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Sage Tazi (2020)

Sage Tazi

  • Genres:
    Action | Drama | History | War
  • Release Date:
    10 July 2020
  • Broadcast Co:
    Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) - Stage 6 Films - Bron Creative - Zhengfu Pictures
  • Country:
    USA | China | Canada
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 31 min
  • Summary:
    February 1942. The destroyer USS Greyhound, captained by Commander Krause, is the leader of the escort of a large Atlantic convoy. For 50 hours they will have no air cover, making them vulnerable to U-Boat attack. A few hours in their worst fears are realised: the convoy has been targeted by a U-Boat wolfpack.

Cast & Crew

Tom Hanks as Captain Krause
Tom Hanks
(Captain Krause)
Elisabeth Shue as Evelyn
Elisabeth Shue
Stephen Graham as Charlie Cole
Stephen Graham
(Charlie Cole)
Matt Helm as Lt. Nystrom
Matt Helm
(Lt. Nystrom)
Craig Tate as Pitts
Craig Tate
Rob Morgan as Cleveland
Rob Morgan
Travis Quentin as Ipsen
Travis Quentin
Jeff Burkes as Shannon
Jeff Burkes
Matthew Zuk as Flusser
Matthew Zuk
Joseph Poliquin as Lee Helmsman #1
Joseph Poliquin
(Lee Helmsman #1)
Casey Bond as Helmsman #1
Casey Bond
(Helmsman #1)
Josh Wiggins as Talker #1
Josh Wiggins
(Talker #1)
Michael Benz as Carling
Michael Benz
Grayson Russell as Signalman #1
Grayson Russell
(Signalman #1)
Ian James Corlett as Dicky
Ian James Corlett
Maximilian Osinski as Eagle
Maximilian Osinski
Dominic Keating as Harry
Dominic Keating
Dave Davis as Boatswain's Mate #1
Dave Davis
(Boatswain's Mate #1)
Tom Brittney as Lt. Watson
Tom Brittney
(Lt. Watson)
Parker Wierling as Messenger #1
Parker Wierling
(Messenger #1)
Ian Pala as Radarman
Ian Pala
Will Pullen as Talker #3
Will Pullen
(Talker #3)
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Lopez
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo
Karl Glusman as Eppstein
Karl Glusman
Travis Przybylski as Dawson
Travis Przybylski
Cade Burk as Starboard Lookout
Cade Burk
(Starboard Lookout)
Jesse Gallegos as Signalman #2
Jesse Gallegos
(Signalman #2)
Alex Kramer as Talker #2
Alex Kramer
(Talker #2)
Lee Norris as Messenger #2
Lee Norris
(Messenger #2)
Adam Aalderks as Helmsman #2
Adam Aalderks
(Helmsman #2)
Keon Motakhaveri as Lee Helmsman #2
Keon Motakhaveri
(Lee Helmsman #2)
Jake Ventimiglia as Fippler
Jake Ventimiglia
Michael Carollo as Forward Lookout
Michael Carollo
(Forward Lookout)
Caleb J. Thaggard as Port Lookout
Caleb J. Thaggard
(Port Lookout)
John Frederick as Chief Quartermaster Frederick
John Frederick
(Chief Quartermaster Frederick)
Jeff Adler as Rudel
Jeff Adler
Jimi Stanton as Lt. Harbutt
Jimi Stanton
(Lt. Harbutt)
Brandon Holubar as Bridge Lookout #1
Brandon Holubar
(Bridge Lookout #1)
Joel Newsom as Bridge Lookout #2
Joel Newsom
(Bridge Lookout #2)
Chet Hanks as Bushnell
Chet Hanks
Devin Druid as Wallace
Devin Druid
Thomas Kretschmann as Grey Wolf
Thomas Kretschmann
(Grey Wolf)
David Maldonado as Dr. Temme
David Maldonado
(Dr. Temme)
Jeremy Daniel Madden as Farnsworth
Jeremy Daniel Madden
Jon Donahue as Al
Jon Donahue
James Anderson as Navy Crewman
James Anderson
(Navy Crewman)
Joshua Ashton as Seaman Crewmember / Firing Line Rifleman
Joshua Ashton
(Seaman Crewmember / Firing Line Rifleman)
Trinity L Beals as Port Lookout / Navy
Trinity L Beals
(Port Lookout / Navy)
Tony Beard as 20mm Gun Crew
Tony Beard
(20mm Gun Crew)
Silas Borelly as Navy Crewman
Silas Borelly
(Navy Crewman)
Kadrolsha Ona Carole as Hotel Guest
Kadrolsha Ona Carole
(Hotel Guest)
Doug Day as Boatswain's Mate #2
Doug Day
(Boatswain's Mate #2)
Andrew Black Dillon as US Marine
Andrew Black Dillon
(US Marine)
Brandon Jolicoeur as Navy Crewman
Brandon Jolicoeur
(Navy Crewman)
Paul Kulis as 20mm Gun Crew
Paul Kulis
(20mm Gun Crew)
Phil Meyer as U.S. Army Air Corps Officer
Phil Meyer
(U.S. Army Air Corps Officer)
Sean Powell as Commander / Naval Officer
Sean Powell
(Commander / Naval Officer)
Jack Reeder as Navy Crewman / Radar Operator
Jack Reeder
(Navy Crewman / Radar Operator)
Anthony Rogers as U.S. Soldier
Anthony Rogers
(U.S. Soldier)
Laura Faye Smith as Vera Lynn
Laura Faye Smith
(Vera Lynn)
Mike Stoudt as Pilot / Soldier
Mike Stoudt
(Pilot / Soldier)
Cameron Stout as Navy Crewman
Cameron Stout
(Navy Crewman)
Dennis Thomas IV as Navy Crewman
Dennis Thomas IV
(Navy Crewman)
Bill Martin Williams as Waiter
Bill Martin Williams
Adam Woldtvedt as Gunman Leader
Adam Woldtvedt
(Gunman Leader)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Marde Ankabooti: Bazgasht Be Khane
Marde Ankabooti: Bazgasht Be Khane
Kargare Sadeh Niazmandim
Kargare Sadeh Niazmandim
Entekhabe Ghalat
Entekhabe Ghalat
Se rokh
Se rokh
Marge Stalin
Marge Stalin