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Shahzadeh va Geda (1937)

Shahzadeh va Geda

  • Genres:
    Drama | Adventure | Fantasy | Classic
  • Release Date:
    30 April 1937
  • Broadcast Co:
    Warner Bros
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 58 min
  • Summary:
    On the same day two boys are born: the pauper Tom and prince Edward. As a kid, Tom sneaks into the palace garden and meets the prince. They change clothes with each other but the guards discover them and throw out the prince, since they are almost identical. Nobody believe them when they try to tell the truth. Soon after, the old king dies and the prince will inherit the throne. The evil earl of Hertford attempts to murder the prince to gain power for himself.

Cast & Crew

Errol Flynn as Miles Hendon
Errol Flynn
(Miles Hendon)
Claude Rains as Earl of Hertford
Claude Rains
(Earl of Hertford)
Henry Stephenson as Duke of Norfolk
Henry Stephenson
(Duke of Norfolk)
Barton MacLane as John Canty
Barton MacLane
(John Canty)
Billy Mauch as Tom Canty
Billy Mauch
(Tom Canty)
Robert J. Mauch as Prince Edward
Robert J. Mauch
(Prince Edward)
Alan Hale as Captain of the Guard
Alan Hale
(Captain of the Guard)
Eric Portman as First Lord
Eric Portman
(First Lord)
Lionel Pape as Second Lord
Lionel Pape
(Second Lord)
Leonard Willey as Third Lord
Leonard Willey
(Third Lord)
Murray Kinnell as Hugo
Murray Kinnell
Halliwell Hobbes as Archbishop
Halliwell Hobbes
Phyllis Barry as Barmaid
Phyllis Barry
Ivan F. Simpson as Clemens
Ivan F. Simpson
Montagu Love as Henry VIII
Montagu Love
(Henry VIII)
Fritz Leiber as Father Andrew
Fritz Leiber
(Father Andrew)
Elspeth Dudgeon as Grandmother Canty
Elspeth Dudgeon
(Grandmother Canty)
Mary Field as Mrs. Canty
Mary Field
(Mrs. Canty)
Forrester Harvey as Meaty Man
Forrester Harvey
(Meaty Man)
Joan Valerie as Lady Jane Seymour
Joan Valerie
(Lady Jane Seymour)
Lester Matthews as St. John
Lester Matthews
(St. John)
Robert Adair as First Guard
Robert Adair
(First Guard)
Harry Cording as Second Guard
Harry Cording
(Second Guard)
Robert Warwick as Lord Warwick
Robert Warwick
(Lord Warwick)
Rex Evans as Rich Man
Rex Evans
(Rich Man)
Holmes Herbert as First Doctor
Holmes Herbert
(First Doctor)
Ian Maclaren as Second Doctor
Ian Maclaren
(Second Doctor)
Anne Howard as Lady Jane Grey
Anne Howard
(Lady Jane Grey)
Gwendolyn Jones as Lady Elizabeth
Gwendolyn Jones
(Lady Elizabeth)
Lionel Braham as Ruffler
Lionel Braham
Harry Beresford as The Watch
Harry Beresford
(The Watch)
Lionel Belmore as Innkeeper
Lionel Belmore
Ian Wolfe as Proprietor
Ian Wolfe
St. Luke's Episcopal Church Choristers as Choir
St. Luke's Episcopal Church Choristers
Jimmy Aubrey as Tramp
Jimmy Aubrey
Frank Baker as Man at Inn
Frank Baker
(Man at Inn)
Daisy Belmore as Cockney
Daisy Belmore
Wilson Benge as Man at Inn
Wilson Benge
(Man at Inn)
Frank Benson as Beggar
Frank Benson
Jack Best
Jack Best
Ted Billings as Tinker
Ted Billings
Sidney Bracey as Man in Window
Sidney Bracey
(Man in Window)
Peter Bronte as Man at Inn
Peter Bronte
(Man at Inn)
George Broughton as Man at Inn
George Broughton
(Man at Inn)
George Bunny as Cockney
George Bunny
Rita Carlyle
Rita Carlyle
Charles Coleman as Watchman
Charles Coleman
Edward Cooper as Presbyter
Edward Cooper
Robert Cory
Robert Cory
Carrie Daumery as Lady at Court
Carrie Daumery
(Lady at Court)
Kay Deslys
Kay Deslys
Larry Dods as Horseman
Larry Dods
Harry Duff as Urchin
Harry Duff
Fred Ellis as Urchin
Fred Ellis
Peter Ellis as Urchin
Peter Ellis
Harold Entwistle as Old man
Harold Entwistle
(Old man)
Leslie Francis as Man at Inn
Leslie Francis
(Man at Inn)
John George as Beggar
John George
Douglas Gordon
Douglas Gordon
Hubert F. Greenwood as Archbishop
Hubert F. Greenwood
Frank Hagney as Beggar
Frank Hagney
Edward Harvey as Lord
Edward Harvey
Patricia Hayes
Patricia Hayes
Leyland Hodgson as Watchman #1
Leyland Hodgson
(Watchman #1)
John Hyde as Man
John Hyde
Noel Kennedy as Urchin #1
Noel Kennedy
(Urchin #1)
Colin Kenny as Watchman #2
Colin Kenny
(Watchman #2)
George Kirby as Proprietor of Inn
George Kirby
(Proprietor of Inn)
Raymond Lawrence as Lord
Raymond Lawrence
Connie Leon
Connie Leon
Billy Maguire as Urchin #2
Billy Maguire
(Urchin #2)
Charles McNaughton as Ugly Man
Charles McNaughton
(Ugly Man)
Doreen Munroe
Doreen Munroe
Ottola Nesmith as Lady in Waiting
Ottola Nesmith
(Lady in Waiting)
Mrs. Wilfrid North as Lady in Waiting
Mrs. Wilfrid North
(Lady in Waiting)
Elsie Prescott as Woman in Window
Elsie Prescott
(Woman in Window)
John J. Richardson as Beggar
John J. Richardson
Tom Ricketts as Sexton Ringing Bell
Tom Ricketts
(Sexton Ringing Bell)
Clifford Severn as Urchin #3
Clifford Severn
(Urchin #3)
Yorke Sherwood as Innkeeper
Yorke Sherwood
Charlie Simpson as Cockney
Charlie Simpson
Eric Snowden as Cockney
Eric Snowden
John Graham Spacey as Petty Officer
John Graham Spacey
(Petty Officer)
Ernie Stanton as Guard
Ernie Stanton
Will Stanton as Man in Crowd
Will Stanton
(Man in Crowd)
Spencer Teakle as Man at Inn
Spencer Teakle
(Man at Inn)
Lotus Thompson as Lady in Waiting
Lotus Thompson
(Lady in Waiting)
Cyril Thornton as Man at Inn
Cyril Thornton
(Man at Inn)
Leo White as Jester
Leo White
Tom Wilson as One-Eyed Beggar
Tom Wilson
(One-Eyed Beggar)
Claude Wisberg
Claude Wisberg

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