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Sokoot (2019)


  • Genres:
    Horror | Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
  • Release Date:
    10 April 2019
  • Broadcast Co:
    Constantin Film - EMJAG Productions
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 30 min
  • Summary:
    When the world is under attack from terrifying creatures who hunt their human prey by sound, 16-year old Ally Andrews (Kiernan Shipka), who lost her hearing at 13, and her family seek refuge in a remote haven. But they discover a sinister cult who are eager to exploit Ally's heightened senses.

Cast & Crew

Stanley Tucci as Hugh Andrews
Stanley Tucci
(Hugh Andrews)
Kiernan Shipka as Ally Andrews
Kiernan Shipka
(Ally Andrews)
Miranda Otto as Kelly Andrews
Miranda Otto
(Kelly Andrews)
Kate Trotter as Lynn
Kate Trotter
John Corbett as Glenn
John Corbett
Kyle Breitkopf as Jude Andrews
Kyle Breitkopf
(Jude Andrews)
Dempsey Bryk as Rob
Dempsey Bryk
Billy MacLellan as The Reverend
Billy MacLellan
(The Reverend)
Chris Whitby as Man with Shotgun
Chris Whitby
(Man with Shotgun)
Barbara Gordon as Woman with Shotgun
Barbara Gordon
(Woman with Shotgun)
Zoe Doyle as Mother
Zoe Doyle
Cory O'Brien as Subway Man
Cory O'Brien
(Subway Man)
Alex Hatz as Max
Alex Hatz
Gregory Waters as Jock
Gregory Waters
Sarah Abbott as Hushed Child
Sarah Abbott
(Hushed Child)
Kate Corbett as Hushed Mother
Kate Corbett
(Hushed Mother)
John Fray as Man Caver
John Fray
(Man Caver)
Konima Parkinson-Jones as Woman Caver
Konima Parkinson-Jones
(Woman Caver)
Dan Duran as News Anchor
Dan Duran
(News Anchor)
Pat Kiernan as Pat Kiernan
Pat Kiernan
(Pat Kiernan)
Annika Pergament as Annika Pergament
Annika Pergament
(Annika Pergament)
Helen Stevens as Woman in Car
Helen Stevens
(Woman in Car)
Callum Shoniker as Child in Car
Callum Shoniker
(Child in Car)
Hannah Gordon as Subway Passenger #1
Hannah Gordon
(Subway Passenger #1)
Taylor Love as Subway Passenger #2
Taylor Love
(Subway Passenger #2)
Cesare Scarpone as Subway Passenger #3
Cesare Scarpone
(Subway Passenger #3)
Carson Durven as Subway Passenger #4
Carson Durven
(Subway Passenger #4)
Ryan Turner as Subway Passenger #5
Ryan Turner
(Subway Passenger #5)
Gino Raimondo as Subway Passenger #6
Gino Raimondo
(Subway Passenger #6)
Michael G. Morrison as Subway Passenger
Michael G. Morrison
(Subway Passenger)
Tammie Sutherland as Cave Reporter
Tammie Sutherland
(Cave Reporter)

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