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Samoraei (Le Samouraï)

Samoraei (Le Samouraï) (1967)

Samoraei (Le Samouraï)

  • Genres:
    Crime | Drama
  • Release Date:
    25 October 1967
  • Broadcast Co:
    Compagnie Industrielle et Commerciale Cinématographique
  • Country:
    Italy | France
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 41 min
  • Summary:
    In Paris, Jef Costello is a lonely hit man that works under contract. He is hired to kill the owner of a club and becomes the prime suspect of the murder. However, his perfect alibi drops the accusation against him. His girlfriend Jane, her client and citizen above any suspicion Wiener and Valerie, the pianist of the club and main witness of the crime, provide the necessary evidence of his innocence supporting his alibi. Free, he is betrayed and chased by the gangsters sent by the one that hired him and also by the police, not convinced of his innocence. Jef seeks out who has hired him to revenge.

Cast & Crew

Alain Delon as Jef Costello
Alain Delon
(Jef Costello)
François Périer as Le Commissaire
François Périer
(Le Commissaire)
Nathalie Delon as Jane Lagrange
Nathalie Delon
(Jane Lagrange)
Cathy Rosier as La pianiste
Cathy Rosier
(La pianiste)
Jacques Leroy as L'homme de la passerelle
Jacques Leroy
(L'homme de la passerelle)
Michel Boisrond as Wiener
Michel Boisrond
Robert Favart as Le barman
Robert Favart
(Le barman)
Jean-Pierre Posier as Olivier Rey
Jean-Pierre Posier
(Olivier Rey)
Catherine Jourdan as La jeune fille du vestiaire
Catherine Jourdan
(La jeune fille du vestiaire)
Roger Fradet as 1er inspecteur
Roger Fradet
(1er inspecteur)
Carlo Nell as 2ème inspecteur
Carlo Nell
(2ème inspecteur)
Robert Rondo as 3ème inspecteur
Robert Rondo
(3ème inspecteur)
André Salgues as Le garagiste
André Salgues
(Le garagiste)
André Thorent as Policier - chauffeur de taxi
André Thorent
(Policier - chauffeur de taxi)
Jacques Deschamps as Policier speaker
Jacques Deschamps
(Policier speaker)
Georges Casati as Damolini
Georges Casati
Jacques Léonard as Garcia
Jacques Léonard
Pierre Vaudier as 1er Policier de la visite nocturne
Pierre Vaudier
(1er Policier de la visite nocturne)
Maurice Magalon as 2ème Policier de la visite nocturne
Maurice Magalon
(2ème Policier de la visite nocturne)
Gaston Meunier as Maître d'hôtel
Gaston Meunier
(Maître d'hôtel)
Jean Gold as 1er client Night-Club
Jean Gold
(1er client Night-Club)
Georges Billy as 2ème client Night-Club
Georges Billy
(2ème client Night-Club)
Ari Aricardi as Un joueur de poker
Ari Aricardi
(Un joueur de poker)
Guy Bonnafoux as Un joueur de poker
Guy Bonnafoux
(Un joueur de poker)
Humberto Catalano as Un inspecteur
Humberto Catalano
(Un inspecteur)
Carl Lechner as Sosie Jef
Carl Lechner
(Sosie Jef)
Maria Maneva as La jeune fille au chewing-gum
Maria Maneva
(La jeune fille au chewing-gum)

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