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Roozi Rozegari dar Hallywood (2019)

Roozi Rozegari dar Hallywood

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Drama
  • Release Date:
    21 May 2019
  • Broadcast Co:
    Columbia Pictures - Bona Film Group - Heyday Films -
  • Country:
    USA | UK | China
  • Parental Guide:
    R +18 (Under 18 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 41 min
  • Summary:
    A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywood's Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles.

Cast & Crew

Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton
Leonardo DiCaprio
(Rick Dalton)
Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth
Brad Pitt
(Cliff Booth)
Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate
Margot Robbie
(Sharon Tate)
Emile Hirsch as Jay Sebring
Emile Hirsch
(Jay Sebring)
Margaret Qualley as Pussycat
Margaret Qualley
Timothy Olyphant as James Stacy
Timothy Olyphant
(James Stacy)
Julia Butters as Trudi Fraser
Julia Butters
(Trudi Fraser)
Austin Butler as Tex Watson
Austin Butler
(Tex Watson)
Dakota Fanning as Squeaky Fromme
Dakota Fanning
(Squeaky Fromme)
Bruce Dern as George Spahn
Bruce Dern
(George Spahn)
Mike Moh as Bruce Lee
Mike Moh
(Bruce Lee)
Luke Perry as Wayne Maunder
Luke Perry
(Wayne Maunder)
Damian Lewis as Steve McQueen
Damian Lewis
(Steve McQueen)
Al Pacino as Marvin Schwarz
Al Pacino
(Marvin Schwarz)
Nicholas Hammond as Sam Wanamaker
Nicholas Hammond
(Sam Wanamaker)
Samantha Robinson as Abigail Folger
Samantha Robinson
(Abigail Folger)
Rafal Zawierucha as Roman Polanski
Rafal Zawierucha
(Roman Polanski)
Lorenza Izzo as Francesca Capucci
Lorenza Izzo
(Francesca Capucci)
Costa Ronin as Voytek Frykowski
Costa Ronin
(Voytek Frykowski)
Damon Herriman as Charlie
Damon Herriman
Lena Dunham as Gypsy
Lena Dunham
Madisen Beaty as Katie
Madisen Beaty
Mikey Madison as Sadie
Mikey Madison
James Landry Hébert as Clem
James Landry Hébert
Maya Hawke as Flowerchild
Maya Hawke
Victoria Pedretti as Lulu
Victoria Pedretti
Sydney Sweeney as Snake
Sydney Sweeney
Harley Quinn Smith as Froggie
Harley Quinn Smith
Dallas Jay Hunter as Delilah
Dallas Jay Hunter
Kansas Bowling as Blue
Kansas Bowling
Parker Love Bowling as Tadpole
Parker Love Bowling
Cassidy Hice as Sundance
Cassidy Hice
Ruby Rose Skotchdopole as Butterfly
Ruby Rose Skotchdopole
Danielle Harris as Angel
Danielle Harris
Josephine Valentina Clark as Happy Cappy
Josephine Valentina Clark
(Happy Cappy)
Scoot McNairy as Business Bob Gilbert
Scoot McNairy
(Business Bob Gilbert)
Clifton Collins Jr. as Ernesto The Mexican Vaquero
Clifton Collins Jr.
(Ernesto The Mexican Vaquero)
Marco Rodríguez as Bartender on Lancer
Marco Rodríguez
(Bartender on Lancer)
Ramón Franco as Movie Theater Manager
Ramón Franco
(Movie Theater Manager)
Raul Cardona as Bad Guy Delgado
Raul Cardona
(Bad Guy Delgado)
Courtney Hoffman as Rebekka
Courtney Hoffman
Dreama Walker as Connie Stevens
Dreama Walker
(Connie Stevens)
Rachel Redleaf as Mama Cass
Rachel Redleaf
(Mama Cass)
Rebecca Rittenhouse as Michelle Phillips
Rebecca Rittenhouse
(Michelle Phillips)
Rumer Willis as Joanna Pettet
Rumer Willis
(Joanna Pettet)
Spencer Garrett as Allen Kincade
Spencer Garrett
(Allen Kincade)
Clu Gulager as Book Store Man
Clu Gulager
(Book Store Man)
Martin Kove as Bounty Law Sheriff
Martin Kove
(Bounty Law Sheriff)
Rebecca Gayheart as Billie Booth
Rebecca Gayheart
(Billie Booth)
Kurt Russell as Randy Miller
Kurt Russell
(Randy Miller)
Zoë Bell as Janet Miller
Zoë Bell
(Janet Miller)
Michael Madsen as Sheriff Hackett on Bounty Law
Michael Madsen
(Sheriff Hackett on Bounty Law)
Tim Roth as Jay Sebrings Butler
Tim Roth
(Jay Sebrings Butler)
Perla Haney-Jardine as Hippie Selling Acid Cigarettes
Perla Haney-Jardine
(Hippie Selling Acid Cigarettes)
James Remar as Ugly Owl Hoot on Bounty Law
James Remar
(Ugly Owl Hoot on Bounty Law)
Monica Staggs as Connie
Monica Staggs
Craig Stark as Land Pirate Craig
Craig Stark
(Land Pirate Craig)
Keith Jefferson as Land Pirate Keith
Keith Jefferson
(Land Pirate Keith)
Omar Doom as Donnie
Omar Doom
Kate Berlant as Bruin Box Office Girl
Kate Berlant
(Bruin Box Office Girl)
Victoria Truscott as Musso & Frank Hostess (Gina)
Victoria Truscott
(Musso & Frank Hostess (Gina))
Allison Yaple as Lancer Script Girl
Allison Yaple
(Lancer Script Girl)
Bruce Del Castillo as Back Lot Crew Member
Bruce Del Castillo
(Back Lot Crew Member)
Brenda Vaccaro as Mary Alice Schwarz
Brenda Vaccaro
(Mary Alice Schwarz)
Lew Temple as Land Pirate Lew
Lew Temple
(Land Pirate Lew)
Daniella Pick as Daphna Ben-Cobo
Daniella Pick
(Daphna Ben-Cobo)
David Steen as Straight Satan David
David Steen
(Straight Satan David)
Mark Warrack as Curt
Mark Warrack
Gabriela Flores as Maralu the Fiddle Player
Gabriela Flores
(Maralu the Fiddle Player)
Heba Thorisdottir as Make-Up Artist Sonya
Heba Thorisdottir
(Make-Up Artist Sonya)
Breanna Wing as Young Girl Hippy Hitchhiker
Breanna Wing
(Young Girl Hippy Hitchhiker)
Kenneth Sonny Donato as Musso & Frank Bartender
Kenneth Sonny Donato
(Musso & Frank Bartender)
Sergio Gonzalez as Musso & Frank Waiter
Sergio Gonzalez
(Musso & Frank Waiter)
Casey O'Neill as Nazi Soldier / McCluskey Burn Nazi #1
Casey O'Neill
(Nazi Soldier / McCluskey Burn Nazi #1)
Michael Graham as Policeman
Michael Graham
Emile Williams as Paramedic
Emile Williams
Vincent Laresca as Land Pirate Vincent
Vincent Laresca
(Land Pirate Vincent)
JLouis Mills as Land Pirate J
JLouis Mills
(Land Pirate J)
Gilbert Saldivar as Land Pirate Gil
Gilbert Saldivar
(Land Pirate Gil)
Maurice Compte as Land Pirate Maurice
Maurice Compte
(Land Pirate Maurice)
Eddie Perez as Land Pirate Eddie
Eddie Perez
(Land Pirate Eddie)
Hugh McCallum as Lancer Camera Operator Hugh
Hugh McCallum
(Lancer Camera Operator Hugh)
Zander Grable as Hermann The Nazi Youth
Zander Grable
(Hermann The Nazi Youth)
Ed Regine as Cicada Maitre'd
Ed Regine
(Cicada Maitre'd)
Michael Bissett as Officer Mike
Michael Bissett
(Officer Mike)
Lenny Langley Jr. as Dashihi Donnell
Lenny Langley Jr.
(Dashihi Donnell)
Gillian Berrow as Gillian
Gillian Berrow
Chad Ridgely as Cop #1
Chad Ridgely
(Cop #1)
Chic Daniel as Cop #2
Chic Daniel
(Cop #2)
Corey Burton as Bounty Law Promo Announcer
Corey Burton
(Bounty Law Promo Announcer)
Michaela Sprague as Dancer
Michaela Sprague
Ryan Ramirez as Dancer
Ryan Ramirez
Kayla Radomski as Dancer
Kayla Radomski
Kerry Westcott as Dancer
Kerry Westcott
Lana Yurash as Hippie
Lana Yurash
Martin Abrahams as Bell Hop
Martin Abrahams
(Bell Hop)
Inbal Amirav as Jay Sebring's Date
Inbal Amirav
(Jay Sebring's Date)
Jacob Antolini as Restaurant Patron
Jacob Antolini
(Restaurant Patron)
Christopher Arminio as Street Corner Hippie
Christopher Arminio
(Street Corner Hippie)
R.J. Asher as LAX Paparazzo
R.J. Asher
(LAX Paparazzo)
Andrea Bensussen as Upscale Business Woman
Andrea Bensussen
(Upscale Business Woman)
María Birta as Playboy Bunny
María Birta
(Playboy Bunny)
Robert Broski as Abraham Lincoln
Robert Broski
(Abraham Lincoln)
Brian Patrick Butler as French Student
Brian Patrick Butler
(French Student)
Daniel Callister as Manson Family Member
Daniel Callister
(Manson Family Member)
HaleyRae Christian Cannell as Party Guest
HaleyRae Christian Cannell
(Party Guest)
Jason Catron as Paramedic #2
Jason Catron
(Paramedic #2)
Angela Cela as Party Girl
Angela Cela
(Party Girl)
Brianna Joy Chomer as Starlet
Brianna Joy Chomer
Jennifer Churchich as Gold Digger
Jennifer Churchich
(Gold Digger)
Natalie Cohen as Playboy Bunny
Natalie Cohen
(Playboy Bunny)
Townsend Coleman as The F.B.I. Intro Announcer
Townsend Coleman
(The F.B.I. Intro Announcer)
Michael Cox as TV Crew Grip
Michael Cox
(TV Crew Grip)
Tomer David as Musso and Frank Waiter
Tomer David
(Musso and Frank Waiter)
Lisa Dee as Red Apple Woman
Lisa Dee
(Red Apple Woman)
David Delagarza as Hippie
David Delagarza
Joseph Aaron Delgado as Theater Goer
Joseph Aaron Delgado
(Theater Goer)
Adrian Dev as Raj
Adrian Dev
Hal Dion as Western Towne Doctor
Hal Dion
(Western Towne Doctor)
Candice Dylan as Socialite
Candice Dylan
David M. Edelstien as Musso and Frank Waiter
David M. Edelstien
(Musso and Frank Waiter)
Jake Ersek as Airport Paparazzi
Jake Ersek
(Airport Paparazzi)
India Everett as Theater Goer
India Everett
(Theater Goer)
Miguel Fasa as Playboy
Miguel Fasa
Norman Fell as Himself
Norman Fell
Elisabeth Ferrara as Hollywood Blvd. Pedestrian
Elisabeth Ferrara
(Hollywood Blvd. Pedestrian)
Robert Freitag as Capt. Posen
Robert Freitag
(Capt. Posen)
Mayra-Alejandra Garcia as Low Ryder Girl - Puppet
Mayra-Alejandra Garcia
(Low Ryder Girl - Puppet)
Priyom Haider as El Coyote Valet
Priyom Haider
(El Coyote Valet)
Tom Hartig as Sweet William
Tom Hartig
(Sweet William)
Philip Harville as Office Boy
Philip Harville
(Office Boy)
Jeremy Hays as Flamethrower Trainer
Jeremy Hays
(Flamethrower Trainer)
Caitlin Herst as Starlet
Caitlin Herst
Christopher Hunt as Bar Patron
Christopher Hunt
(Bar Patron)
Forrest Jade as Starlet
Forrest Jade
Tea Jo as Hippie
Tea Jo
Jeff Jocoy as Hippie
Jeff Jocoy
Erin Johnson as Playboy Bunny (Jennifer)
Erin Johnson
(Playboy Bunny (Jennifer))
Hayley Malia Johnson as Socialite
Hayley Malia Johnson
Hunter Jones as Playboy Guest
Hunter Jones
(Playboy Guest)
Richard Allan Jones as TV Crew Director-Photography
Richard Allan Jones
(TV Crew Director-Photography)
Amber Kahwaji as Playboy Mansion Guest
Amber Kahwaji
(Playboy Mansion Guest)
Penelope Kapudija as Baby
Penelope Kapudija
Alicia Karami as Playboy Bunny
Alicia Karami
(Playboy Bunny)
Alexa Kopitnik as Playboy Bunny (Michelle)
Alexa Kopitnik
(Playboy Bunny (Michelle))
Mark Krenik as Honey Daddy
Mark Krenik
(Honey Daddy)
Danielle Krett as Playboy Mansion Guest
Danielle Krett
(Playboy Mansion Guest)
Nancy Kwan as Wen Yu-Rang
Nancy Kwan
(Wen Yu-Rang)
Suzanne LaChasse as Starlet
Suzanne LaChasse
Kasey Landoll as Starlet
Kasey Landoll
Bridie Latona as Hippie Girl
Bridie Latona
(Hippie Girl)
Chase Levy as El Coyote Patron
Chase Levy
(El Coyote Patron)
Sheila M. Lockhart as Party Guest
Sheila M. Lockhart
(Party Guest)
John Luder as Bounty Law Actor
John Luder
(Bounty Law Actor)
Cindy Mah as Newspaper Boy
Cindy Mah
(Newspaper Boy)
David L. Marston as Playboy Mansion Guest
David L. Marston
(Playboy Mansion Guest)
Luke Matheis as Restaurant Patron
Luke Matheis
(Restaurant Patron)
C. Ronald McPherson as Stage Coach Man
C. Ronald McPherson
(Stage Coach Man)
Nas Mehdi as Actor
Nas Mehdi
Hannes Messemer as Von Luger
Hannes Messemer
(Von Luger)
Veronika Mindal as Musso & Frank Guest
Veronika Mindal
(Musso & Frank Guest)
Gordon Mitchell as Man pursuing Dalton
Gordon Mitchell
(Man pursuing Dalton)
Margarita Molina as El Coyote Hostess
Margarita Molina
(El Coyote Hostess)
Courtney M. Moore as Playboy Bunny Arianne
Courtney M. Moore
(Playboy Bunny Arianne)
Jennifer Moxham as Air Hostess
Jennifer Moxham
(Air Hostess)
Peter Neil as Cowboy
Peter Neil
Daria Novokolska as Boarding Woman
Daria Novokolska
(Boarding Woman)
Gina Omilon as Script Girl
Gina Omilon
(Script Girl)
Jordan Saria Oram as Theater Goer
Jordan Saria Oram
(Theater Goer)
Lucia Oskerova as Jay Sebring's Date
Lucia Oskerova
(Jay Sebring's Date)
Johnny Otto as Police Officer
Johnny Otto
(Police Officer)
Katarina Pavelek as Movie Date
Katarina Pavelek
(Movie Date)
Don Pecchia as TV Producer
Don Pecchia
(TV Producer)
Andra Petru as Dancer
Andra Petru
Erin Pickett as Studio Executive
Erin Pickett
(Studio Executive)
Gary Private as Homicide Detective
Gary Private
(Homicide Detective)
John Rabe as Darrin Stephens / Red Apple Man
John Rabe
(Darrin Stephens / Red Apple Man)
Eddie J. Rangel as Italian Film Producer
Eddie J. Rangel
(Italian Film Producer)
Weston Razooli as Hippie
Weston Razooli
Christina Ricucci as Socialite
Christina Ricucci
Cailan Robinson as Sailor
Cailan Robinson
Ricardo Félix Rojas as Italian Film Crew
Ricardo Félix Rojas
(Italian Film Crew)
Julyah Rose as Starlet
Julyah Rose
Jasen Salvatore as Italian Flim Crew
Jasen Salvatore
(Italian Flim Crew)
Chris Saranec as El Coyote Patron
Chris Saranec
(El Coyote Patron)
Chris Scagos as Benjamin
Chris Scagos
James T. Schlegel as Lancer Cowboy
James T. Schlegel
(Lancer Cowboy)
Ij Scimeca as Restaurant Patron
Ij Scimeca
(Restaurant Patron)
Christina Sergoyan as Playboy Bunny
Christina Sergoyan
(Playboy Bunny)
Lisa Y. Sheeler as Conservative Lady
Lisa Y. Sheeler
(Conservative Lady)
Dave Silva as Saloon / Cantina Bartender
Dave Silva
(Saloon / Cantina Bartender)
Harold Smith as Manson Family Member
Harold Smith
(Manson Family Member)
Sarah May Sommers as Manson Family
Sarah May Sommers
(Manson Family)
Rage Stewart as Humble Harv
Rage Stewart
(Humble Harv)
Bruce M. Stockert as Man at Diner
Bruce M. Stockert
(Man at Diner)
Shannon Elizabeth Stone as Playboy Bunny
Shannon Elizabeth Stone
(Playboy Bunny)
Quentin Tarantino as Director of Red Apple Cigarettes Commercial
Quentin Tarantino
(Director of Red Apple Cigarettes Commercial)
Alexander Tassopoulos as Playboy Mansion Guest
Alexander Tassopoulos
(Playboy Mansion Guest)
Alfredo Tavares as Business Man
Alfredo Tavares
(Business Man)
Regina Valitova as Restaurant Patron
Regina Valitova
(Restaurant Patron)
Carolina Vargas as Bar Patron
Carolina Vargas
(Bar Patron)
Sarah Villegas as Playboy Playmate
Sarah Villegas
(Playboy Playmate)
Nicholas Walker as Playboy
Nicholas Walker
Burt Ward as Robin
Burt Ward
Zack Whyel as Manson Family
Zack Whyel
(Manson Family)
Trevor Wooldridge as Playboy Hollywood Actor
Trevor Wooldridge
(Playboy Hollywood Actor)
Guthrie Worthington as Hippie
Guthrie Worthington
Rachael Wotherspoon as Actress
Rachael Wotherspoon
Ronnie Zappa as Top Hat - Manson Family Member
Ronnie Zappa
(Top Hat - Manson Family Member)
Alina Zilbershmidt as Hippie
Alina Zilbershmidt

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