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Marde Fili

Marde Fili (1980)

Marde Fili

  • Genres:
    Biography | Drama
  • Release Date:
    2 October 1980
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
    USA | UK
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 4 min
  • Summary:
    In Victorian London, Dr. Frederick Treves with the London Hospital comes across a circus sideshow attraction run by a man named Bytes called "The Elephant Man". In actuality, the creature on display is indeed a man, twenty-one-year-old Joseph "John" Merrick, who has several physical deformities, including an oversized and disfigured skull, and an oversized and disfigured right shoulder. Brutish Bytes, his "owner", only wants whatever he can get economically by presenting Merrick as a freak. Treves manages to bring Merrick under his care at the hospital, not without several of its own obstacles, including being questioned by those in authority since Merrick cannot be cured. Treves initially believes Bytes' assertion that mute Merrick is an imbecile, but ultimately learns that Merrick can speak and is a well-read and articulate man. As news of Merrick hits the London newspapers, he becomes a celebrated curiosity amongst London's upper class, including with Mrs. Kendal, a famed actress. Despite treated much more humanely, the question becomes whether Treves' actions are a further exploitation of Merrick. And as Merrick becomes more famous, others try to get their two-cents worth from who still remains a curiosity and a freak to most, including to Bytes, who has since lost his meal ticket.

Cast & Crew

Anthony Hopkins as Frederick Treves
Anthony Hopkins
(Frederick Treves)
John Hurt as John Merrick
John Hurt
(John Merrick)
Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Kendal
Anne Bancroft
(Mrs. Kendal)
John Gielgud as Carr Gomm
John Gielgud
(Carr Gomm)
Wendy Hiller as Mothershead
Wendy Hiller
Freddie Jones as Bytes
Freddie Jones
Michael Elphick as Night Porter
Michael Elphick
(Night Porter)
Hannah Gordon as Mrs. Treves
Hannah Gordon
(Mrs. Treves)
Helen Ryan as Princess Alex
Helen Ryan
(Princess Alex)
John Standing as Fox
John Standing
Dexter Fletcher as Bytes' Boy
Dexter Fletcher
(Bytes' Boy)
Lesley Dunlop as Nora
Lesley Dunlop
Phoebe Nicholls as Merrick's Mother
Phoebe Nicholls
(Merrick's Mother)
Pat Gorman as Fairground Bobby
Pat Gorman
(Fairground Bobby)
Claire Davenport as Fat Lady
Claire Davenport
(Fat Lady)
Orla Pederson as Skeleton Man
Orla Pederson
(Skeleton Man)
Patsy Smart as Distraught Woman
Patsy Smart
(Distraught Woman)
Frederick Treves as Alderman
Frederick Treves
Stromboli as Fire Eater
(Fire Eater)
Richard Hunter as Hodges
Richard Hunter
James Cormack as Pierce
James Cormack
Robert Lewis Bush as Messenger
Robert Lewis Bush
Roy Evans as Cabman
Roy Evans
Joan Rhodes as Cook
Joan Rhodes
Nula Conwell as Nurse Kathleen
Nula Conwell
(Nurse Kathleen)
Tony London as Young Porter
Tony London
(Young Porter)
Alfie Curtis as Milkman
Alfie Curtis
Bernadette Milnes as 1st Fighting Woman
Bernadette Milnes
(1st Fighting Woman)
Brenda Kempner as 2nd Fighting Woman
Brenda Kempner
(2nd Fighting Woman)
Carol Harrison as Tart
Carol Harrison
Hugh Manning as Broadneck
Hugh Manning
Dennis Burgess as 1st Committee Man
Dennis Burgess
(1st Committee Man)
Fanny Carby as Mrs. Kendal's Dresser
Fanny Carby
(Mrs. Kendal's Dresser)
William Morgan Sheppard as Man In Pub
William Morgan Sheppard
(Man In Pub)
Kathleen Byron as Lady Waddington
Kathleen Byron
(Lady Waddington)
Gerald Case as Lord Waddington
Gerald Case
(Lord Waddington)
David Ryall as Man With Whores
David Ryall
(Man With Whores)
Deirdre Costello as 1st Whore
Deirdre Costello
(1st Whore)
Pauline Quirke as 2nd Whore
Pauline Quirke
(2nd Whore)
Kenny Baker as Plumed Dwarf
Kenny Baker
(Plumed Dwarf)
Chris Greener as Giant
Chris Greener
Marcus Powell as Midget
Marcus Powell
Gilda Cohen as Midget
Gilda Cohen
Lesley Scoble as Siamese Twin
Lesley Scoble
(Siamese Twin)
Teri Scoble as Siamese Twin
Teri Scoble
(Siamese Twin)
Eiji Kusuhara as Japanese Bleeder
Eiji Kusuhara
(Japanese Bleeder)
Robert Day as Little Jim
Robert Day
(Little Jim)
Patricia Hodge as Screaming Mum
Patricia Hodge
(Screaming Mum)
Tommy Wright as First Bobby
Tommy Wright
(First Bobby)
Peter Davidson as Second Bobby
Peter Davidson
(Second Bobby)
John Rapley as King In Panto
John Rapley
(King In Panto)
Hugh Spight as Puss In Panto
Hugh Spight
(Puss In Panto)
Teresa Codling as Princess In Panto
Teresa Codling
(Princess In Panto)
Marion Betzold as Principal Boy
Marion Betzold
(Principal Boy)
Caroline Haigh as Tree
Caroline Haigh
Florenzio Morgado as Tree
Florenzio Morgado
Victor Kravchenko as Lion / Coachman
Victor Kravchenko
(Lion / Coachman)
Beryl Hicks as Fairy
Beryl Hicks
Michele Amas as Horse
Michele Amas
Lucie Alford as Horse
Lucie Alford
Penny Wright as Horse
Penny Wright
Janie Kells as Horse
Janie Kells
Lydia Lisle as Merrick's Mother
Lydia Lisle
(Merrick's Mother)
Jack Armstrong as Man at Lecture
Jack Armstrong
(Man at Lecture)
Eric Bergren as Lyra Box Player #1
Eric Bergren
(Lyra Box Player #1)
Adam Caine as Kid at Train Station
Adam Caine
(Kid at Train Station)
Tony Clarkin as Thug from Pub
Tony Clarkin
(Thug from Pub)
Dave Cooper as Man in crowd
Dave Cooper
(Man in crowd)
Christopher De Vore as Lyra Box Player #2
Christopher De Vore
(Lyra Box Player #2)
Harry Fielder as Policeman
Harry Fielder
Chick Fowles as Man in Pub
Chick Fowles
(Man in Pub)
Norman Gay as Doctor
Norman Gay
Jill Goldston as Nurse
Jill Goldston
George Holdcroft as Lecture Assistant
George Holdcroft
(Lecture Assistant)
Juba Kennerley as Committee Member
Juba Kennerley
(Committee Member)
David Lynch as Man in the Bowler Hat in the Mob Chasing Merrick
David Lynch
(Man in the Bowler Hat in the Mob Chasing Merrick)
Jay McGrath as Man at Lecture
Jay McGrath
(Man at Lecture)
Ralph Morse as Young aristocrat
Ralph Morse
(Young aristocrat)
Henry Roberts as Man at Lecture
Henry Roberts
(Man at Lecture)
Peter Ross-Murray as Drunken Docker
Peter Ross-Murray
(Drunken Docker)
Kevin Schumm as Kid at Train Station #2
Kevin Schumm
(Kid at Train Station #2)
Ian Selby as Courtier
Ian Selby
Guy Standeven as Committee Member
Guy Standeven
(Committee Member)
Reg Thomason as Lecture Assistant
Reg Thomason
(Lecture Assistant)
Fred Wood as Injured Man
Fred Wood
(Injured Man)

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