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Payam Avar : Dastane Jandark (1999)

Payam Avar : Dastane Jandark

  • Genres:
    Biography | Drama | Adventure | War
  • Release Date:
    18 October 1999
  • Broadcast Co:
    Gaumont - Okko Productions
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 28 min
  • Summary:
    In 1412, a young girl called Jeanne is born in Domrémy, France. The times are hard: The Hunderd Years war with England has been going on since 1337, English knights and soldiers roam the country. Jeanne develops into a very religious young woman, she confesses several times a day. At the age of 13, she has her first vision and finds a sword. When coming home with it, she finds the English leveling her home town. Years after that, in 1428, she knows her mission is to be ridding France of the English and so sets out to meet Charles, the Dauphin. In his desperate military situation, he welcomes all help and gives the maiden a chance to prove her divine mission. After the successful liberation of Orléans and Reims, the Dauphin can be crowned traditionally in the cathedral of Reims - and does not need her anymore, since his wishes are satisfied. Jeanne d'Arc gets set up in his trap and is imprisoned by the Burgundians. In a trial against her under English law, she can't be forced to tell about her divine visions she has had continuously since childhood. Being condemned of witchcraft and being considered as relapsed heretic, she is sentenced to death. Jeanne d'Arc is burnt alive in the marketplace of Rouen on May 30th, 1431, at only 19 years of age.

Cast & Crew

Rab Affleck as Comrade
Rab Affleck
Stéphane Algoud as Look Out
Stéphane Algoud
(Look Out)
Edwin Apps as Bishop
Edwin Apps
David Bailie as English Judge
David Bailie
(English Judge)
David Barber as English Judge
David Barber
(English Judge)
Christian Barbier as Captain
Christian Barbier
Timothy Bateson as English Judge
Timothy Bateson
(English Judge)
David Begg as Nobleman - Rouen's Castle
David Begg
(Nobleman - Rouen's Castle)
Christian Bergner as Captain
Christian Bergner
Andrew Birkin as Talbot
Andrew Birkin
Dominic Borrelli as English Judge
Dominic Borrelli
(English Judge)
John Boswall as Old Priest
John Boswall
(Old Priest)
Matthew Bowyer as The Bludgeoned French Soldier
Matthew Bowyer
(The Bludgeoned French Soldier)
Paul Brooke as Domremy's Priest
Paul Brooke
(Domremy's Priest)
Bruce Byron as Joan's Father
Bruce Byron
(Joan's Father)
Vincent Cassel as Gilles de Rais
Vincent Cassel
(Gilles de Rais)
Charles Cork as Vaucouleurs' Priest
Charles Cork
(Vaucouleurs' Priest)
Patrice Cossonneau as Captain
Patrice Cossonneau
Tony D'Amario as Compiegne's Mayor
Tony D'Amario
(Compiegne's Mayor)
Daniel Daujon as Church's Peer - Coronation
Daniel Daujon
(Church's Peer - Coronation)
Tonio Descanvelle as Xaintrailles
Tonio Descanvelle
Philippe du Janerand as Dijon
Philippe du Janerand
Faye Dunaway as Yolande of Aragon
Faye Dunaway
(Yolande of Aragon)
Sissi Duparc as Mary of Anjou's Lady's Companion
Sissi Duparc
(Mary of Anjou's Lady's Companion)
Barbara Elbourn as The Aunt
Barbara Elbourn
(The Aunt)
Christian Erickson as La Tremoille
Christian Erickson
(La Tremoille)
Tara Flanagan as Woman - Rouen's Castle
Tara Flanagan
(Woman - Rouen's Castle)
Bruno Flender as Poitiers' Inquisitor
Bruno Flender
(Poitiers' Inquisitor)
Serge Fournier as Church's Peer - Coronation
Serge Fournier
(Church's Peer - Coronation)
David Gant as The Duke of Bedford
David Gant
(The Duke of Bedford)
Sid Golder as Cell's Guard
Sid Golder
(Cell's Guard)
Jessica Goldman as Duchess of Bedford's Lady's Companion
Jessica Goldman
(Duchess of Bedford's Lady's Companion)
Framboise Gommendy as Joan's Mother
Framboise Gommendy
(Joan's Mother)
Robert Goodman as Blackbeard
Robert Goodman
Jean-Pierre Gos as Laxart
Jean-Pierre Gos
Joanne Greenwood as Catherine
Joanne Greenwood
Pascal Greggory as The Duke of Alençon
Pascal Greggory
(The Duke of Alençon)
Bernard Grenet as Senlis' Bishop
Bernard Grenet
(Senlis' Bishop)
Valerie Griffiths as The Hag
Valerie Griffiths
(The Hag)
Timothee Grimblat as Conscience - Child
Timothee Grimblat
(Conscience - Child)
Richard Guille as English Guard - Rouen's Castle
Richard Guille
(English Guard - Rouen's Castle)
Thierry Guilmard as Assessor
Thierry Guilmard
Jerome Hankins as Nobleman - Rouen's Castle
Jerome Hankins
(Nobleman - Rouen's Castle)
Desmond Harrington as Aulon
Desmond Harrington
Jacques Herlin as Orleans' Priest
Jacques Herlin
(Orleans' Priest)
Len Hibberd as Comrade
Len Hibberd
Dustin Hoffman as The Conscience
Dustin Hoffman
(The Conscience)
Didier Hoarau as Assessor
Didier Hoarau
Vera Jakob as Woman at the Cemetery
Vera Jakob
(Woman at the Cemetery)
Michael Jenn as The Duke of Burgundy
Michael Jenn
(The Duke of Burgundy)
Toby Jones as English Judge
Toby Jones
(English Judge)
Milla Jovovich as Joan of Arc
Milla Jovovich
(Joan of Arc)
Tchéky Karyo as Dunois
Tchéky Karyo
Gérard Krawczyk as Church's Peer - Coronation
Gérard Krawczyk
(Church's Peer - Coronation)
Richard Leaf as Conscience - Young Man
Richard Leaf
(Conscience - Young Man)
Franck Lebreton as Assessor
Franck Lebreton
Joseph Malerba as Beaurevoir's Guard
Joseph Malerba
(Beaurevoir's Guard)
John Malkovich as Charles VII
John Malkovich
(Charles VII)
Dominique Marcas as Poitiers' Inquisitor
Dominique Marcas
(Poitiers' Inquisitor)
Eric Mariotto as Young Monk
Eric Mariotto
(Young Monk)
René Marquant as Rouen's Priest
René Marquant
(Rouen's Priest)
Carl McCrystal as Glasdale
Carl McCrystal
Gina McKee as The Duchess of Bedford
Gina McKee
(The Duchess of Bedford)
Phil McKee as Redbeard
Phil McKee
Simon Meacock as The Teeth Soldier
Simon Meacock
(The Teeth Soldier)
John Merrick as Regnault de Chartres
John Merrick
(Regnault de Chartres)
Joseph O'Conor as Poitiers' Chief Inquisitor
Joseph O'Conor
(Poitiers' Chief Inquisitor)
Quentin Ogier as Louis
Quentin Ogier
Kevin O'Neill as Scribe at Process
Kevin O'Neill
(Scribe at Process)
Mélanie Page as Young Girl in Bath
Mélanie Page
(Young Girl in Bath)
Brian Pettifer as The Executioner / Torturer at Process
Brian Pettifer
(The Executioner / Torturer at Process)
Philip Philmar as English Judge
Philip Philmar
(English Judge)
Enee Piat as Monk at Coronation
Enee Piat
(Monk at Coronation)
Irving Pomepui as Louis XI - 5 Years Old
Irving Pomepui
(Louis XI - 5 Years Old)
Brian Poyser as English Judge
Brian Poyser
(English Judge)
Olivier Rabourdin as Richemont
Olivier Rabourdin
Vincent Regan as Buck
Vincent Regan
René Remblier as Dijon's Assistant
René Remblier
(Dijon's Assistant)
Joseph Rezwin as Poitiers' Inquisitor
Joseph Rezwin
(Poitiers' Inquisitor)
Ralph Riach as English Judge
Ralph Riach
(English Judge)
Mark Richards as Corridor's Guard in Rouen
Mark Richards
(Corridor's Guard in Rouen)
Richard Ridings as La Hire
Richard Ridings
(La Hire)
Malcolm Rogers as Bishop
Malcolm Rogers
Tara Römer as Gamaches
Tara Römer
Julie-Anne Roth as Young Girl in Bath
Julie-Anne Roth
(Young Girl in Bath)
Olga Sékulic as Mary of Anjou
Olga Sékulic
(Mary of Anjou)
Joe Sheridan as Canon
Joe Sheridan
Eric Tonetto as Captain
Eric Tonetto
Vincent Tulli as Orleans' Physician
Vincent Tulli
(Orleans' Physician)
Jane Valentine as Joan 8 Years Old
Jane Valentine
(Joan 8 Years Old)
Jemima West as Girl
Jemima West
Tat Whalley as Raymond
Tat Whalley
Peter Whitfield as English Judge
Peter Whitfield
(English Judge)
Timothy West as Cauchon
Timothy West
Frédéric Witta as Poitiers' Inquisitor
Frédéric Witta
(Poitiers' Inquisitor)
Matthew Géczy
Matthew Géczy
Romain Protat as Crown Monk
Romain Protat
(Crown Monk)
Andrew Tomarin as Loop
Andrew Tomarin

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