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Skyscraper (2018)


  • Genres:
    Action | Adventure | War
  • Release Date:
    11 July 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Legendary Entertainment
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (General Audience)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 42 min
  • Summary:
    Will Sawyer, former leader of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team and war veteran of the US Army, is now responsible for assessing the safety of the skyscrapers. During a work trip in China, he is incriminated in the fire of the tallest and safest building in the world. Persecuted and on the run, Will must find those who have set the trap, clean his name and rescue his family.

Cast & Crew

Dwayne Johnson as Will Sawyer
Dwayne Johnson
(Will Sawyer)
Neve Campbell as Sarah Sawyer
Neve Campbell
(Sarah Sawyer)
Chin Han as Zhao Long Ji
Chin Han
(Zhao Long Ji)
Roland Møller as Kores Botha
Roland Møller
(Kores Botha)
Noah Taylor as Mr. Pierce
Noah Taylor
(Mr. Pierce)
Byron Mann as Inspector Wu
Byron Mann
(Inspector Wu)
Pablo Schreiber as Ben
Pablo Schreiber
McKenna Roberts as Georgia Sawyer
McKenna Roberts
(Georgia Sawyer)
Noah Cottrell as Henry Sawyer
Noah Cottrell
(Henry Sawyer)
Hannah Quinlivan as Xia
Hannah Quinlivan
Adrian Holmes as Ajani Okeke
Adrian Holmes
(Ajani Okeke)
Elfina Luk as Sergeant Han
Elfina Luk
(Sergeant Han)
Kevin Rankin as Ray
Kevin Rankin
Gretal Montgomery as Ray's Wife
Gretal Montgomery
(Ray's Wife)
Jett Klyne as Ray's Son
Jett Klyne
(Ray's Son)
Kayden Magnuson as Ray's Daughter
Kayden Magnuson
(Ray's Daughter)
Byron Lawson as Suit #1
Byron Lawson
(Suit #1)
Jason William Day as Botha's Thug #1
Jason William Day
(Botha's Thug #1)
Ryan Handley as Botha's Thug #2
Ryan Handley
(Botha's Thug #2)
Sean Kohnke as Botha's Thug #3
Sean Kohnke
(Botha's Thug #3)
Shawn Stewart as Botha's Thug #4
Shawn Stewart
(Botha's Thug #4)
Brian Ho as Shady Man
Brian Ho
(Shady Man)
Nelson Wong as News Camera Man
Nelson Wong
(News Camera Man)
Mike Li as Operations Technician
Mike Li
(Operations Technician)
Colin Corrigan as Windbreaker Man
Colin Corrigan
(Windbreaker Man)
Omari Newton as Hostage Rescue Commander
Omari Newton
(Hostage Rescue Commander)
Venus Terzo as Hostage Negotiator
Venus Terzo
(Hostage Negotiator)
Paul McGillion as On-Scene Commander
Paul McGillion
(On-Scene Commander)
Matt O'Leary as Skinny Hacker
Matt O'Leary
(Skinny Hacker)
Tzi Ma as Fire Chief Sheng
Tzi Ma
(Fire Chief Sheng)
Tina Tong as Building Voice
Tina Tong
(Building Voice)
Carlo Yu as HKP Officer #1
Carlo Yu
(HKP Officer #1)
Dimitry Tsoy as HKP Officer #2
Dimitry Tsoy
(HKP Officer #2)
Allen Keng as HKP Officer #3
Allen Keng
(HKP Officer #3)
Sam Yunussov as Penthouse Guard #1
Sam Yunussov
(Penthouse Guard #1)
Paul Wu as Penthouse Guard #2
Paul Wu
(Penthouse Guard #2)
Glenn Chow as Maintenance Technician
Glenn Chow
(Maintenance Technician)
Robert Boyce as Helicopter Pilot
Robert Boyce
(Helicopter Pilot)
Aaron Au as Police Sniper
Aaron Au
(Police Sniper)
Grace Wang as News Reporter #1
Grace Wang
(News Reporter #1)
Marcus Sim as News Reporter #2
Marcus Sim
(News Reporter #2)
Rene Wang as Hong Kong Newscaster
Rene Wang
(Hong Kong Newscaster)
Kathy Wu as Chinese Newscaster #1
Kathy Wu
(Chinese Newscaster #1)
Lawrence Chau as Chinese Newscaster #2
Lawrence Chau
(Chinese Newscaster #2)
Evan Lai as Chinese Newscaster #3
Evan Lai
(Chinese Newscaster #3)
Shamel Hashish as Arabic Speaking Newscaster
Shamel Hashish
(Arabic Speaking Newscaster)
Matthew Wolf as British Newscaster
Matthew Wolf
(British Newscaster)
Fabio Tassone as French Newscaster
Fabio Tassone
(French Newscaster)
Leanne Suter as American Newscaster #1
Leanne Suter
(American Newscaster #1)
Rick Chambers as American Newscaster #2
Rick Chambers
(American Newscaster #2)
LaSaundra Gibson as American Newscaster #3
LaSaundra Gibson
(American Newscaster #3)
Wendy Jacobson as Zhao Interviewer
Wendy Jacobson
(Zhao Interviewer)
Sarah K. Thurber as Ferry Princess
Sarah K. Thurber
(Ferry Princess)
Malin Barr as Swedish Newscaster
Malin Barr
(Swedish Newscaster)
Garland Chang as Lead Employee
Garland Chang
(Lead Employee)
Vivian Full as Ben's Neighbour
Vivian Full
(Ben's Neighbour)
Endre Hules as Russian Newscaster
Endre Hules
(Russian Newscaster)
Hung Huynh as Asian Hipster
Hung Huynh
(Asian Hipster)
Beatrice King as Asian Lady
Beatrice King
(Asian Lady)
Anthony A. Kung as Cantonese Man
Anthony A. Kung
(Cantonese Man)
James Quach as HK Police
James Quach
(HK Police)
Darryl Quon as Xia Thug
Darryl Quon
(Xia Thug)
Bowen Zhang as News Anchor
Bowen Zhang
(News Anchor)

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