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Se Shamshirzan 2 (2017)

Se Shamshirzan 2

  • Genres:
    Action | Drama
  • Release Date:
    18 June 2017
  • Broadcast Co:
    United Entertainment Partners - Dirty Monkey Films Group
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h
  • Summary:
    In the Ming dynasty of China, Shen Lian (starring Chang Chen), a secret police of corrupt government, is trapped by the conspiracy on a mission. To prove the innocence, he seeks the truth with a girl called Bei Zhai (starring Yang Mi).

Cast & Crew

Chen Chang as Shen, Lian
Chen Chang
(Shen, Lian)
Mi Yang as Bei, Zhai
Mi Yang
(Bei, Zhai)
Yi Zhang as Lu, Wenzhao
Yi Zhang
(Lu, Wenzhao)
Shih-Chieh King as Wei Zhongxian
Shih-Chieh King
(Wei Zhongxian)
Jiayin Lei as Pei Lun
Jiayin Lei
(Pei Lun)
Nazeeh Tarsha as Inspector Zheng
Nazeeh Tarsha
(Inspector Zheng)
Zhilei Xin as Ding, Baiying
Zhilei Xin
(Ding, Baiying)

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Netajt Leningrad
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Léon: The Professional
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Sarasar Shab
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Joojeh Tighi
Atom: Dastane Pokran
Atom: Dastane Pokran