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Metropolis (1927)


  • Genres:
    Drama | Sci-Fi
  • Release Date:
    10 January 1927
  • Broadcast Co:
    Universum Film (UFA)
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 33 min
  • Summary:
    In a futuristic city sharply divided between the working class and the city planners, the son of the city's mastermind falls in love with a working class prophet who predicts the coming of a savior to mediate their differences.

Cast & Crew

Alfred Abel as Joh Fredersen
Alfred Abel
(Joh Fredersen)
Gustav Fröhlich as Freder - Joh Fredersen's Son
Gustav Fröhlich
(Freder - Joh Fredersen's Son)
Rudolf Klein-Rogge as C.A. Rotwang - the Inventor
Rudolf Klein-Rogge
(C.A. Rotwang - the Inventor)
Fritz Rasp as The Thin Man
Fritz Rasp
(The Thin Man)
Theodor Loos as Josaphat
Theodor Loos
Erwin Biswanger as 11811 - Georgy
Erwin Biswanger
(11811 - Georgy)
Heinrich George as Grot - the Guardian of the Heart Machine
Heinrich George
(Grot - the Guardian of the Heart Machine)
Brigitte Helm as The Machine Man / Maria
Brigitte Helm
(The Machine Man / Maria)
Fritz Alberti as Creative Human - Man Who Convinces Babel
Fritz Alberti
(Creative Human - Man Who Convinces Babel)
Grete Berger as Working Woman
Grete Berger
(Working Woman)
Olly Boeheim as Working Woman
Olly Boeheim
(Working Woman)
Max Dietze as Working Man
Max Dietze
(Working Man)
Ellen Frey as Working Woman
Ellen Frey
(Working Woman)
Beatrice Garga as Woman of Eternal Gardens
Beatrice Garga
(Woman of Eternal Gardens)
Heinrich Gotho as Master of Ceremonies
Heinrich Gotho
(Master of Ceremonies)
Dolly Grey as Working Woman
Dolly Grey
(Working Woman)
Anny Hintze as Woman of Eternal Gardens
Anny Hintze
(Woman of Eternal Gardens)
Gottfried Huppertz as Man Playing Violin
Gottfried Huppertz
(Man Playing Violin)
Georg John as Working Man Who Causes Explosion of M-Machine
Georg John
(Working Man Who Causes Explosion of M-Machine)
Walter Kuehle as Working Man
Walter Kuehle
(Working Man)
Margarete Lanner as Lady in Car / Woman of Eternal Gardens
Margarete Lanner
(Lady in Car / Woman of Eternal Gardens)
Rose Lichtenstein as Working Woman
Rose Lichtenstein
(Working Woman)
Hanns Leo Reich as Marinus
Hanns Leo Reich
Arthur Reinhardt as Working Man
Arthur Reinhardt
(Working Man)
Curt Siodmak as Working Man
Curt Siodmak
(Working Man)
Henrietta Siodmak as Working Woman
Henrietta Siodmak
(Working Woman)
Olaf Storm as Jan
Olaf Storm
Erwin Vater as Working Man
Erwin Vater
(Working Man)
Rolf von Goth as Son in Eternal Gardens
Rolf von Goth
(Son in Eternal Gardens)
Helen von Münchofen as Woman of Eternal Gardens
Helen von Münchofen
(Woman of Eternal Gardens)
Helene Weigel as Working Woman
Helene Weigel
(Working Woman)
Hilde Woitscheff as Woman of Eternal Gardens
Hilde Woitscheff
(Woman of Eternal Gardens)

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