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Marmooz (2018)


  • Genres:
    Comedy | Drama
  • Release Date:
    20 April 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Ghab Aseman
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 28 min
  • Summary:
    Ghodrat Samadi wants to become a member of parliament, but he has a reputation for recklessness and taking arbitrary action. Deciding his best course of action is negotiating with assorted parties and politicians, none take him seriously until he's connected to a single, notorious incident.

Cast & Crew

Hamed Behdad as Ghodrat Samadi
Hamed Behdad
(Ghodrat Samadi)
Vishka Asayesh as Diba Solati
Vishka Asayesh
(Diba Solati)
Azadeh Samadi as Mitra
Azadeh Samadi
Mani Haghighi as Vosoogh
Mani Haghighi
Behzad Ghadyanloo as Nosrat
Behzad Ghadyanloo
Siavash Cheraghi Pour as Morshedzadeh
Siavash Cheraghi Pour
Mohammad Amir Naji as Minister of Culture
Mohammad Amir Naji
(Minister of Culture)
Mohammad Bahrani as Meshkati
Mohammad Bahrani
Javad Yahyavi as Salari
Javad Yahyavi
Shirin Aghakashi as Nosrat's mother
Shirin Aghakashi
(Nosrat's mother)
Farhan Moeenzadeh as Interrogater
Farhan Moeenzadeh
Eisa Yousefipour as Ajdar
Eisa Yousefipour

Thumbnails & Trailers


Kare Kasif
Kare Kasif
In Zibaye Khaaregholaade
In Zibaye Khaaregholaade
Jadde Ghadim
Jadde Ghadim
Panjah Sayeyeh Tiretar
Panjah Sayeyeh Tiretar
Ba Shoharat Sohbat Kon: Meyar Shohar
Ba Shoharat Sohbat Kon: Meyar Shohar
Khejalat Nakesh
Khejalat Nakesh