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Roozi rozegari dar landan (2019)

Roozi rozegari dar landan

  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    19 April 2019
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    R +18 (Under 18 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 51 min
  • Summary:
    In the 1930s, organized crime came to England. The Italian Subinis and English White family in West End dominated the London underworld. Come WWII and Jack "Spot" took over and later Billy Hill.

Cast & Crew

Holly Earl as Aggie Vaux
Holly Earl
(Aggie Vaux)
Kate Braithwaite as Gypsy
Kate Braithwaite
Dominic Keating as Belgian Johnny
Dominic Keating
(Belgian Johnny)
Geoff Bell as Darky Mulley
Geoff Bell
(Darky Mulley)
Leo Gregory as Billy Hill
Leo Gregory
(Billy Hill)
Jamie Foreman as Alf White
Jamie Foreman
(Alf White)
Andy Beckwith as Sonny The Yank
Andy Beckwith
(Sonny The Yank)
Justin Salinger as Harry White
Justin Salinger
(Harry White)
Michael McKell as Detective Rogers
Michael McKell
(Detective Rogers)
Doug Allen as Albert Dimes
Doug Allen
(Albert Dimes)
Terry Stone as Jack Comer
Terry Stone
(Jack Comer)
Roland Manookian as Mad Frankie Fraser
Roland Manookian
(Mad Frankie Fraser)
Joe Egan as Bears Breath
Joe Egan
(Bears Breath)
Josh Myers as Moisha Blueball
Josh Myers
(Moisha Blueball)
Theo Devaney as Stanley
Theo Devaney
Jason Riddington as Thug 1
Jason Riddington
(Thug 1)
Dominic Kinnaird as Chief Warden Hadley
Dominic Kinnaird
(Chief Warden Hadley)
Martin Bratanov as Gangster
Martin Bratanov
Chris Wilson as Big Bob
Chris Wilson
(Big Bob)
Kem Croft as Ronnie Kray
Kem Croft
(Ronnie Kray)
Steve Carroll as Policeman
Steve Carroll
Paul Kitson as Barman
Paul Kitson
Mark Harris as DS Higgins
Mark Harris
(DS Higgins)
Dan Styles as Doorman
Dan Styles
Matt Townsend as Star Client
Matt Townsend
(Star Client)
Andrea Coombs as Mrs. Vaux
Andrea Coombs
(Mrs. Vaux)
Kerim Hassan as Reggie Kray
Kerim Hassan
(Reggie Kray)
Malcolm Freeman as Uncle Don
Malcolm Freeman
(Uncle Don)
Christopher Dunne as Mr. Felson
Christopher Dunne
(Mr. Felson)
Nicholas Gecks as Judge
Nicholas Gecks
Mark Preston as Barry preston / criminal
Mark Preston
(Barry preston / criminal)
Ali Cook as Odd Legs
Ali Cook
(Odd Legs)
Adam Saint as Sabini
Adam Saint
Nadia Forde as Rita
Nadia Forde
Martin Bishop as Judge
Martin Bishop
Max Dowler as Mr. Bennett
Max Dowler
(Mr. Bennett)
Martyn Mayger as Property Owner
Martyn Mayger
(Property Owner)
Steve Collins as Big Bill
Steve Collins
(Big Bill)
Alexis Caley as Rose Heilbron QC
Alexis Caley
(Rose Heilbron QC)
Shawn Dixon as Taters
Shawn Dixon
Roger Alborough as Mr. Vaux
Roger Alborough
(Mr. Vaux)
Jamie O'Hara as Grinning Mike
Jamie O'Hara
(Grinning Mike)
Shereen Guerlin Ball as Tiger Lilly
Shereen Guerlin Ball
(Tiger Lilly)
Mariia Legun as Pub Customer
Mariia Legun
(Pub Customer)
Amy Loughton as Mrs. Bennett
Amy Loughton
(Mrs. Bennett)
Scott Lane as Cop
Scott Lane
Laura Carter as Daisy
Laura Carter
Simon Nader as Little Alan
Simon Nader
(Little Alan)
Ruth Shaw as Mrs. Johnson
Ruth Shaw
(Mrs. Johnson)
Simon Munnery as Duncan Webb
Simon Munnery
(Duncan Webb)
Yassine Mkhichen as Rick
Yassine Mkhichen
Phil Tillott as Drinker in Club
Phil Tillott
(Drinker in Club)
Joey Grima as Gambler
Joey Grima
Claire Richardson as Screaming Greengrocer
Claire Richardson
(Screaming Greengrocer)
Jonathan Milshaw as Tommy
Jonathan Milshaw
Tim Bruce as Barrister 2
Tim Bruce
(Barrister 2)
Frank Buglioni as Elephant Dave
Frank Buglioni
(Elephant Dave)
Colin Burt Vidler as Thug 2
Colin Burt Vidler
(Thug 2)
J.J. Hamblett as Bobby Warren
J.J. Hamblett
(Bobby Warren)
James Heron as Punter at racecourse
James Heron
(Punter at racecourse)
Corin Stuart as Barrister
Corin Stuart
Alfie Best as Electric Alfie
Alfie Best
(Electric Alfie)
John Michael Lowe as Alex the Barman
John Michael Lowe
(Alex the Barman)
Dean Weir as Gangster
Dean Weir
Grant Davis as Mr. Pickett
Grant Davis
(Mr. Pickett)
Paul Parker as Pub Goer
Paul Parker
(Pub Goer)
Glyn Dilley as Judge 2
Glyn Dilley
(Judge 2)
Harry Dave McLaren as Tic Tac Man
Harry Dave McLaren
(Tic Tac Man)
Richard Peter O'Sullivan as Gangster
Richard Peter O'Sullivan
Jack Kane as Young Teenager
Jack Kane
(Young Teenager)
Dan Noye as Racegoer
Dan Noye
Alex Watts as Billy Sparks
Alex Watts
(Billy Sparks)
Tom Ratcliffe as Teenager 3
Tom Ratcliffe
(Teenager 3)
Victoria Cross as Betsy
Victoria Cross
Henry Empson as Teenager 1
Henry Empson
(Teenager 1)
Dave Watts as Terence 'Lucky Tel' Hogan
Dave Watts
(Terence 'Lucky Tel' Hogan)
Tucker McDougall as Heavy
Tucker McDougall
Roy Beck as Villain
Roy Beck
Baltazar Oliva as White's Heavies
Baltazar Oliva
(White's Heavies)
Stuart Whelan as Islington Alan
Stuart Whelan
(Islington Alan)

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