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Paeine Dalane Tarik (2018)

Paeine Dalane Tarik

  • Genres:
    Drama | Fantasy
  • Release Date:
    1 August 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Fickle Fish Films - Nostromo Pictures - Temple Hill Entertainment
  • Country:
    USA | Spain
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 36 min
  • Summary:
    After the death of her father when she was a child, Kit Gordy has grown up as a troubled teen for disgust of her mother Ginny and her stepfather Dave Dabrowski. Called to the principal's office of her high school and accused of a failed attempt to burn it, Kit is expelled from the high school, but Dr. Heather Sinclair, member of the staff of the Blackwood Boarding School, appears to offer her a place in the next school year. Ginny enlists Kit against her will in a try to correct her daughter, and Kit travels Blackwood, an old, isolated and dark mansion in the middle of a forest outside the city. There she meets her companions: nice Izzy, shy Ashley, reluctant Sierra and borderline Veronica, so troubled teens as her own. In the dinner presentation, Kit and the other girls meet Madame Duret, Blackwood's headmistress, and the rest of the staff: Pr. Farley (maths), Jules Duret (music), Heather Sinclair (arts) and Mrs. Olonsky, Madame Duret's rude right-hand to keep the peace in Blackwood. Locked in a place without internet, cell phones and all trace of modern technology, Kit watches as all change in a weird way: Izzy develops an extreme obsession for mathematics, Sierra for painting, Ashley for writing and herself for piano, meanwhile that Veronica keeps out from this obsession. Trapped between her love interest for Jules, Madame Duret's son, and strange memory losses, Kit asks help Veronica to discover the reason of their different changes. Investigating the ruined and forbidden wing of Blackwood at the same time that the works of Izzy, Ashley, Sierra and the own Kit, this last one and Veronica realize not only that all them have one secret in common, but the previous students suffered a horrible fate caused by the Blackwood's supernatural forces, that it will be too their own unless they find a way to avoid it.

Cast & Crew

AnnaSophia Robb as Katherine 'Kit' Gordy
AnnaSophia Robb
(Katherine 'Kit' Gordy)
Uma Thurman as Madame Duret
Uma Thurman
(Madame Duret)
Isabelle Fuhrman as Izzy
Isabelle Fuhrman
Victoria Moroles as Veronica
Victoria Moroles
Noah Silver as Jules Duret
Noah Silver
(Jules Duret)
Taylor Russell as Ashley
Taylor Russell
Rosie Day as Sierra
Rosie Day
Rebecca Front as Mrs. Olonsky
Rebecca Front
(Mrs. Olonsky)
Jodhi May as Heather Sinclair
Jodhi May
(Heather Sinclair)
Pip Torrens as Professor Farley
Pip Torrens
(Professor Farley)
Kirsty Mitchell as Ginny Gordy-Dabrowski
Kirsty Mitchell
(Ginny Gordy-Dabrowski)
Jim Sturgeon as Dave Dabrowski
Jim Sturgeon
(Dave Dabrowski)
David Elliot as Robert Gordon
David Elliot
(Robert Gordon)
Brian Bovell as Dr. MacMillan
Brian Bovell
(Dr. MacMillan)
Julia Stresen-Reuter Ramírez as Young Kit
Julia Stresen-Reuter Ramírez
(Young Kit)
Ramiro Blas as Desfigured Man
Ramiro Blas
(Desfigured Man)
Carl Chambers as Paramedic 1
Carl Chambers
(Paramedic 1)
Josep Linuesa as Wilhelm Kestler
Josep Linuesa
(Wilhelm Kestler)

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