis
(Fisherman #1)
Tom Mariano as Bar Patron
Tom Mariano
(Bar Patron)
Daniel Martignetti as Store Clerk
Daniel Martignetti
(Store Clerk)
Stew Replogle as Driver / Pedestrian
Stew Replogle
(Driver / Pedestrian)
Alan Resnic as Funeral Guest
Alan Resnic
(Funeral Guest)
Stephanie Ann Saunders as Funeral Mourner
Stephanie Ann Saunders
(Funeral Mourner)
Chaunty Spillane as Funeral Mourner
Chaunty Spillane
(Funeral Mourner)
David Struffolino as Fishing Dock Worker
David Struffolino
(Fishing Dock Worker)
Michael Steven Swanson as Townie
Michael Steven Swanson
Sydney Tennant as Babysitter
Sydney Tennant

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