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Reprisal (2018)


  • Genres:
    Action | Drama | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    31 August 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films (EFO Films)
  • Country:
    USA | UK
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 29 min
  • Summary:
    A bank manager haunted by a violent heist that took the life of a coworker teams up with his ex-cop neighbor to bring down the assailant, initiating an explosive counterattack that brings all three men to the breaking point.

Cast & Crew

Bruce Willis as James
Bruce Willis
Frank Grillo as Jacob
Frank Grillo
Johnathon Schaech as Gabriel
Johnathon Schaech
Olivia Culpo as Christina
Olivia Culpo
Natali Yura as Maribel
Natali Yura
Uncle Murda as Barney
Uncle Murda
Natalia Sophie Butler as Sophia
Natalia Sophie Butler
Tyler Jon Olson as Casey
Tyler Jon Olson
Wass Stevens as Fredericks
Wass Stevens
Colin Egglesfield as FBI Agent Fields
Colin Egglesfield
(FBI Agent Fields)
Geoff Reeves as Porter
Geoff Reeves
Shea Buckner as Mitchell
Shea Buckner
Christopher Rob Bowen as Detective Roberts
Christopher Rob Bowen
(Detective Roberts)
Jesse Pruett as Hospital Admin
Jesse Pruett
(Hospital Admin)
Ken Strunk as Frank
Ken Strunk
Ashley Wisdom as Amanda
Ashley Wisdom
Tamara Belous as Marcie
Tamara Belous
Cameron Brexler as Pete
Cameron Brexler
Sergio Rizzuto as Michael
Sergio Rizzuto
John Dauer as Jack
John Dauer
Joy Corrigan as Katy
Joy Corrigan
Nicolas Petron as Robert
Nicolas Petron
Corey Mills as Brad
Corey Mills
Martin Blencowe as Kyle
Martin Blencowe
David Yuzuk as Sgt. Danello
David Yuzuk
(Sgt. Danello)
Lauren Rhoden as Rachel's Mom
Lauren Rhoden
(Rachel's Mom)
Sarah Fultz as Becky
Sarah Fultz
Brian D. Wolfe as Paramedic #1
Brian D. Wolfe
(Paramedic #1)
Chick Bernhard as Officer #1
Chick Bernhard
(Officer #1)
Carl Anthony Nespoli as Officer #2
Carl Anthony Nespoli
(Officer #2)
Chip Fumicello as Officer #3
Chip Fumicello
(Officer #3)
Jeff Galpin as Officer #4
Jeff Galpin
(Officer #4)
Shep Rose as Paramedic #2
Shep Rose
(Paramedic #2)
Craig Conover as Officer Smith
Craig Conover
(Officer Smith)
Jennifer Titus as Mary
Jennifer Titus
Brian Schaeffer as Paramedic #3
Brian Schaeffer
(Paramedic #3)
Zach Kaltenbach as School Employee
Zach Kaltenbach
(School Employee)
Mark Angel as Jogger
Mark Angel
Victoria Borbridge as Bank Teller
Victoria Borbridge
(Bank Teller)
Brian Bowman as Police officer
Brian Bowman
(Police officer)
John E. Brownlee as Police Officer
John E. Brownlee
(Police Officer)
Mark J Clifford as Construction Worker
Mark J Clifford
(Construction Worker)
William Cross as Businessman
William Cross
Bobby Easley as Jogger
Bobby Easley
Shawn P. Farrell as Clinic Employee
Shawn P. Farrell
(Clinic Employee)
John French as Bank Employee
John French
(Bank Employee)
Robert Gerding as Factory Worker
Robert Gerding
(Factory Worker)
Jason Marcus Griffith as Buisnessman
Jason Marcus Griffith
Rajiim A. Gross as Federal Agent
Rajiim A. Gross
(Federal Agent)
Susan Kile as Jogger
Susan Kile
Kenneth King as Shipping Yard Worker
Kenneth King
(Shipping Yard Worker)
Gregory M. Knight as Federal Agent
Gregory M. Knight
(Federal Agent)
Michael Laurianti as Policeman
Michael Laurianti
Daniel J. Le Saint as Police Officer
Daniel J. Le Saint
(Police Officer)
James Luoma as Police Officer
James Luoma
(Police Officer)
Dillon Lynch as Police Officer
Dillon Lynch
(Police Officer)
Kenneth Meyer as Bank Teller
Kenneth Meyer
(Bank Teller)
Kalub Mills as Businessman
Kalub Mills
Michael D Overman as Police Officer
Michael D Overman
(Police Officer)
David Pittinger as Shipping Yard Worker
David Pittinger
(Shipping Yard Worker)
Aaron Pullins IV as Police
Aaron Pullins IV
Matt Ridley as Pedestrian / Detective
Matt Ridley
(Pedestrian / Detective)
Stephanie Trabel as Lab Employee
Stephanie Trabel
(Lab Employee)
Peggy Warner as Federal Agent
Peggy Warner
(Federal Agent)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Shekast Napazir
Shekast Napazir
Khane Digari
Khane Digari
Doorbine Keler
Doorbine Keler
Jene Ziba
Jene Ziba
Voroode Aghayan Mamnoo
Voroode Aghayan Mamnoo