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Noah (2014)


  • Genres:
    Action | Drama | Adventure | History
  • Release Date:
    10 March 2014
  • Broadcast Co:
    Paramount Pictures - Regency Enterprises
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 18 min
  • Summary:
    Noah is chosen by God to undertake a momentous mission before an apocalyptic flood cleanses the world.

Cast & Crew

Russell Crowe as Noah
Russell Crowe
Jennifer Connelly as Naameh
Jennifer Connelly
Ray Winstone as Tubal-cain
Ray Winstone
Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah
Anthony Hopkins
Emma Watson as Ila
Emma Watson
Logan Lerman as Ham
Logan Lerman
Douglas Booth as Shem
Douglas Booth
Nick Nolte as Samyaza
Nick Nolte
Mark Margolis as Magog
Mark Margolis
Kevin Durand as Rameel
Kevin Durand
Leo McHugh Carroll as Japheth
Leo McHugh Carroll
Marton Csokas as Lamech
Marton Csokas
Finn Wittrock as Young Tubal-cain
Finn Wittrock
(Young Tubal-cain)
Madison Davenport as Na'el
Madison Davenport
Gavin Casalegno as Young Shem
Gavin Casalegno
(Young Shem)
Nolan Gross as Young Ham
Nolan Gross
(Young Ham)
Skylar Burke as Young Ila
Skylar Burke
(Young Ila)
Dakota Goyo as Young Noah
Dakota Goyo
(Young Noah)
Ariane Rinehart as Eve
Ariane Rinehart
Adam Griffith as Adam
Adam Griffith
Sophie Nyweide as Younger Sister
Sophie Nyweide
(Younger Sister)
Don Harvey as Mean Uncle
Don Harvey
(Mean Uncle)
Sami Gayle as Refugee Daughter
Sami Gayle
(Refugee Daughter)
Barry Sloane as Poacher Leader
Barry Sloane
(Poacher Leader)
Arna Magnea Danks as Laughing Poacher
Arna Magnea Danks
(Laughing Poacher)
Vera Fried as One Eyed Crone
Vera Fried
(One Eyed Crone)
Thor Kjartansson as Young Methuselah
Thor Kjartansson
(Young Methuselah)
Gregg Bello as Testu-col
Gregg Bello
Mellie Maissa Rei Campos as Newborn Baby
Mellie Maissa Rei Campos
(Newborn Baby)
Oliver Lee Saunders as Newborn Baby
Oliver Lee Saunders
(Newborn Baby)
Frank Langella as Og
Frank Langella
Jack Angel as Rock
Jack Angel
Joe Barlam as Soldier
Joe Barlam
Ezra Barnes as Father
Ezra Barnes
Joseph Basile as Wedge Soldier
Joseph Basile
(Wedge Soldier)
Raymond Michael Bell as Refugee
Raymond Michael Bell
Gabriel Fiorindo Bellotti as Refugee
Gabriel Fiorindo Bellotti
Anne Bergstedt as Wife Maiden
Anne Bergstedt
(Wife Maiden)
Andres Bjornsson as Crator Raider
Andres Bjornsson
(Crator Raider)
Josh Bodenhamer as Refugee
Josh Bodenhamer
Rick Bolander as Soldier
Rick Bolander
Jessie C. Bouffier as Refugee
Jessie C. Bouffier
Jean Burns as Refugee
Jean Burns
Lucas McHugh Carroll as Refugee
Lucas McHugh Carroll
Tom Cassese as Refugee
Tom Cassese
Kylie Cast as Young Maiden
Kylie Cast
(Young Maiden)
Adam Celentano as Refugee
Adam Celentano
Clem Cote as Tubal Cain Soldier
Clem Cote
(Tubal Cain Soldier)
Ludovic Coutaud as Refugee
Ludovic Coutaud
Jennifer Cové as Refugee
Jennifer Cové
Arnar Dan as Abel
Arnar Dan
Angela Dee as Screams
Angela Dee
Devin Diazoni as Solider
Devin Diazoni
Ryan Ebling as Soldier
Ryan Ebling
Jeff El Eini as Soldier
Jeff El Eini
Francisco Escobar as Soldier
Francisco Escobar
Joe Fionda as Refugee
Joe Fionda
Jim Ford as Refugee
Jim Ford
Daniel Grote as Refugee
Daniel Grote
Bradley Growden as Refugee
Bradley Growden
Tommi Thor Gudmundsson as Warlord
Tommi Thor Gudmundsson
Jonathan Haltiwanger as Refugee
Jonathan Haltiwanger
Jesse Harbold as Refugee
Jesse Harbold
Brandon Lee Harris as Refugee
Brandon Lee Harris
Eythor Atli Hilmarsson as Dead Body
Eythor Atli Hilmarsson
(Dead Body)
Jonathon Horton as Refugee
Jonathon Horton
Sam Ibram as Wedge Soldier
Sam Ibram
(Wedge Soldier)
David Itchkawitz as Wedge Soldier
David Itchkawitz
(Wedge Soldier)
Jeff Jackter as Soldier
Jeff Jackter
Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson as Cain
Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson
Chris Kapcia as Refugee
Chris Kapcia
David Kaplan as Refugee
David Kaplan
Shana Kaplan as Refugee
Shana Kaplan
Danielle Kay as Refugee
Danielle Kay
Austin Kennedy as Refugee
Austin Kennedy
Sam Klein as Flood Victim
Sam Klein
(Flood Victim)
Michael Kollias as Refugee
Michael Kollias
Bjarni Kristjánsson as Raider
Bjarni Kristjánsson
Anna Kuchma as Refugee
Anna Kuchma
William Lapp as Refugee
William Lapp
Kirk Larsen as Warlord
Kirk Larsen
Billy Lee as Refugee
Billy Lee
David Madison as Soldier
David Madison
Raymond Mamrak as Refugee
Raymond Mamrak
Branden Marlowe as Refugee
Branden Marlowe
Davy J. Marr as Refugee
Davy J. Marr
Lucas Martin as Refugee
Lucas Martin
Brian Matthews as Soldier
Brian Matthews
Mara McCann as Refugee
Mara McCann
Tori McHugh as Refugee
Tori McHugh
Mike McVearry as Soldier
Mike McVearry
Kevin Medina as Soldier
Kevin Medina
Lauren Meley as Refugee
Lauren Meley
Fabrizio Milito as Soldier
Fabrizio Milito
Julian Murdoch as Warlord's Child
Julian Murdoch
(Warlord's Child)
Brian Murray as Refugee
Brian Murray
Paul Nandzik as Soldier
Paul Nandzik
Hayden Oliver as Refugee Child
Hayden Oliver
(Refugee Child)
Erik Olssen as Refugee
Erik Olssen
And Palladino as Refugee
And Palladino
Shaun Parry as Wedge Soldier
Shaun Parry
(Wedge Soldier)
Simon Pearl as Additional Voices
Simon Pearl
(Additional Voices)
Joseph Piazza as Refugee
Joseph Piazza
Max Abe Plush as Refugee Child
Max Abe Plush
(Refugee Child)
Joseph G. Quinn as Javan Tabal
Joseph G. Quinn
(Javan Tabal)
Marek Radin as Soldier
Marek Radin
Marco Reininger as Soldier
Marco Reininger
Daniel Revkin as Refugee
Daniel Revkin
Tyler Evan Rowe as Soldier, Stunts
Tyler Evan Rowe
(Soldier, Stunts)
Greg Sammis as Soldier
Greg Sammis
Giovanni Sanseviero as The Blacksmith Boss
Giovanni Sanseviero
(The Blacksmith Boss)
Alan Scardapane as Refugee
Alan Scardapane
Rob Scebelo as Wedge Soldier
Rob Scebelo
(Wedge Soldier)
John F. Schindler III as Refugee
John F. Schindler III
Sarah Schoofs as Refugee
Sarah Schoofs
George Schroeder as Soldier
George Schroeder
Martin Schöndorfer as Refugee
Martin Schöndorfer
Maria Shamkalian as Outcast
Maria Shamkalian
David Shannon as Warlord
David Shannon
McKenzie Shea as Maiden
McKenzie Shea
Christian Paul Sherwood as Refugee
Christian Paul Sherwood
Lawrence Smith as Warlord
Lawrence Smith
Michelle Snyder as Charging Villager
Michelle Snyder
(Charging Villager)
Thomas W. Stewart as Refugee
Thomas W. Stewart
James Taffurelli as Soldier
James Taffurelli
Boriana Williams as Refugee
Boriana Williams
Jeremy Zierau as Soldier
Jeremy Zierau

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