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Shekast Napazir (2009)

Shekast Napazir

  • Genres:
    Biography | Drama | Sport
  • Release Date:
    3 December 2009
  • Broadcast Co:
    Warner Bros. - Spyglass Entertainment
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 14 min
  • Summary:
    Nelson Mandela's release from prison and his ascent to a democratically elected President of South Africa marks a radical change in the country. This change away from apartheid will not be easy for anyone in the country, but Mandela has to figure out how to galvanize the residents of the country together. Because of his love of the game, Mandela places his support behind the Springboks, the national rugby team. South Africa is hosting the 1995 Rugby World Cup, that being the only reason the Springboks are even competing in the tournament as its years on the sideline of world rugby events has not made it world ranked. The Springboks were previously considered the team of white South Africa, and as such was denounced by Mandela when he was in prison. But he does whatever he can to make it the team of all South Africa. He needs the support of the Springboks and its captain, Francois Pienaar, to achieve his unrealistic goal of the Springboks winning the World Cup, even against such rugby powerhouses the All-Blacks representing New Zealand. Mandela tries to inspire Pienaar to lead by example, much like Mandela has himself. Beyond Mandela's dream, his racially mixed security team has the added pressure of protecting him at the Springboks' matches while he places himself in potentially unprotectable situations.

Cast & Crew

Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela
Morgan Freeman
(Nelson Mandela)
Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar
Matt Damon
(Francois Pienaar)
Tony Kgoroge as Jason Tshabalala
Tony Kgoroge
(Jason Tshabalala)
Patrick Mofokeng as Linga Moonsamy
Patrick Mofokeng
(Linga Moonsamy)
Matt Stern as Hendrick Booyens
Matt Stern
(Hendrick Booyens)
Julian Lewis Jones as Etienne Feyder
Julian Lewis Jones
(Etienne Feyder)
Adjoa Andoh as Brenda Mazibuko
Adjoa Andoh
(Brenda Mazibuko)
Marguerite Wheatley as Nerine
Marguerite Wheatley
Leleti Khumalo as Mary
Leleti Khumalo
Patrick Lyster as Mr. Pienaar
Patrick Lyster
(Mr. Pienaar)
Penny Downie as Mrs. Pienaar
Penny Downie
(Mrs. Pienaar)
Sibongile Nojila as Eunice
Sibongile Nojila
Bonnie Henna as Zindzi
Bonnie Henna
Shakes Myeko as Minister of Sport
Shakes Myeko
(Minister of Sport)
Louis Minnaar as Springbok Coach
Louis Minnaar
(Springbok Coach)
Danny Keogh as Rugby President
Danny Keogh
(Rugby President)
Dan Robbertse as Boer
Dan Robbertse
Robin Smith as Johan De Villiers
Robin Smith
(Johan De Villiers)
David Dukas as Captain of 747
David Dukas
(Captain of 747)
Grant Swanby as Co-Captain of 747
Grant Swanby
(Co-Captain of 747)
Josias Moleele as Face Painter
Josias Moleele
(Face Painter)
Langley Kirkwood as Presidential Guard
Langley Kirkwood
(Presidential Guard)
Robert Hobbs as Presidential Guard
Robert Hobbs
(Presidential Guard)
Melusi Yeni as Presidential Guard
Melusi Yeni
(Presidential Guard)
Vuyo Dabula as Presidential Guard
Vuyo Dabula
(Presidential Guard)
Daniel Hadebe as Presidential Guard
Daniel Hadebe
(Presidential Guard)
Jodi Botha as High School Boy
Jodi Botha
(High School Boy)
Hennie Bosman as High School Coach
Hennie Bosman
(High School Coach)
Refiloe Mpakanyane as Jessie
Refiloe Mpakanyane
Jakkie Groenewald as Johannesburg Cop
Jakkie Groenewald
(Johannesburg Cop)
Murray Todd as Johannesburg Cop
Murray Todd
(Johannesburg Cop)
Japan Mthembu as Local Cop
Japan Mthembu
(Local Cop)
Albert Maritz as Springbok Manager
Albert Maritz
(Springbok Manager)
Sello Motloung as Mandela's Doctor
Sello Motloung
(Mandela's Doctor)
Meren Reddy as Minister of the Environment
Meren Reddy
(Minister of the Environment)
Lida Botha as Mrs. Brits
Lida Botha
(Mrs. Brits)
Susan Danford as Mrs. Cole
Susan Danford
(Mrs. Cole)
Sylvia Mngxekeza as Mrs. Dlamini
Sylvia Mngxekeza
(Mrs. Dlamini)
James Lithgow as New Zealand PM
James Lithgow
(New Zealand PM)
Malusi Skenjana as NSC Firebrand
Malusi Skenjana
(NSC Firebrand)
Bart Fouche as Prison Guard
Bart Fouche
(Prison Guard)
Johnny Cicco as Staff Member
Johnny Cicco
(Staff Member)
Wayne Harrison as Staff Member
Wayne Harrison
(Staff Member)
Ashley Taylor as Team Crew
Ashley Taylor
(Team Crew)
Gift Leotlela as Team Crew
Gift Leotlela
(Team Crew)
Kgosi Mongake as Sipho
Kgosi Mongake
Given Stuurman as Township Kid
Given Stuurman
(Township Kid)
Vuyolwethu Stevens as Township Kid
Vuyolwethu Stevens
(Township Kid)
Ayabulela Stevens as Township Kid
Ayabulela Stevens
(Township Kid)
Nambitha Mpumlwana as Trophy Wife
Nambitha Mpumlwana
(Trophy Wife)
Andre Jacobs as T.V. Announcer
Andre Jacobs
(T.V. Announcer)
J.R. Redelinghuys as Helicopter Pilot
J.R. Redelinghuys
(Helicopter Pilot)
Mark Rickard as Announcer
Mark Rickard
Grant Roberts as South African Springbok
Grant Roberts
(South African Springbok)
Scott Eastwood as South African Springbok
Scott Eastwood
(South African Springbok)
Mark Bown-Davies as South African Springbok
Mark Bown-Davies
(South African Springbok)
Dale Stephen Dunn as South African Springbok
Dale Stephen Dunn
(South African Springbok)
Graham Lindemann as South African Springbok
Graham Lindemann
(South African Springbok)
Louis Ackerman as South African Springbok
Louis Ackerman
(South African Springbok)
Andries Le Grange as South African Springbok
Andries Le Grange
(South African Springbok)
Thomas Boyd as South African Springbok
Thomas Boyd
(South African Springbok)
Clive Richard Samuel as South African Springbok
Clive Richard Samuel
(South African Springbok)
Richard Abrahamse as South African Springbok
Richard Abrahamse
(South African Springbok)
Sean Pypers as South African Springbok
Sean Pypers
(South African Springbok)
Herman Botha as South African Springbok
Herman Botha
(South African Springbok)
Riaan Wolmarans as South African Springbok
Riaan Wolmarans
(South African Springbok)
Louis Pieterse as South African Springbok
Louis Pieterse
(South African Springbok)
Ryan Scott as South African Springbok
Ryan Scott
(South African Springbok)
Daniel Deon Wessels as South African Springbok
Daniel Deon Wessels
(South African Springbok)
Vaughn Thompson as South African Springbok
Vaughn Thompson
(South African Springbok)
Charl Engelbrecht as South African Springbok
Charl Engelbrecht
(South African Springbok)
Rolf E. Fitschen as South African Springbok
Rolf E. Fitschen
(South African Springbok)
Richard Morris as South African Springbok
Richard Morris
(South African Springbok)
Ryan Olivier as South African Springbok
Ryan Olivier
(South African Springbok)
Warren Edwards as South African Springbok
Warren Edwards
(South African Springbok)
Andrew Nel as South African Springbok
Andrew Nel
(South African Springbok)
Rudi Zandberg as South African Springbok
Rudi Zandberg
(South African Springbok)
Renzo Puccini as South African Springbok
Renzo Puccini
(South African Springbok)
Abraham Vlok as South African Springbok
Abraham Vlok
(South African Springbok)
Geoff Brown as South African Springbok / Australian Wallaby
Geoff Brown
(South African Springbok / Australian Wallaby)
McNeil Hendricks as Chester Williams - South African Springbok
McNeil Hendricks
(Chester Williams - South African Springbok)
John Paul Chapman as New Zealand All Blacks
John Paul Chapman
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Sililo Victor Martens as New Zealand All Blacks
Sililo Victor Martens
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Epeli Taione as New Zealand All Blacks
Epeli Taione
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Aukusitino Junior Poluleuligaga as New Zealand All Blacks
Aukusitino Junior Poluleuligaga
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Patrick Bell as New Zealand All Blacks
Patrick Bell
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Anton Coosner as New Zealand All Blacks
Anton Coosner
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Simon Peter Blakeley as New Zealand All Blacks
Simon Peter Blakeley
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Salman Safodien Davids as New Zealand All Blacks / Western Samoa
Salman Safodien Davids
(New Zealand All Blacks / Western Samoa)
Warrick Ireland as New Zealand All Blacks
Warrick Ireland
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Warren Taylor as New Zealand All Blacks
Warren Taylor
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Karl Bergemann as New Zealand All Blacks
Karl Bergemann
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Jean-Pierre Van Zyl as New Zealand All Blacks
Jean-Pierre Van Zyl
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Mohammed Ridhaa Oamon as New Zealand All Blacks
Mohammed Ridhaa Oamon
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Mark Snodgrass as New Zealand All Blacks
Mark Snodgrass
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Theodore Groyers as New Zealand All Blacks
Theodore Groyers
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Gordon Johnston as New Zealand All Blacks
Gordon Johnston
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Conrad Marais as New Zealand All Blacks
Conrad Marais
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Pieter Engelbrecht as New Zealand All Blacks
Pieter Engelbrecht
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Bjorn Steinbach as New Zealand All Blacks
Bjorn Steinbach
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Clinton Prinsloo as New Zealand All Blacks
Clinton Prinsloo
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Yusuf Abrahams as New Zealand All Blacks
Yusuf Abrahams
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Jody Burch as New Zealand All Blacks
Jody Burch
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Wynand Collins as New Zealand All Blacks
Wynand Collins
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Abu Bakr Davids as New Zealand All Blacks
Abu Bakr Davids
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Emile Olivier as New Zealand All Blacks
Emile Olivier
(New Zealand All Blacks)
Zak Feaunati as Jonah Lomu - New Zealand All Blacks
Zak Feaunati
(Jonah Lomu - New Zealand All Blacks)
Anthony Burns as England Rose
Anthony Burns
(England Rose)
Marius Erwee as England Rose
Marius Erwee
(England Rose)
Mfundo Galada as England Rose
Mfundo Galada
(England Rose)
Michael van Schalkwyk as England Rose
Michael van Schalkwyk
(England Rose)
Dan Visser as England Rose
Dan Visser
(England Rose)
Jethro Mickleburgh as England Rose
Jethro Mickleburgh
(England Rose)
Ryan Williams as England Rose
Ryan Williams
(England Rose)
Gareth Rowe as England Rose
Gareth Rowe
(England Rose)
Stuart Calder as England Rose
Stuart Calder
(England Rose)
Jonathan Van der Walt as England Rose
Jonathan Van der Walt
(England Rose)
Shane Vallender as England Rose
Shane Vallender
(England Rose)
Abbas Hendricks as England Rose
Abbas Hendricks
(England Rose)
Karlo Aspeling as England Rose
Karlo Aspeling
(England Rose)
Calvin Kotze as England Rose
Calvin Kotze
(England Rose)
Sivuyile Ngesi as England Rose
Sivuyile Ngesi
(England Rose)
Joe Probyn as England Rose
Joe Probyn
(England Rose)
Eugene Butterworth as England Rose
Eugene Butterworth
(England Rose)
Mzikayise Rala as England Rose
Mzikayise Rala
(England Rose)
Brendon Shields as France
Brendon Shields
Reagan Anderson as France
Reagan Anderson
Willem Mouton as France
Willem Mouton
Devan Gericke as France
Devan Gericke
Richard Williams as France
Richard Williams
Ashley Down as France
Ashley Down
Clint Van Rensburg as France
Clint Van Rensburg
Patrick Holman as France
Patrick Holman
Sarel du Plessis as France
Sarel du Plessis
Len Berter as France
Len Berter
Shawn du Plooy as France
Shawn du Plooy
Joel Serman as France
Joel Serman
Enrico Blaauw as France
Enrico Blaauw
Warren Butler as France
Warren Butler
Jamie Holtzhausen as France
Jamie Holtzhausen
Shaun Harding as France
Shaun Harding
Callan Artus as France
Callan Artus
Juan Coetzer as France
Juan Coetzer
Jake Levin as France
Jake Levin
Keith Daly as France
Keith Daly
Shaffiq Nordien as France
Shaffiq Nordien
Richard Smith as France / Australian Wallaby
Richard Smith
(France / Australian Wallaby)
Edward O'Sullivan as Australian Wallaby
Edward O'Sullivan
(Australian Wallaby)
Jaco Pieterse as Australian Wallaby
Jaco Pieterse
(Australian Wallaby)
Michael Ledwidge as Australian Wallaby
Michael Ledwidge
(Australian Wallaby)
Hendrix Franken as Australian Wallaby
Hendrix Franken
(Australian Wallaby)
William Festers as Australian Wallaby
William Festers
(Australian Wallaby)
Henry Temple as Australian Wallaby
Henry Temple
(Australian Wallaby)
Dane Gallery as Australian Wallaby
Dane Gallery
(Australian Wallaby)
David John Fourie as Australian Wallaby
David John Fourie
(Australian Wallaby)
Jadeon du Tait as Australian Wallaby
Jadeon du Tait
(Australian Wallaby)
Riaan Van der Vyver as Australian Wallaby
Riaan Van der Vyver
(Australian Wallaby)
Gerhard Gerber as Australian Wallaby
Gerhard Gerber
(Australian Wallaby)
Ross Peacock as Australian Wallaby
Ross Peacock
(Australian Wallaby)
Troy Futter as Australian Wallaby
Troy Futter
(Australian Wallaby)
Michael La Grange as Australian Wallaby
Michael La Grange
(Australian Wallaby)
Morne Vletter as Australian Wallaby
Morne Vletter
(Australian Wallaby)
Andrew Rose as Australian Wallaby
Andrew Rose
(Australian Wallaby)
Brandon Hendricks as Western Samoa
Brandon Hendricks
(Western Samoa)
Bradley Contereal as Western Samoa
Bradley Contereal
(Western Samoa)
Zuhair Achmat as Western Samoa
Zuhair Achmat
(Western Samoa)
Pedro Noronha as Western Samoa
Pedro Noronha
(Western Samoa)
Tahir Achmat as Western Samoa
Tahir Achmat
(Western Samoa)
Faseegh Mallick as Western Samoa
Faseegh Mallick
(Western Samoa)
Mario Jacobs as Western Samoa
Mario Jacobs
(Western Samoa)
Kurt Kuhn as Western Samoa
Kurt Kuhn
(Western Samoa)
Mark Katzen as Western Samoa
Mark Katzen
(Western Samoa)
Adenaan Bazier as Western Samoa
Adenaan Bazier
(Western Samoa)
Brendell Brandt as Western Samoa
Brendell Brandt
(Western Samoa)
Stewart Palmer as Western Samoa
Stewart Palmer
(Western Samoa)
Ryan Roman as Western Samoa
Ryan Roman
(Western Samoa)
Hyron Thyse as Western Samoa
Hyron Thyse
(Western Samoa)
Abu-Bakr Hendricks as Western Samoa
Abu-Bakr Hendricks
(Western Samoa)
Gerard Pedersen as Western Samoa
Gerard Pedersen
(Western Samoa)
Nezaan Bewee as Western Samoa
Nezaan Bewee
(Western Samoa)
Niklaas Soutman as Western Samoa
Niklaas Soutman
(Western Samoa)
Don Eiman as Western Samoa
Don Eiman
(Western Samoa)
Taariq Davids as Western Samoa
Taariq Davids
(Western Samoa)
Claire Commins as Extra
Claire Commins
Mike Falkow as Stadium Announcer
Mike Falkow
(Stadium Announcer)
Sean Cameron Michael as Springbok Equipment Manager
Sean Cameron Michael
(Springbok Equipment Manager)
Matthew Dylan Roberts as Cabinet Minister
Matthew Dylan Roberts
(Cabinet Minister)
Stelio Savante as Radio Rugby Announcer
Stelio Savante
(Radio Rugby Announcer)
Patrick John Walton as Springbok Trainer
Patrick John Walton
(Springbok Trainer)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Tangeh Abooghoreib
Tangeh Abooghoreib
Banafshey Afrighaei
Banafshey Afrighaei
Khers 1988
Khers 1988
School of Life
School of Life
Karagahe Shabah
Karagahe Shabah