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Scarface (1983)


  • Genres:
    Action | Drama
  • Release Date:
    1 December 1983
  • Broadcast Co:
    Universal Pictures
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (General Audience)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 50 min
  • Summary:
    When Fidel Castro opens the harbor at Mariel, Cuba, he sends 125,000 Cuban refugees to reunite with their relatives in the United States. Among all the refugees, there is one who wants it all, his name is Tony Montana. Tony and his friend Manny arrive in the United States and start in small time jobs. Soon, they are hired by Omar Suarez to pay money to a group of Colombians. When the deal goes wrong, Tony and Manny leave with the money and succeed in their job. Soon Tony meets with drug kingpin Frank Lopez and falls for his boss's girl, Elvira. Pretty soon Tony will know that those who want it all, do not last forever; that is the price of power. The world will know Montana by one name....SCARFACE.

Cast & Crew

Al Pacino as Tony Montana
Al Pacino
(Tony Montana)
Steven Bauer as Manny Ribera
Steven Bauer
(Manny Ribera)
Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira
Michelle Pfeiffer
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Gina
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Robert Loggia as Frank Lopez
Robert Loggia
(Frank Lopez)
Miriam Colon as Mama Montana
Miriam Colon
(Mama Montana)
F. Murray Abraham as Omar
F. Murray Abraham
Paul Shenar as Alejandro Sosa
Paul Shenar
(Alejandro Sosa)
Harris Yulin as Bernstein
Harris Yulin
Ángel Salazar as Chi Chi
Ángel Salazar
(Chi Chi)
Arnaldo Santana as Ernie
Arnaldo Santana
Pepe Serna as Angel
Pepe Serna
Michael P. Moran as Nick The Pig
Michael P. Moran
(Nick The Pig)
Al Israel as Hector The Toad
Al Israel
(Hector The Toad)
Dennis Holahan as Banker
Dennis Holahan
Mark Margolis as Shadow
Mark Margolis
Michael Alldredge as Sheffield
Michael Alldredge
Ted Beniades as Seidelbaum
Ted Beniades
Richard Belzer as M.C. at Babylon Club
Richard Belzer
(M.C. at Babylon Club)
Paul Espel as Luis
Paul Espel
John Brandon as Immigration Officer #3
John Brandon
(Immigration Officer #3)
Tony Perez as Immigration Officer #2
Tony Perez
(Immigration Officer #2)
Garnett Smith as Immigration Officer #1
Garnett Smith
(Immigration Officer #1)
Loren Almaguer as Dr. Munoz
Loren Almaguer
(Dr. Munoz)
Gil Barreto as Cuban Refugee
Gil Barreto
(Cuban Refugee)
Heather Benna as Gutierrez Child
Heather Benna
(Gutierrez Child)
Sue Bowser as Miriam
Sue Bowser
Tina Leigh Cameron as Saleslady
Tina Leigh Cameron
Victor Campos as Ronnie Echevierra
Victor Campos
(Ronnie Echevierra)
Robert Hammer Cannerday as Marielito
Robert Hammer Cannerday
Rene Carrasco as Shooter
Rene Carrasco
Albert Carrier as Pedro Quinn
Albert Carrier
(Pedro Quinn)
John Carter as Vic Phillips
John Carter
(Vic Phillips)
Richard Caselnova as Driver
Richard Caselnova
Gary Carlos Cervantes as Shooter #1
Gary Carlos Cervantes
(Shooter #1)
Carlos Cestero as Matos
Carlos Cestero
Johnny Contardo as Miguel Echevierra
Johnny Contardo
(Miguel Echevierra)
Roberto Contreras as Rebenga
Roberto Contreras
Caesar Cordova as Taco stand cook
Caesar Cordova
(Taco stand cook)
Gregory Cruz as Shooter #2
Gregory Cruz
(Shooter #2)
Dante D'Andre as General Strasser
Dante D'Andre
(General Strasser)
Richard Delmonte as Fernando
Richard Delmonte
Wayne Doba as Octavio The Clown
Wayne Doba
(Octavio The Clown)
Michel François as Maitre d'
Michel François
(Maitre d')
Ben Frommer as Male Patron
Ben Frommer
(Male Patron)
Edward R. Frommer as Taco Stand Customer
Edward R. Frommer
(Taco Stand Customer)
John Gamble as Helicopter Pilot
John Gamble
(Helicopter Pilot)
Troy Isaacs as Cuban Refugee
Troy Isaacs
(Cuban Refugee)
Ronald G. Joseph as Car Salesman
Ronald G. Joseph
(Car Salesman)
Mario Machado as Interviewer
Mario Machado
Joe Marmo as Nacho 'El Gordo'
Joe Marmo
(Nacho 'El Gordo')
Ray Martel as Nacho's Bodyguard
Ray Martel
(Nacho's Bodyguard)
John McCann as Bank Spokesman
John McCann
(Bank Spokesman)
Richard Mendez as Gina's Killer
Richard Mendez
(Gina's Killer)
Victor Millan as Ariel Bleyer
Victor Millan
(Ariel Bleyer)
Santos Morales as Waldo
Santos Morales
Mike Moroff as Gaspar's Bodyguard
Mike Moroff
(Gaspar's Bodyguard)
Angela Nisi as Gutierrez Child
Angela Nisi
(Gutierrez Child)
Manuel Padilla Jr. as Kid #2
Manuel Padilla Jr.
(Kid #2)
Tony Pann as Driver
Tony Pann
Ilka Tanya Payan as Mrs. Gutierrez
Ilka Tanya Payan
(Mrs. Gutierrez)
Barbra Perez as Marta
Barbra Perez
Michael Rougas as Monsignor
Michael Rougas
Anthony Saenz as Cuban Refugee
Anthony Saenz
(Cuban Refugee)
Geno Silva as The Skull
Geno Silva
(The Skull)
Arnold Tafolla as Kid #1
Arnold Tafolla
(Kid #1)
Charles A. Tamburro as Helicopter Pilot
Charles A. Tamburro
(Helicopter Pilot)
Jim Towers as Cuban Refugee
Jim Towers
(Cuban Refugee)
Robert Vandenberg as Gaspar Gomez
Robert Vandenberg
(Gaspar Gomez)
Bob Yanez as Cuban Man
Bob Yanez
(Cuban Man)
Angela Aames as Woman at Babylon Club
Angela Aames
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Nancy Lee Andrews as Woman at Babylon Club
Nancy Lee Andrews
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Dona Baldwin as Woman at Babylon Club
Dona Baldwin
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Lee Benton as Woman at Babylon Club
Lee Benton
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Cynthia Burr as Woman at Babylon Club
Cynthia Burr
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Lana Clarkson as Woman at Babylon Club
Lana Clarkson
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Karen Criswell as Woman at Babylon Club
Karen Criswell
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Margo Kelly as Woman at Babylon Club
Margo Kelly
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Ava Lazar as Woman at Babylon Club
Ava Lazar
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Emilia Crow as Woman at Babylon Club
Emilia Crow
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Marii Mak as Woman at Babylon Club
Marii Mak
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Shelley Taylor Morgan as Woman at Babylon Club
Shelley Taylor Morgan
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Catharine Richardson as Woman at Babylon Club
Catharine Richardson
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Pat Simmons as Woman at Babylon Club
Pat Simmons
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Terri Taylor as Woman at Babylon Club
Terri Taylor
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Charlie Adiano as Woman at Babylon Club
Charlie Adiano
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Lisa Katz as Woman at Babylon Club
Lisa Katz
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Jeanette Linne as Woman at Babylon Club
Jeanette Linne
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Margaret Michaels as Woman at Babylon Club
Margaret Michaels
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Rhonda Sandberg as Woman at Babylon Club
Rhonda Sandberg
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Katt Shea as Woman at Babylon Club
Katt Shea
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Marcia Wolf as Woman at Babylon Club
Marcia Wolf
(Woman at Babylon Club)
Fidel Castro as Himself
Fidel Castro
Barclay DeVeau as Ambassador's Daughter
Barclay DeVeau
(Ambassador's Daughter)
Charles Durning as Immigration Officer
Charles Durning
(Immigration Officer)
Dennis Franz as Immigration Officer
Dennis Franz
(Immigration Officer)
Linda Gillen as Voice
Linda Gillen
Bob Harks as Reporter
Bob Harks
Gregg Henry as Charles Goodson
Gregg Henry
(Charles Goodson)
Kevyn Major Howard as Extra
Kevyn Major Howard
Richard Jasen as Little Boy at Pool
Richard Jasen
(Little Boy at Pool)
Henry Kingi as Colombian Hitman
Henry Kingi
(Colombian Hitman)
Tammy Lynn Leppert as Distraction at the Lookout Car - Chainsaw Shower Scene
Tammy Lynn Leppert
(Distraction at the Lookout Car - Chainsaw Shower Scene)
Gigi Martone as Waiter
Gigi Martone
Brett Ratner as Boy Lying on Raft in Pool
Brett Ratner
(Boy Lying on Raft in Pool)
Randall Rutledge as Night Club Patron
Randall Rutledge
(Night Club Patron)
Marcus Shirock as Boy at Pool
Marcus Shirock
(Boy at Pool)
Max Wasa as Dancer - LaLa
Max Wasa
(Dancer - LaLa)

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Ma Inim
Ma Inim
Billionaire Boys Club
Billionaire Boys Club
Arman Shahr
Arman Shahr